Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Intentions

Hi everyone -- I hope your Eclipse experience today is uplifting and transformative in all the best ways.

I was looking for some kind of statement of intention for today's New Year's Eve eclipse, and gathered together words from various sources. I am sharing them here with you, if you would like to use or adapt them for your use as we bid farewell to 2009 and open to the energies of 2010. And remember that words contain the most power when spoken aloud...

I prepare to release, to transmute in readiness for a new path forward.

The planetary energies are with me. The Moon lights my path on my journey within. I connect to my Divine Source, to Light, to Freedom. It is time to open, to move into my Divine space, to awaken, to acknowledge my own Divine Light within me, my Divine Self.

I now release the trials of this past year, the dark times I have experienced, my deepest feelings of aloneness. I now dissolve these feelings of separation. That experience is complete. It need not continue for me.

The past now falls away with ease and grace, allowing room for the highest vibrations of Love to fill my being, to the core of my Sacred Heart.

I release all of the negativity of the past, retaining the lessons and wisdom, with love, joy and forgiveness for myself and all others.

I open my heart to receive the vibrations of Love. I release all that no longer serves my highest good and the highest good of all.

I call upon Divine Light to illuminate my mind and heart, that I might be a Beacon of Light. I intend to stay in the Light, in Integrity, in Oneness.

I now connect to the light, wisdom and love within me. I feel the warmth, the hope, the freedom, the joy. I allow Divine Light to embrace me, to nurture me, to transcend all pain and darkness.

Love surrounds me and flows through me -- a constantly flowing Divine river of unending abundance and energy, life itself, more constant than my breathing or my heartbeat.

I feel the divine outpouring of Love as I open my awareness, and I remember how dearly loved I am. I remember my Divine connection.

I move forward now, into the New Year, in Grace and Love.

Blessings to all. Namaste.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Plutonian depths

In spite of the celebrations usually associated with the holidays, the influence of Pluto weighs fairly heavily now. These are the energies of soul-searching and truth-seeking, and -- with Pluto positioned in Capricorn -- the dismantling of structures that can no longer support us.

The structures may be physical, but at their core, they are also emotional, psychological, mental or spiritual. The external forms, after all, are held in place by internal belief systems and thought patterns.

With Mercury and Mars now retrograde, and this strong Pluto influence in effect, this is a good time for releasing the structures on all levels that have held us back. This is especially true as we work with the Lunar Eclipse next week (December 31). The Sun and Venus are both conjunct (aligned with) Pluto at the time of the eclipse, making this a powerful time to purge our energy fields of the blocks and patterns that no longer serve.

With Pluto exactly conjunct the Sun on December 24 and then exactly conjunct Venus on the 27th, we are already working directly with some of the energy of the upcoming eclipse. What are you ready to release, in anticipation of a brand New Year?

Friday, December 18, 2009

In between worlds and interesting phenomena

If you have the feeling of not quite being tethered to this reality, you're not alone.

Wednesday's New Moon was within three degrees of the Galactic Center, the "sun of our sun" energetically. And, the Sun will conjoin the GC tomorrow (Saturday), so we're in a several-day timespan of connecting with some pretty high-vibrational energies.

Dreams and emotions have been fairly intense under this cosmic shower, as the higher frequences vibrate areas where we've been holding onto issues, trying to jiggle them loose. And if we can let them go, observing but not attaching to how we're feeling, we can go a long way under this influence toward greater alignment with our true Divine Nature.

There were some other interesting phenomena that occurred on Wednesday. A sunspot on our Sun erupted, sending medium-level solar flares in our direction (C-class). These are not supposed to be strong enough to be able to interrupt radio and electrical transmissions on Earth, but I am sure we will be feeling them energetically. The website says the "billion-ton cloud" should reach Earth's energy field on December 18 or 19 (Friday or Saturday).

Also last Wednesday, an interesting combination of events occurred in Nebraska, leaving scientists scratching their heads. Here's the information quoted from

Earthquakes don't rock Nebraska very often. In fact, seismically speaking, it is one of the quietest places in North America. Nevertheless, on Dec. 16th at 8:54 pm CST, USGS seismographs detected a magnitude 3.5 temblor centered near Auburn, Nebraska:

And then the really curious thing happened.

Minutes after the quake, around 9 pm CST, lightning-like flashes lit up the skies around the area of the quake. Telephones in police departments and TV stations rang with reports of bright lights, loud rumbles and shaking ground. Sky watchers, not only in southeastern Nebraska, but also in neighboring Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas, saw a "bright fireball" with "green streamers" moving from northwest to southeast.

Could these events be connected? Nebraska State Trooper Jerry Chab, an experienced amateur astronomer who witnessed the lights and was one of the first to report them, says no. "I think we have the most cosmic of coincidences: A bright [meteoritic] fireball around the same time as an earthquake." Indeed, eyewitness descriptions of the fireball are consistent with a meteoroid disintegrating in the atmosphere. On the other hand, several readers have pointed out scientific studies that associate lightning-like phenomena (including ball lightning) with earthquakes. The fireball, they suggest, might have been a rare manifestation of "earthquake lightning."

So interesting to have so many of these events occurring -- like the spiral light show over Norway last week -- that baffle the scientists and leave the metascientists pondering their greater significance.

It certainly supports our knowing that something cosmic is unfolding at this time...

Happy Solstice!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The spiral light over Norway

Perhaps most of you by now have seen photos of the spiral light formation that appeared over Norway this week. And perhaps you also know that at this point, authorities are claiming that it was the result of an "out of control Russian rocket."

When I first saw the photo of the spiral, I was stunned. It is so perfectly formed, it seems hard to believe it was the result of an out-of-control anything.

I did call a friend who is "in the know" about many things other-worldly, and in her opinion, it was a portal that became visible.

My thinking is that even if there is a "logical" explanation at this point, the symbolism stands. In the same way that manmade inventions like over-the-ear bluetooths indicate our readiness to communicate telepathically, the appearance of this symbol in the sky indicates our readiness to receive, transmit and travel across dimensions.

As above, so below -- as within, so without.

If you haven't yet seen the photos, here's a link to an online news story that has some of the best ones:

Spiral Light Story

A wild card month, indeed.


It's now Friday morning, after writing this post Thursday night -- and I find my perspective has shifted a bit overnight.

Yesterday I was more in the zone of the symbolism of this event, but leaning a bit toward it being of human/physical cause. Suddenly this morning I find myself believing in a combination of explanations. Now I'm thinking that the blue streak was probably the Russian rocket gone awry, but that the spiral itself truly was a portal become visible.

After all, the veil is supposed to be thinning, right? And I still can't see how it would be physically possible for an exploding rocket to form that spiral.

Comments, anyone?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The wild card

December seems to be a bit of a wild card energetically. Perhaps it's Uranus' influence, now that the planet is moving forward again, creating sudden and perhaps unexpected life changes. And maybe it's also having all the planets in direct motion, all eager to get their work with us accomplished. And it's also true that we're nearing another pair of eclipses, a season when there are often major shifts.

And, as well, we are continuing to work with the energy of the Pluto-Saturn square, which is testing the structures of our lives and dismantling whatever does not stand up to the challenge.

On top of that, the Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter triple conjunction is strong again, with Jupiter conjoining Chiron on December 7 and then aligned with Neptune on December 21, within a few hours of the Winter Solstice. This is very high-vibrational energy, bringing forward wounds that remain to be healed, and offering the spiritual perspective that sees the meaning and purpose of all that we experience. With this threesome in Aquarius, the primary healing is of the wound of separation -- the belief that we can be separated by time or space from those we love. This healing involves a complete shift in our perspective, from human to spiritual, from individual to cosmic.

Because of Neptune's involvement, we are also called to dissolve attachments now -- not only to specific outcomes, but also to beliefs, ideas, attitudes and opinions. This is, after all, the last month of the year, corresponding in some ways with the energies of the 12th house of an astrological chart, where we are asked to put down the burdens we've been carrying, and to trust the process of completion, knowing that it always precedes a new beginning.