Thursday, June 30, 2011

Building to tonight's Eclipse

It's been such a BIG day energetically, I would be remiss not to mention it in some form.

Physically, our bodies are having a time of it, adjusting to this eclipse and grand cross energy. Highlights of the week include heart flutters and back pain (often just behind the heart chakra). Fluctuating between never feeling full to feeling satiated after a bite or two. Ranging from extreme sleepiness and sleeping long hours, to being sleepless (for me, just outside of Seattle). Pain in odd places (often in hips, legs and feet, our grounding tools).

Emotionally, a lot is up as well. Everything that happens carries an extra emotional charge, and anxieties (even fears) seem just barely beneath the surface, ready to make an appearance at the least provocation.

My ever-sensitive dog, Kelsey, must have been feeling it, too, since she spent a majority of the day shaking and panting, while I tried a multitude of ways to distract/heal/soothe her. Rides in the car seem to be the key to enough distraction, and then plenty of play time in the yard, once she was calm enough to pay attention to the ball. Currently, since we're just back from yet another car ride and round of play, she seems to be settling a bit, so Mom is feeling much happier than she's been for a good portion of the day.

The grand cross is certainly pushing us, from all directions. It seems to be requiring us to take concrete actions steps in a forward direction, while also exposing the emotional and mental issues that have been perhaps keeping us from taking those steps. There are messages in everything around us, if we pay attention.

In positive ways, too! Such as on this most recent ride to get Kelsey calmed down, when the digital speed monitor on the road flashed "44-44-44-44" at me while my car speedometer told me I was going 35. Only when I had slowed to 30 mph did the monitor stop flashing "44" and finally return to reflecting my speed accurately.

In my world, a sign that really Things Are OK.

Author Doreen Virtue writes on her website that 44 means that "Thousands of angels surround you at this moment, loving and supporting you. You have a very strong and clear connection with the angelic realm, and are an Earth angel yourself. You have nothing to fear — all is well."

I'll take that! And pass it on to you as well.


  1. This has been a wild ride week for me Pam!!!

    I began it falling thru a wooden ramp on this past Sunday and hurting myself pretty badly and the message I got was to pay more attention to my immediate surroundings which I thought I had always done? Thankfully no broken bones so I remain in deep gratitude if not banged and bruised up.

    Emotionally I am up one minute and down the next...feeling agitated and then serene and trying to remind myself it is all going to be okay, lol. Physically I've run the gamut from not being able to sleep at night to wanting to sleep for hours during the day but life prevails and naptime is not to be found either, (which I guess could account for the agitated feeling.) Then the heart flutters all week long and lower back pain. Leaves a girl feeling short-tempered and overwhelmed but I have not given in to reacting with bad behaviour thank goodness! Practicing being joyful is my main theme right now thru all of it even when I don't feel like it, lol, because everything that could possibly happen has happened to me this week. Like an accident waiting to happen. Today I am not venturing outside whatsoever and instead will create a calming atmosphere within my little cave...being grateful for everything.
    I've been seeing 11:11 or 1:11 all week by the way! Star energies are coming in!
    Thanks for the 44 energy! I'll take it and send it back to you too! Thanks for a great post Pam...and Happy Independence Day!
    In Cascading Love and Blessing,

  2. I have been experiencing soreness and fatigue and swelling in my legs and the soles of my feet.

  3. I felt that a thousands angels were protecting me and my horse as he got his halter caught on a stall door and pulled it off. How it stayed up until he was able to free himself and didn't fall on him was truly a miracle!! It must have been the 44 energy!!
    Your dog may have felt some seismic energy or mild earthquake. I had a parakeet do the same thing and found out there was a slight quake at the same time. Our animals are amazing barometers of energy we ignore!
    Thanks for a wonderful website!!

  4. This week feels like Mercury Retrograde on super crack! It's just been horrible! It feels as though there is no support coming through at all. Any interaction I've had with people makes me want to crawl back under the rock I came from. I don't venture out unless I absolutely have to. I attempted to port my cell phone number to a new carrier towards the end of June. I've had no service since then and have just given up on having one. My landline went out on me today while using it. And I just keep hitting my head against that proverbial wall. I think tomorrow I will choose to stay in bed.