Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Earthquakes and tsunamis

Mother Earth is displaying the same symptoms as are we. The earthquakes correspond with the shaking up of structures that have been holding our reality in its current form. And the tsunamis are the waves of emotion that are released from the shifting energies.

Like tsunamis, our emotions can remain hidden beneath the surface, and we may not realize that they are even there, until they break to the surface and sweep over the terrain. And then, they can appear so immense and out of control that we often find ourselves reacting in fear -- not only to the original event, but to the intensity of our emotions as well.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturn and Mercury

Saturn and Mercury are virtually conjunct in Virgo for an extended period from mid-September until Mercury enters Libra on October 9.

This can have several effects -- most notably, a heaviness and symptoms of depression, overcriticalness, and the fear that we're never going to "get it right," be adequate enough for what we have been called to do, or live up to our own or others' expectations. It can be hard to extricate ourselves from those feelings, and sometimes they seem to take over so that they're all we can think about.

But there are reasons for such experiences. With Virgo involved, we are being given an opportunity to learn to love ourselves unconditionally, no matter how we may have been self-judging or finding fault. Yes, we are striving to grow, to become more perfect representations of ourselves, and we are spiritual beings having a human experience -- BUT we are also human beings, and by definition imperfect. We need to step into the love of self for the effort and intention extended, no matter what the current external manfestations.

And things WILL get better. Patience is another virtue Saturn requires that we learn, so be in the energy of Love as much as possible, and hold the thought of a brighter future not far away.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Equinox and solar winds

Today is the Equinox -- and to celebrate, the Sun's magnetic field (called the Interplanetary Magnetic Field, or IMF) has changed direction, pointing southward instead of northward. This evidently happens periodically (for more information, visit

When a southward IMF meets the Earth's magnetic field, which points north, they cancel each other out. This means that the magnetic fields of the Sun and the Earth link up, and the solar winds can directly enter Earth's atmosphere.

For us, this means more auroras borealis to delight the senses. On metaphysical levels, it means that we can receive more directly the information and insights carried on the solar winds -- and that more high-vibrational energy will be reaching us.

A good time to make ourselves available to those insights through meditation or creative work. And an especially important time to stay centered, grounded, and in balance.

Happy Equinox!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Everything is a symbol. The planets and their interactions with each other represent the internal aspects of our being, as well as how those inner aspects play out in the external physical world.

Right now we are working to find new balance on the planet and in our lives -- and the tension of that endeavor is represented in the opposition between Saturn and Uranus.

Saturn represents the past, karma, and personal responsibility. Uranus represents the future, liberation, and independent thinking. In the tension of this opposition between the two, we are each striving to liberate ourselves from the restrictions of the past, while understanding that we are fully responsible for our lives then as now.

The signs each planet currently occupies are also symbolic. In the case of the Saturn-Uranus opposition, Saturn is in Virgo and Uranus is in Pisces.

Virgo represents analysis, organization, and the efforts we put into improving situations or structures. Pisces represents the spiritual perspective, the ability to surrender, and the trust in a universal plan. As we work with these two energies, we are focused on improving our human experience, while also developing an increased connection to our spiritual center.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturn-Neptune quincunx

Today's Saturn-Neptune aspect is having interesting manifestations. As one would think, there are elements of disillusionment in the face of reality, and the need to "get real." At the same time, there is self-criticism at not being able to let go of the illusion more easily. Also woven into the fabric are some elements of rejection and feeling like we don't really fit in -- and yet all of this drama may be taking place internally, so that the question of what's real and what isn't may still be puzzling.

A quincunx aspect calls for an attitude adjustment, and we are in that process of that realignment now. It's important not to be too hard on ourselves, and to maintain a healthy sense of humor about our humanness. After all, Mercury is retrograde now, which means the Trickster is alive and well.

Friday, September 11, 2009

A day to tread lightly

Lots going on today -- Pluto is stationary, Mercury is retrograde, Mars is in Cancer AND it's the anniversary of 9/11. Conversations may not go smoothly, and it may be hard not to shift into defensive posturing when we feel misunderstood. We're at the doorway of some big changes, and that is affecting us vibrationally as well.

Underlying fears and insecurities are coming to the surface to be released so that we do not carry them forward into our new manifestations. And, no doubt, the mental and emotional grids are filled with remnants of the events eight years ago, as people's memories are triggered by today's date.

It is especially important today to stay in the energy of love rather than fear, and to maintain the higher perspective in all interactions. We are planting seeds for the future now -- and it is our choice what seeds we choose to sow.

P.S.: Constructive physical activity is a helpful use of these energies, especially put into making your home environment (Cancer) more stable and supportive. But also make sure you eat small meals throughout the day to keep your blood sugar levels consistent.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Links to more channeled 9-9-9 information

Since we're in that space already, I thought folks might like some additional reading material on the 9-9-9 energy. Here are some I really like:  (Rebecca Couch)  (Magenta Pixie)  (Solara An-Ra)  (Marlene Swetlishoff)


Friday, September 4, 2009

Fires and storms

Someone wrote me earlier this week, asking about the purpose of the fires that are burning in several areas of the world. I responded that there are higher purposes, of course, although it's hard to imagine devastation as being positive.

We can gain some insights from the fact that there are certain trees (and maybe other plants?) that rely on fire to enable their seeds to grow. The heat of the fire must reach a specific degree, which then dries and cracks the outer protective covering of the seed, allowing it to then connect with the earth and begin the growth process.

Taking this as a metaphor, we can assume that the fires are representing a process going on within individuals and within humanity, a process in which hard outer coverings are cracked and fall away, allowing the seeds that have been held within to grow.

Synchronistically, I was reading this morning in The Family of Light by Barbara Marciniak, and came across this passage:

Rains, winds, and fires awaken what has been dormant.

She then talks about that hard protective covering around a seed, and relates it to the growth process each of us is going through:

Perhaps just before your casing breaks, you feel the tightness of a dark, confined place; you may feel as if the casing will suffocate and destroy you. Will you allow your seed to sprout, or to die inside because the casing feels tough and hard?

We are all being buffeted in various ways now, either literally by the weather and environmental changes, or internally by emotions coming to the surface to be released. But it helps to realize that what we are actually doing is removing the hard casing around our joy and creativity, so that it can finally find root and grow.

Full Moon and solar winds

Today's Full Moon is in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. This Full Moon represents the culmination of emotional growth and spiritual awareness that has unfolded over the past 12 months. Looking back to a year ago, it's easy to see how much we've changed.

A Full Moon reflects the light of the Sun, so that we may see in the darkness. This is the task of our emotional selves, to reveal what is held within, so that we may direct this energy in positive ways, rather than allowing it to remain stagnant. Full Moons show us where we have been stuck, and release a pressure valve that has been holding in emotional energy -- energy that once released can be used to create more light in our lives.

The Earth is inside a solar wind stream this morning, coinciding with this Full Moon energy and magnifying its effects. The current wind speed (7:40am PDT) is 485 km/sec. Today is a great day for meditation and creative activities, and opening spiritually to the higher vibrations reaching the planet. For those in the northern regions, it will also be a time to watch for the Northern Lights, Earth's response to receiving the solar winds into her energy field.

Now is the time to take full advantage of these heightened energies, and to fill our own energy fields with peace, love and light. The more we can anchor in this higher vibration now, the more easily we will navigate the changes in store for the next two weeks.