Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks Giving

Greetings to All!

I write this on the day of Thanks Giving, and count you all among the things I am most grateful for in this life. I appreciate this community of like-minded souls, and am thankful for this technology that allows us each to share and receive insights so easily.

Over the last few days (it's rather lengthy for a one-sitting read), I've been reading Dr. Suzan Carrel's November 2010 issue of Multidimensional News, and have found the information contained therein to be very helpful. I'll include a link to the entire newsletter at the bottom of this post -- but I want to quote a passage here about "switching channels" when we get overwhelmed with the fear or anxiety that so often seems to accompany change:

Switching Channels
Channeled through Dr. Suzan Carrel
From the November 2010 issue of Multidimensional News

We wish to give you a technique that will assist in adapting to your “download” of cosmic light. As the greater love and light enters your consciousness and form, old habits and memories of fear and darkness are pushed to the surface to be released. Most of this fear is ancient, but it loves to attach itself to anything in today’s life that is vaguely similar. Therefore, it is best to deal with the fear as an energy field.

To assist you in releasing this ancient fear, imagine two channels of reality in your brain.

One channel is on the left side of your forehead, which is symbolic of the old third-dimensional thinking of duty, guilt, worry and stress. The other channel is on the right side of your forehead, which is symbolic of peace, calm, flow and unconditional love.

Your opened Third Eye is in between the two, and it monitors your myriad mental messages. As a fearful message invades the left side of your forehead (the left/fear channel), simply switch channels over to the right side of your forehead (the right/love channel). Don’t try to analyze the fear at all, just switch channels! Try it...

The long-term goal is to stay in between the two channels, for that is the Path of the Flow of the ONE. You can practice finding that center when you are in the process of releasing fear.

Won’t it be glorious when you don’t have to release fear? Won’t it be wonderful when you KNOW you are safe, loved and guided in every moment of your life? When you are fully centered, you feel connected with your SELF. However, when you are stressed and forging your way through daily life, you feel disconnected from your SELF, others and the planet. That is when you can change emotions/resonance by taking a quick moment to switch over to the love channel.

Yes, emotions and resonance are the same. Take a moment to feel your stress, anxiety, depression or whatever face Fear is choosing right now... Remember that much of this fear is from the Collective and/or Planetary Consciousness.

Next, indulge in your fear and feel how the resonance of your body lowers...

Now SWITCH CHANNELS to love... Feel how the resonance of your body rises and your consciousness expands...

With this higher state of consciousness, your inter-dimensional travels will exceed your greatest hopes.

I hope you find this information as helpful as I have! And if you'd like to read the entire newsletter, here's the link:

Multidimensional News November 2010

And many blessings to you all on this holiday!

love, Pam

Friday, November 19, 2010

And so it begins

With yesterday's about-face of both Jupiter and Venus (on Thursday, November 18), we should now have a little more clarity on some questions we've been asking, specifically about certain relationships and our finances/resources (areas ruled by Venus), and perhaps also about a personal truth that has recently come to the surface (ruled by Jupiter). If you've been dealing with issues in these areas, the review period is now over, and the work of going forward begins.

It's not that we have all the answers now -- and I suspect we never really get to that longed-for level of omniscience, at least not while we're in human form. But, at least the haze created by having so many planets in retrograde should be clearing, with first Neptune and Chiron going direct on November 5 and 6, and now Jupiter and Venus following suit. As of now, the only primary planet still in retrograde is Uranus, so we are looking more and more out the front window now, and less in the rearview mirror.

Since Venus' retrograde phase has been so powerful this time around -- no doubt because it occurred mostly in Scorpio -- I'll be watching her forward motion most carefully now. She is currently in Libra, trying to keep things in balance and to be as fair as possible. She will re-enter Scorpio on November 29 and spend the rest of 2010 in that transformational sign, finally gaining freedom from the emotional depths when she enters Sagittarius on January 7, 2011.

We may also want watch for developments in our areas of concern on December 20, when Venus again reaches the degree where she originally went retrograde back on October 8. And, with the Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon AND the Solstice on the next day (December 21), those two days may be quite powerful in revealing what karmic patterns and emotional debris we've been working to release this fall.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Transiting Chiron opposing natal Pluto

This is a special posting for those of you, like me, who were born in the mid-1950s, in particular those born when Pluto was between 25 and 27 degrees of Leo. That covers people born:

  • from September 1954 through February 1955
  • from July 1955 through September 1955
  • and from March 1956 through July 1956

I've just (re)read astrologer Rob Hand's interpretation of transiting Chiron opposite Pluto, which is what all of those with the above birthdates are going through right now. This transit is part of the intensity I am personally feeling, and I'm thinking it might be helpful for others to read as well.

I am copying this text from the website. If you're not familiar with the site, it's a great tool. Just enter your birth information and you not only get your free chart, but a listing every day of the transits that are occurring for you personally. Here's the link, if you want to check out their services:

Now, here's the text for transiting Chiron opposing Pluto. I'm hoping this will be helpful for others with other birthdates as well, since it encapsulates a lot about Chiron's effect -- which we're all dealing with right now, with Chiron stationary and strengthened through alignment with Neptune:

Chiron opposite Pluto: "Old psychological burdens"

Don't become too worried by any profound changes which may turn your life upside-down, because they will give you the necessary strength and energy to finally get rid of some of your old psychological burdens. A friend, work colleague or close family member could have the necessary therapeutic capability to help, being able to put their finger on something that you find particularly painful to discuss. Rather than intending to hurt you, their behavior will simply reopen old wounds that you suffered in your childhood or adolescence.

The recognition that many of your problems with others are simply the result of your own tendency to cover up your weaknesses and avoid painful issues will help you gradually change your behavior. Try to overcome the compulsion to keep up appearances all the time, and admit that you also have your failings, weaknesses and inferiority complexes. You will then discover an inner strength that you thought would be lost by admitting this. Feeling powerless or having a vague sense of being controlled or manipulated will only take hold of you if you are unable to find the courage to confront your own inner demons.

Be quietly thankful to all those people and events that are now throwing your life into turmoil. They are only helping to stir up regions of your unconscious which you have been so adept at repressing, a repression which has been blocking any chances of healing. If you can accept your whole self, including those influences that are painful, you can help to pave the way for a more confident and calmer future.

I hope you find this helpful!

Blessings, Pam

Thursday, November 4, 2010


So far, this week has been quite intense -- and I'm guessing we're not quite done with it yet. The Scorpio energies are taking us deeper and deeper into the dark corners of our psyches, exposing the fears and manipulations that have been holding us hostage. At the same time, Chiron and Neptune stand still in the sky, bringing up our deepest wounds and simultaneously offering the means to release and heal them.

In addition, Pluto and the North Node are now within just a few minutes of each other in Capricorn (exact conjunction on Nov 27). The effect of this alignment further amplifies the intensity, and is bringing up lifetimes worth of defensiveness, fear, emotionalism and insecurity -- hallmarks of the South Node in Cancer. This alignment requires that we let go of what has been, to no longer allow ourselves to be controlled or limited by what has come before. It also asks us to step back and observe our emotions, rather than be manipulated by them.

The Scorpio New Moon is tomorrow night (Friday, Nov 5, 9:52pm PDT). As we experience the darkness that accompanies the beginning of the lunar cycle, we are given the opportunity to find new clarity on the emotional issues that are present now. This clarity will gain strength as the Moon grows into fullness over the next two weeks.



Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Helpful reading

Good morning, all...

I have found two channelings for the month of November to be especially helpful, so thought to share them with you. Each has given me a better understanding and higher perspective on the month ahead -- very much needed right now!

If you're interested, just click on the titles below to go to the online articles:

"Akashic Transformations November 2010 Message" by Jen Eramith

"November Forecast 2010" by Lena Stevens

Blessings to you this month as we ride the river of change!