Thursday, June 30, 2011

Building to tonight's Eclipse

It's been such a BIG day energetically, I would be remiss not to mention it in some form.

Physically, our bodies are having a time of it, adjusting to this eclipse and grand cross energy. Highlights of the week include heart flutters and back pain (often just behind the heart chakra). Fluctuating between never feeling full to feeling satiated after a bite or two. Ranging from extreme sleepiness and sleeping long hours, to being sleepless (for me, just outside of Seattle). Pain in odd places (often in hips, legs and feet, our grounding tools).

Emotionally, a lot is up as well. Everything that happens carries an extra emotional charge, and anxieties (even fears) seem just barely beneath the surface, ready to make an appearance at the least provocation.

My ever-sensitive dog, Kelsey, must have been feeling it, too, since she spent a majority of the day shaking and panting, while I tried a multitude of ways to distract/heal/soothe her. Rides in the car seem to be the key to enough distraction, and then plenty of play time in the yard, once she was calm enough to pay attention to the ball. Currently, since we're just back from yet another car ride and round of play, she seems to be settling a bit, so Mom is feeling much happier than she's been for a good portion of the day.

The grand cross is certainly pushing us, from all directions. It seems to be requiring us to take concrete actions steps in a forward direction, while also exposing the emotional and mental issues that have been perhaps keeping us from taking those steps. There are messages in everything around us, if we pay attention.

In positive ways, too! Such as on this most recent ride to get Kelsey calmed down, when the digital speed monitor on the road flashed "44-44-44-44" at me while my car speedometer told me I was going 35. Only when I had slowed to 30 mph did the monitor stop flashing "44" and finally return to reflecting my speed accurately.

In my world, a sign that really Things Are OK.

Author Doreen Virtue writes on her website that 44 means that "Thousands of angels surround you at this moment, loving and supporting you. You have a very strong and clear connection with the angelic realm, and are an Earth angel yourself. You have nothing to fear — all is well."

I'll take that! And pass it on to you as well.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Riding the wave

The energy wave has felt immense this week. In meditation on Wednesday morning, I had the sensation of an enormous wave that was carrying us all -- and the knowing that when it again deposited us, we would be in a much different place.

I did not get a sense of a timeframe, and was assuming it was associated with our triple eclipses. But, later in the day, I heard another woman's channeling that also referenced the current wave, and her feeling was that it would be with us (or we would be with it) until October.

The wave in my meditation was so large, the October timeframe makes sense. I guess we'll have to see.

Certainly, this week feels very other-worldly again. Energies coming through during meditation have been greatly enhanced and even more expansive than before. And the daily activities? Mostly they have a surreal feeling. Everything looks the same, but it sure feels different.

How are you all doing?


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Interesting morning

Waking up this morning, I had a feeling that there was something of a wobble in the energetic field -- and then I remembered, oh yes, Uranus squares Mercury today. Filed that thought away, went about morning routines as usual, but with an awareness of something being "in the air," so to speak.

Sat down to talk with my first client of the day, a woman in the Southwest who is dealing with overwhelming smoke from the Arizona fires. And here's where it gets interesting -- about 15 minutes into our session, MY smoke alarm started beeping.

There's more to the story than that, as I had to figure out ways to calm down the dogs (who were freaked out and trying to crawl into my lap), plus maintain connection with my client, and connection with the message that was trying to get through to her. Not so easy just to disarm the alarm, since it resides at the log at the peak of my two-story ceiling.

All in all, a very Uranus-Mercury-square moment, now resolved and blessedly quiet again. Except for one of my dogs, who is very affected by such things, and is now hiding out in the downstairs kitchen. She started doing better after I put drops of Rescue Remedy on her head, but will take some time to recover.

The message from the event itself probably has many levels. But what is striking to me is that confirmation that we are ALL connected energetically. Call it coincidence that my smoke alarm battery went out as I was talking to a client about the smoke surrounding her house, but that one's a little too striking to ignore.

I hope your day goes a bit more smoothly, but with new awareness of something of importance in your life.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh, and did I mention....?

A little more information about tomorrow's Lunar Eclipse -- it is aligned (within 3 degrees) of the Galactic Center, the point in space around which our Milky Way revolves (along with many other galaxies), the point that is often called "the Sun of our Sun."

Not such a little thing, that.

Here's what Mary Elizabeth Jochmans writes about the influence of the Galactic Center, which she calls "the Cosmic Knowledge Point":
Old patterns, concepts and ways of being which are limiting are ferreted out, both for this and other lifetimes, to enable a true cord-cutting and a birthing of the Cosmic Child within. Once this happens, the information pouring in from this black hole is brought into awareness and an inner knowing takes place which cannot be explained.
For those of you who attended my teleclass last month, these words should ring some bells! My understanding of our shift from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius is encapsulated in the phrase "Faith ends, Knowing begins" -- which just means that instead of learning to trust in what we cannot see or verify, the new age will be about learning to tap into our own deep, inner knowing. Or, as Ms. Jochmans explains it, gaining "the ability to know things without knowing how you know them."

So, very important that tomorrow's eclipse is aligned with the Galactic Center! And, what Ms. Jochmans writes about releasing "old patterns, concepts and ways of being" also very much goes along with the themes we've already discussed, that this eclipse season is a time of karmic completion and rebirth.

Sleep well tonight, and many cosmic dreams!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Life as a dream

In my Journal for this week, I compared this time between eclipses to being in a "through-the-looking-glass" world  -- and that other-worldly feeling has definitely increased as the days have progressed.

The story of "Alice Through the Looking Glass" is filled with themes of time and space not acting quite as expected. And, the telling of Alice's second adventure ends with a poem, the final lines of which are quite appropriate now:
Ever drifting down the stream--
Lingering in the golden gleam--
Life, what is it but a dream?
There's an odd real-but-not-quite-real feeling in the air now. Looking at life objectively, things appear fairly normal. Usual routines, same house, same dogs, same work. But a part of the brain is working on entirely different levels, making it all seem somewhat dreamlike at the same time as appearances would tell us all is as usual.

And the physical symptoms can be perplexing. Extreme tiredness for no apparent reason, then wakefulness when we lie down to sleep. Feeling hungry at odd times, and food not quite registering as expected -- still feeling hunger after eating plenty, or digestion just not working as well as usual. Headaches, chest pains, other odd discomforts as well.

It's said that these are all signs that our physical bodies are going through a phase of adjusting to the heightened energies -- "ascension symptoms" is the term some have given.

Lauren Gorgo's latest blog entry lists these symptoms and explains why they're occurring:
This merging of the spiritual and material…the awakening of unity consciousness…is happening through our heart centers as well as the pituitary/pineal glands so if you have been experiencing intense heartburn/ nausea (heart opening), pineal/pituitary activation (sacred marriage) symptoms...vertigo, sleepiness, FATIGUE, disorientation, insomnia, deep sleeps, sinus issues, headaches, sore/itchy scalp, watery/red/ itchy/burning eyes, changes in eyesight, etc...and/or digestion issues (root clearing/grounding/cellular detoxification), most likely it's related.
It's comforting to know the reasons for such things! And good to know we're all in this together.

(If you want to read Lauren's full post, click here.)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Other perspectives on today's eclipse

Many astrologers (of course!) have been writing about today's eclipse, and the trio of eclipses we're experiencing in these next few weeks. I'm sharing here some of my favorite quotes from recent articles, and links to the complete text, in case you'd like to read more:
  • Patricia Liles writes that these energies "are like the exhilaration you feel when crossing a raging river over a big log. You don't want to look down, only where you want to end up! That raging river holds the chaos of the collective change we're passing through. Don't end up in it; know what you want to create and keep your sights focused and undistracted." (More)
  • Pat Paquette of the "Real Astrologers" website writes that "new patterns are visibly manifesting on the planet and in our lives, and this process will accelerate in the next six weeks." (More)
  • And, Adam Sommer writes about the alignment of today's Solar Eclipse with the star Aldebaran: "As we evolve, we perceive more than we ever knew was existent or perceptible, yet we only perceive what has always been there. The Way of Revelation is through the discovering and discarding of our own limitations.…in essence, it's Time to See, Discern, and Transcend!" (More)
Enjoy the ride today, and may your next Transcendent Step be easy, effortless, and gentle!