Saturday, July 21, 2012

The pressure being felt

Such extremes we're experiencing -- and in keeping with the effects of the Pluto-Uranus square. On personal levels, the Uranus effect is causing restlessness, a strong need for doing things our own way, breakdowns and breakthroughs, and boredom with life as usual. On the other side of the equation, the Pluto effect manifests as upheaval in what was once reliable, power struggles, intensification of emotions, and the feeling that much of what used to define us is being stripped away.

With these two planets pushing on us with such intensity -- and with Mars and Jupiter adding their energies to the mix this past week -- even those of us who feel generally stable may have found ourselves questioning our sanity and ability to cope. And those who are near the edge emotionally or mentally may, unfortunately and often tragically, slip off the edge of rationality.

It's difficult to find purposes when tragedy strikes, seemingly so senselessly. My heartfelt sympathy to anyone touched by recent events.

PS: I just received an email about the events in Colorado from Lena Stevens, a shaman whose newsletter I receive monthly. She offers helpful perspectives and healing insights regarding the events. You can find her brief letter on her website by clicking here.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My turn

So I get to be the poster child for Mercury and Uranus retrograde this time! My hard drive just crashed, and I'm in the midst of trying to configure a new computer, finding out which programs won't work on the new operating system, realizing what information I no longer have, etc. etc.

Lots of fun! I hope your experience goes a little easier than mine!