Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Question from a reader

I received an email in response to this week's Journal, regarding my comment about it being important to move out of our comfort zones. The reader wanted clarification on that comment.

And I know there are some shades of gray to that advice -- certainly, we want to be in touch with our intuition about any new directions we take, so shouldn't we actually feel comfortable if we're moving forward in a way that is in alignment with our highest self?

In case anyone else was thinking along those lines too, I thought it might be good to share my reply here:

Thank you for your note.

It is not true that it is ALWAYS the right thing to do, this moving out of a comfort zone -- for instance, if you are comfortable because you are living according to your truth, then stepping outside that truth would not only be uncomfortable, it would also be inadvisable for you.

For example: Since I am, by choice, a vegan, it would be uncomfortable for me to eat meat. That doesn't mean I SHOULD eat meat merely because it would be stepping outside of my comfort zone to do so. In this case, eating meat would be going against my truth, and so is not advised.

But, we humans get into habits. And our habits become our comfort zones, whether or not they are healthy for us, and whether or not they are aligned with our truth. If we stay only where it is comfortable, we may never grow or change.

If we're looking to change some aspect of our lives, but stop moving in the new, healthier direction just because it doesn't feel comfortable (in other words, familiar), we'll just go back to sitting on the figurative couch and never make the progress we believe we want.

I hope that makes sense!

And I hope this added conversation clears things up a bit. Thanks for your feedback!

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Gemini Lunar Eclipse

Several related issues have ridden in on the energetic wave of the recent Lunar Eclipse, which occurred at 29 degrees Gemini. The main themes involve how we communicate -- with others and with ourselves -- and how we use words, especially when we are under stress. No real surprises there, since Gemini rules our ability to think, speak and hear. Issues are also complicated by the fact that Mercury, the planet associated with verbal and written interactions (and planetary ruler of Gemini), is still retrograde.

The current amplification of communication difficulties can be a bit unnerving, especially if we've been successfully hiding, ignoring or sidestepping some issues. It's probably accurate to say that situations that arise now represent karmic themes that we are now ready to resolve, heal and release.

The main challenge for Gemini is in navigating the workings of the mind -- in other words, are we in control of the mind, or does the mind control us? The worry that often besets us, the ramblings that keep us from focusing our attention and our intentions, the fears that interfere with our ability to gain a higher perspective, are all indicators of the mind being in control.

We also be confronting our relationship with our Truth through current situations -- how comfortable we are with it, how easily and clearly we claim it and express it, and if we allow others to be as sure of their own as we are of ours.

And we might ask ourselves, Who are we, as separate from the mind? In Western society, especially, we tend to equate self with the mind, whereas a different perspective might reinforce the knowing that Self is much more than the sum of our thoughts.

How is this recent Lunar Eclipse, in the very last "critical" degree of Gemini, calling for you to resolve, heal or release mental patterns that no longer serve you?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eclipse aftermath and Solstice morning

If you've tapped in to the energies this morning, you may have felt the difference. Something has changed since yesterday. In between yesterday and today we had our Gemini Lunar Eclipse, which opened portals of communication. How we use those openings is the next step.

The Gemini theme for this Total Eclipse is also clear in the opportunity to release karmic contracts and agreements that we are done with. Now is the time to make those statements of intention, along the lines of "I release all contracts and agreements that are no longer appropriate and no longer serve me. I forgive and release all those with whom I have contracted in ways that do not serve the highest good, and I forgive and release myself from these agreements as well."

Now we enter the two-week period between eclipses, during which there is enhanced potential for shifting into new perspectives and ways of being. We will then christen this new Self at the time of the Solar Eclipse on January 4.

Let me know how you are doing out there.



Friday, December 17, 2010

December energies

The energy waves continue to roll in, taking us higher and then offering us a look back at where we've been. The question is asked: Do we want to return to the old ways, those driven by fear and ego? Or are we ready to be lifted up, to raise our vibrations and become the Self of greatest potential?

This month of December is powerful for our launching into 2011. Astrologically, we have the Solstice Lunar Eclipse on the 21st that calls us to complete, resolve, release and heal karmic issues of personal truth and communication. And, on the other side of the New Year, we have a Solar Eclipse on January 4 that is a springboard into our futures, along with the final Uranus-Jupiter alignment in Pisces that puts the final pieces in place for our increased spiritual alignment.

I've been using a new set of intentions/affirmations, based on a recent channeling I read on the LightWorkers website (the source of which I didn't write down, my apologies!). I will share them with you here, in case you would also like to use them as a centering guide for the rest of this powerful month. Remember that these types of statements are best said out loud, and daily, for the best effect:

Today, I ask and intend for my channels of energy to be clear and purified so that greater volumes of light may flow into my being.

Today, I ask and intend for my connection to Divine Source Energy to be strengthened by one hundred percent to increase my unity with Divine Source and to allow me to receive higher vibrations of light.

Today, I ask and intend that my body, energy bodies, mind and emotions remain connected to the love of Divine Source throughout my day.

Today, I ask and intend that new positive connections to the inner planes and guides be built and stabilized in me, to aid my discovery of new enlightenment and comprehension.

Today, I ask and intend that the connection and anchoring of my soul into my being and physical body be magnified and reinforced to aid my complete embodiment of my Soul Essence and Truth.

Today, I ask and intend that my heart always be open to new connections and the expression of love to others.

Blessings to all! May the increased Presence of Archangels be closely at your side throughout the coming weeks.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Riding the wave

The latest energy infusion has been a big one, and seems to be ongoing. Astrologically, the heightened energy corresponds with the influence of Uranus being stationary and with the effects of the Eclipse Zone, which began with the New Moon last Sunday.

Of all the planets used in astrology, Uranus is probably the one most associated with high-vibrational energies. Uranus represents higher consciousness, and the speeding up of our brain function to enable us to receive higher-level information. Uranus also accelerates our evolutionary progress and opens our minds and energy bodies to needed change.

And, what makes change "needed"? Most often, it is when there are things we have intended to do in this lifetime, or growth steps we intended to take, that will not occur if we keep going along in the current direction.

Like all planets when they are changing direction, Uranus is now gifting us with an extra helping of Accelerated Energy. And, we are not far from the Total Lunar Eclipse on the Solstice, which is adding its own Energy Enhancement to our menu.

So if you've been extra tired, but perhaps unable to sleep, eating like there's no tomorrow (our bodies aren't exactly sure how to handle this lack of groundedness) but never feeling full, join the party!

My sense is that we'll feel the energy of this wave through the end of the year, and likely continue our surfboard ride a little past the Solar Eclipse on January 4. By then, significant changes will be manifesting as the physical world adjusts to the new energies, and we'll be ready to launch the New Year -- with a strong emphasis on NEW.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks Giving

Greetings to All!

I write this on the day of Thanks Giving, and count you all among the things I am most grateful for in this life. I appreciate this community of like-minded souls, and am thankful for this technology that allows us each to share and receive insights so easily.

Over the last few days (it's rather lengthy for a one-sitting read), I've been reading Dr. Suzan Carrel's November 2010 issue of Multidimensional News, and have found the information contained therein to be very helpful. I'll include a link to the entire newsletter at the bottom of this post -- but I want to quote a passage here about "switching channels" when we get overwhelmed with the fear or anxiety that so often seems to accompany change:

Switching Channels
Channeled through Dr. Suzan Carrel
From the November 2010 issue of Multidimensional News

We wish to give you a technique that will assist in adapting to your “download” of cosmic light. As the greater love and light enters your consciousness and form, old habits and memories of fear and darkness are pushed to the surface to be released. Most of this fear is ancient, but it loves to attach itself to anything in today’s life that is vaguely similar. Therefore, it is best to deal with the fear as an energy field.

To assist you in releasing this ancient fear, imagine two channels of reality in your brain.

One channel is on the left side of your forehead, which is symbolic of the old third-dimensional thinking of duty, guilt, worry and stress. The other channel is on the right side of your forehead, which is symbolic of peace, calm, flow and unconditional love.

Your opened Third Eye is in between the two, and it monitors your myriad mental messages. As a fearful message invades the left side of your forehead (the left/fear channel), simply switch channels over to the right side of your forehead (the right/love channel). Don’t try to analyze the fear at all, just switch channels! Try it...

The long-term goal is to stay in between the two channels, for that is the Path of the Flow of the ONE. You can practice finding that center when you are in the process of releasing fear.

Won’t it be glorious when you don’t have to release fear? Won’t it be wonderful when you KNOW you are safe, loved and guided in every moment of your life? When you are fully centered, you feel connected with your SELF. However, when you are stressed and forging your way through daily life, you feel disconnected from your SELF, others and the planet. That is when you can change emotions/resonance by taking a quick moment to switch over to the love channel.

Yes, emotions and resonance are the same. Take a moment to feel your stress, anxiety, depression or whatever face Fear is choosing right now... Remember that much of this fear is from the Collective and/or Planetary Consciousness.

Next, indulge in your fear and feel how the resonance of your body lowers...

Now SWITCH CHANNELS to love... Feel how the resonance of your body rises and your consciousness expands...

With this higher state of consciousness, your inter-dimensional travels will exceed your greatest hopes.

I hope you find this information as helpful as I have! And if you'd like to read the entire newsletter, here's the link:

Multidimensional News November 2010

And many blessings to you all on this holiday!

love, Pam

Friday, November 19, 2010

And so it begins

With yesterday's about-face of both Jupiter and Venus (on Thursday, November 18), we should now have a little more clarity on some questions we've been asking, specifically about certain relationships and our finances/resources (areas ruled by Venus), and perhaps also about a personal truth that has recently come to the surface (ruled by Jupiter). If you've been dealing with issues in these areas, the review period is now over, and the work of going forward begins.

It's not that we have all the answers now -- and I suspect we never really get to that longed-for level of omniscience, at least not while we're in human form. But, at least the haze created by having so many planets in retrograde should be clearing, with first Neptune and Chiron going direct on November 5 and 6, and now Jupiter and Venus following suit. As of now, the only primary planet still in retrograde is Uranus, so we are looking more and more out the front window now, and less in the rearview mirror.

Since Venus' retrograde phase has been so powerful this time around -- no doubt because it occurred mostly in Scorpio -- I'll be watching her forward motion most carefully now. She is currently in Libra, trying to keep things in balance and to be as fair as possible. She will re-enter Scorpio on November 29 and spend the rest of 2010 in that transformational sign, finally gaining freedom from the emotional depths when she enters Sagittarius on January 7, 2011.

We may also want watch for developments in our areas of concern on December 20, when Venus again reaches the degree where she originally went retrograde back on October 8. And, with the Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon AND the Solstice on the next day (December 21), those two days may be quite powerful in revealing what karmic patterns and emotional debris we've been working to release this fall.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Transiting Chiron opposing natal Pluto

This is a special posting for those of you, like me, who were born in the mid-1950s, in particular those born when Pluto was between 25 and 27 degrees of Leo. That covers people born:

  • from September 1954 through February 1955
  • from July 1955 through September 1955
  • and from March 1956 through July 1956

I've just (re)read astrologer Rob Hand's interpretation of transiting Chiron opposite Pluto, which is what all of those with the above birthdates are going through right now. This transit is part of the intensity I am personally feeling, and I'm thinking it might be helpful for others to read as well.

I am copying this text from the website. If you're not familiar with the site, it's a great tool. Just enter your birth information and you not only get your free chart, but a listing every day of the transits that are occurring for you personally. Here's the link, if you want to check out their services:

Now, here's the text for transiting Chiron opposing Pluto. I'm hoping this will be helpful for others with other birthdates as well, since it encapsulates a lot about Chiron's effect -- which we're all dealing with right now, with Chiron stationary and strengthened through alignment with Neptune:

Chiron opposite Pluto: "Old psychological burdens"

Don't become too worried by any profound changes which may turn your life upside-down, because they will give you the necessary strength and energy to finally get rid of some of your old psychological burdens. A friend, work colleague or close family member could have the necessary therapeutic capability to help, being able to put their finger on something that you find particularly painful to discuss. Rather than intending to hurt you, their behavior will simply reopen old wounds that you suffered in your childhood or adolescence.

The recognition that many of your problems with others are simply the result of your own tendency to cover up your weaknesses and avoid painful issues will help you gradually change your behavior. Try to overcome the compulsion to keep up appearances all the time, and admit that you also have your failings, weaknesses and inferiority complexes. You will then discover an inner strength that you thought would be lost by admitting this. Feeling powerless or having a vague sense of being controlled or manipulated will only take hold of you if you are unable to find the courage to confront your own inner demons.

Be quietly thankful to all those people and events that are now throwing your life into turmoil. They are only helping to stir up regions of your unconscious which you have been so adept at repressing, a repression which has been blocking any chances of healing. If you can accept your whole self, including those influences that are painful, you can help to pave the way for a more confident and calmer future.

I hope you find this helpful!

Blessings, Pam

Thursday, November 4, 2010


So far, this week has been quite intense -- and I'm guessing we're not quite done with it yet. The Scorpio energies are taking us deeper and deeper into the dark corners of our psyches, exposing the fears and manipulations that have been holding us hostage. At the same time, Chiron and Neptune stand still in the sky, bringing up our deepest wounds and simultaneously offering the means to release and heal them.

In addition, Pluto and the North Node are now within just a few minutes of each other in Capricorn (exact conjunction on Nov 27). The effect of this alignment further amplifies the intensity, and is bringing up lifetimes worth of defensiveness, fear, emotionalism and insecurity -- hallmarks of the South Node in Cancer. This alignment requires that we let go of what has been, to no longer allow ourselves to be controlled or limited by what has come before. It also asks us to step back and observe our emotions, rather than be manipulated by them.

The Scorpio New Moon is tomorrow night (Friday, Nov 5, 9:52pm PDT). As we experience the darkness that accompanies the beginning of the lunar cycle, we are given the opportunity to find new clarity on the emotional issues that are present now. This clarity will gain strength as the Moon grows into fullness over the next two weeks.



Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Helpful reading

Good morning, all...

I have found two channelings for the month of November to be especially helpful, so thought to share them with you. Each has given me a better understanding and higher perspective on the month ahead -- very much needed right now!

If you're interested, just click on the titles below to go to the online articles:

"Akashic Transformations November 2010 Message" by Jen Eramith

"November Forecast 2010" by Lena Stevens

Blessings to you this month as we ride the river of change!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Neptune and Chiron, too

After sending out today's NorthPoint Journal, I reflected that I should have included something about Neptune and Chiron as I was discussing the intensity we're now experiencing. It may be true that we can point to Venus retrograde and Saturn in Libra as being the primary contributors to current pressure on relationships -- but woven into that energy is also the ongoing Neptune-Chiron alignment, which is now strong again, with the two planets separated by just 11 minutes (about one-sixth of a degree).

This alignment between Neptune and Chiron has been with us in varying intensity since April-May 2009. It has the effect of both bringing up our deepest wounds (Chiron) and asking/helping us to release (Neptune) the pain associated with those wounds -- in effect, rewiring our emotional circuits so that we are no longer at the mercy of the fears of being hurt again.

Because the two are in Aquarius, the primary wound they're working to release is the belief in separation -- the pain of being apart from those we love, either through someone making their transition to nonphysical, or through apparent rejection or abandonment.

In addition, I'm finding that our natal Chiron issues are also being triggered in major ways. This is one of the interesting things about transits -- no matter where in our natal charts a planet happens to be by transit, it carries for each individual some of the themes related to its sign, house, and aspects at the time of our birth. For instance, for someone with Chiron in the fourth house in their birth chart, transits from Chiron will usually contain themes of vulnerability and a strong need for emotional security.

This means that as Neptune and Chiron finish their tandem journey, saying farewell to each other in early 2011, we are in the final stages of some very important emotional/ spiritual work. No wonder everything seems to plumb the depths these days.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Comet 103P/Hartley 2

The comet with the unromantic name, Comet 103P/Hartley 2, will be at its closest proximity (11 million miles!) to Earth tomorrow, October 20. I've received questions from readers, wondering what comets mean astrologically. Synchronistically, in the book I am currently (re) reading, Patterns of the Past by Judy Hall, I just this week read this passage, which describes a comet's astrological purpose very nicely:

"Rudolf Steiner has said that comets have the function of taking collective psychic debris created by human suffering down through the ages (in other words, karma) out of the solar system. This suffering is the result of soul separation and ignorance of our divine roots."

With all the karmic debris we're currently stirring up through Venus retrograde and so many planets in Scorpio, the idea of a comet coming through to help clear the air energetically is a relief! And, something to be grateful for. Timing is everything.

Here's a photo from today, showing the comet's "vast green atmosphere and an auburn tail of dust":

Seeing that our green comet (sounds like an action hero!) will be at closest proximity to Earth tomorrow, this would be a very good time to do some release work of those beliefs and patterns (karma) that have kept us experiencing the more painful sides of life and relationships.

Happy house cleaning!

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Chilean miners, the Cardinal Grand Cross and Saturn in Libra

A blog follower asked this question in response to my "An intense week" posting from October 8 -- and I thought it deserved an entry of its own! Here's the question:

Pam -- What are your thoughts on how the astrological configurations tie in with the Chilean miners and their rescue? It's nothing short of a miracle -- and the fact that the reason they survived is being put down to working together -- both the miners underground and the whole team put together to rescue them. There seems to be some very strong Libran themes to this and I'm wondering how it ties in to the cardinal squares.

I agree that there are very strong Libran themes! It's also very interesting to see the astrological influences that were involved at important stages of the unfolding situation:
  • When the cave-in occurred, on August 5, we were dealing with very strong energies from the Cardinal Grand Cross, energies that were being triggered that week by Mars' alignment with Saturn
To review, the planets involved in the grand cross were Pluto/North Node in Capricorn, Uranus/Jupiter in Aries, Saturn in Libra and South Node in Cancer. The cross brought about stressful situations that required us to overcome excessive emotionality and blaming (negative sides of South Node in Cancer) and to focus on specific goals with intention and integrity (North Node in Capricorn).
  • Seventeen days later, when the drill reached the miners and they sent word to the surface that all were still alive, Saturn was opposite the position of Jupiter and square Pluto in the Cave-In Chart (the "CIC") -- the manifestation (Saturn) of hopes and optimistic beliefs (Jupiter) and the "return from the dead" (Pluto).
  • On August 30, when the drilling began of a pilot rescue hole, Saturn was conjunct the CIC Mars -- the fusion of focus, responsibility, authority (Saturn) and aggressive effort (Mars) in a cooperative venture (Libra).
  • Now, with the rescue efforts proving successful, Pluto has returned to where it was at the time of the original mine collapse -- the god of the underworld returning to the surface and bringing the resurrected souls with him.
  • And, Saturn is now square the CIC Nodes -- manifesting through the worldwide outpouring of support and nurturing (a positive side of the South Node in Cancer) and through renewed commitment to find sensible solutions to the safety issues involved (North Node in Capricorn).
As already noted, this situation has provided significant opportunities for people to learn lessons of cooperation, of working together to achieve a common goal. These themes are quintessential Saturn in Libra. The success of the rescue -- which involved experts and technicians from around the world and from many industries -- and the efforts of the miners to work together and support each other while they were underground, are strong evidence of our human potential for cooperative effort. And, the fact that this has been broadcast worldwide means that we are all affected by the events and its outcome.

It will be an interesting challenge for each of us -- and, no doubt, especially for the miners and for each person who was involved directly in the rescue -- to extend what we have learned about the power of cooperation into other situations in our daily lives.

Saturn in Libra will be very happy with us for making this a priority, and will reward our efforts.

Teleclass announcement

Hi everyone!

If you're signed up to receive my class notifications by email, you probably already know about my teleclass on December 2! If not, here's the scoop:

The title is:

Astrological Energies for 2011: What We Can Expect in the Year Ahead
During this two-hour class, facilitated by Energy Intuitive Elsie Kerns, I'll talk about the astrological energies and events coming our way in 2011. From January to December, it looks like we'll be working with some potentially life-changing energy shifts!

Highlights in 2011 will include:

Continuing Awareness Expansion:
The final Uranus-Jupiter alignment in Pisces (January)

Healing Our Spiritual Connection:
The final Neptune-Chiron alignment in Aquarius (January), Chiron re-enters Pisces (February)

Taking New Risks:
Uranus re-enters Aries (March)

The Ultimate Surrender:
Neptune steps into Pisces (April)

Finding Our Balance:
Jupiter square Pluto and opposite Saturn (March)

Building on What We Value:
Jupiter enters Taurus and trines Pluto (June-July)

Meeting the Challenge of Change:
We begin the four-year-long Pluto-Uranus square (July and August)

The Wild Cards:
The Solar and Lunar Eclipses (January, June, November and December)

In the Spotlight:
What signs can expect to receive special attention during 2011

Planning Ahead:
Mercury retrograde dates (March-April, August and November-December)

To register for this class, click here: NorthPoint Astrology Teleclass: Astrological Energies for 2011

(Or, visit

Here are the details:

DATE: Thursday, December 2

TIME: 4 to 6pm PST (5 to 7pm MST, 6 to 8 pm CST, 7 to 9pm EST)

FEE: $33

FORMAT: You can attend this live class either by phone or online -- your choice!

HOW TO ATTEND: When you register, an email will be sent to you with the information to attend the event.

RECORDING: The teleclass is recorded and available for downloading immediately following broadcast.


I'm excited for the class and hope you can join us!

Friday, October 8, 2010

An intense week

This week has been a wild one! The Mars-Venus conjunction in Scorpio has intensified relationship issues, as the god of war dances with the goddess of love. And with Venus going retrograde in Scorpio today, we're probably just at the entry point of a longer journey through once-hidden emotional realms.

The good news is that what comes to the surface now needs to be revealed. It has been working against us from behind the scenes -- the "unseen enemy," so to speak. As we start to see the reality of what we're dealing with, we may not feel at all comfortable, but the option of keeping things hidden or unconscious is no longer viable. And perhaps it never was all that healthy in the first place, but we did manage to keep up appearances for quite a while, simply by pretending things were OK.

Venus has an eight-year retrograde cycle, which means that every eight years she retrogrades through the same area of the zodiac. She last retrograded through Scorpio in October-November 2002. Whatever is occurring now in our relational and financial worlds relates directly back to events at that time.

We have the opportunity now to make better choices than we did then, as similar issues are likely to be present. We can choose the higher road, no longer reacting impulsively. We can observe our need for control and see the fear that lives at its roots, and learn to soothe that fear rather than allowing it to control us.

Remembering to breathe is a good idea.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Checking in from Cannon Beach

Hi everyone!

Not an astrological update here, just wanting to check in and let you know I'm off on vacation in Cannon Beach, Oregon. My two sisters and I decided, after both of our parents' passing a couple of year ago, that we would get together at least once a year and have a retreat weekend together.

So, this year we chose Cannon Beach, a magical place. Just to give you an idea, here's a photo of one of my sisters in front of haystack rock:

Now back in our room, relaxing to the sound of the ocean waves crashing on the beach... One of those reminders that life really is OK.

I'll be back in touch soon.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Comment on this week's Journal

Hi everyone,

I received an email from a reader today that I'd like to share with you, since it comes from a channeler I respect and gives some additional insights and timelines to our current process of energy shift. Here is a slightly abridged copy of the email text:

Dear Pam,

Thank you for writing in-depth about the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction at 28 degrees Pisces. My Ascendant is at 28 degrees Pisces and I have been picking up for a very long time that I would have to wait til my birthday in Jan 2011 for things to shift altogether.

This process began in August 2008 right around the Beijing Olympics. The disconnection (from the old 3D reality) started in earnest around Jan 15, 2009. Then came Sept 9, 2009, which was another powerful shift.

The 2010 Summer of Transformation followed.

The next shift for many of us was Sept 18, 2010. The Autumn Equinox. After that comes the Jan 4, 2011 shift.

It will come to a fruition in March of 2011. Till then we will be in transition mode.

Your blog always confirms everything I channel. You hit the bulls-eye with the Autumn Equinox-SGC alignment and the releasing of past karma...

I have been picking up since 1985 that I would really start living my "real life/new life for this reincarnation" right around the age of 32 i.e. 2011. Until then, I would spend the first 30 years of my life releasing past karma. I had some very definite spiritual contracts to fulfill and therefore some very powerful past life lessons to visit.

From March 2011 to Dec 2013 many of us will prepare for our new roles in society post the major 2012 shift. After the "Big Shift" in Dec 2012, it will take a full year for the new consciousness to manifest and seep into every facet of society.

So, there you have it, with many thanks to my reader.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Oh, my!

Here we are, Dorothy and Toto and our companions, skipping down the yellow brick road -- but our song is not about "lions and tigers and bears," but rather about "conjunctions and equinoxes and Full Moons," oh, my!

To clarify, over the next seven days, we will be seeing the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction (Saturday, Sept 18), the Equinox/Sun entering Libra (Wednesday, Sept 22), and the Full Moon at Aries Point (Thursday, Sept 23).

If you've been feeling emotionally on a rollercoaster, having trouble sleeping, experiencing odd eating patterns, or just feeling generally out-of-sync this past week, you're not alone. And, I would guess, those symptoms are going to be on the increase up through next Thursday's Full Moon, as we navigate the exaggerated and chaotic nature of these planetary influences.

Perhaps some of the higher purpose of this rapid one-two-three punch is to keep us off-balance -- but not for the amusement of some masochistic gods who are pulling strings from the heavens. The nature of these energies, especially the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction, help us detach from reality as we know it, which usually leaves the space for us to have a different kind of experience, and to interpret our lives from an altered perspective.

Uranus and Jupiter are in Pisces, after all, the sign which is often noted for its innate lack of a firm grasp on reality, and for its ability to transcend the ego. And, according to the NASA Science News site, Jupiter and his volcanic moons are currently at their closest proximity to the Earth in a decade (at the same time as the conjunction with Uranus and the opposition to the Sun!), bringing that Jupiterian amplification of Piscean energies right to our back door.

So -- confused? Finding it hard to stay grounded? Wondering why things are so hard to define, and if the world will ever feel "normal" again? Join the club.

Truth be told, the world is not likely ever to feel as it once did. We're all advancing in consciousness, and once those kinds of growth steps are taken, we don't revert to ignorance, even if we pretend at times that we have.

We may sometimes long for the days when "ignorance was bliss" -- but I'm pretty sure we don't really want to go back. There is another, more enlivening, type of bliss that we can find through awareness, and we've all had at least some tastes of that deliciousness. The one-two-three punch over the next week's time has the potential to take us up the awareness scale another notch, if we're willing and open.

Remember, Dorothy didn't get to the Emerald City by staying in Munchkinland.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Saturn in Libra and REAL-ationships

With all this retrograde Mercury fogginess, it's interesting that relationships are now coming into better focus.

Saturn is fully embracing his Libra tasks now. For many, this involves a reality check when it comes to important relationships and partnerships. Saturn's requirements are very straightforward: work harder on relationships that have value in your life, and be willing to let go of those that have completed their purpose.

The answer to the question of which course to take will not be the same for everyone. Some of us are finding seeds of growth at the core of our relationship apple, and others are finding worms. All we can know for sure is that Saturn in Libra will provide us with opportunities to see the REAL in our REAL-ationships, which will help us know whether or not they are part of the future we want to create.

Our next Full Moon, on September 23 and just hours after the Equinox, may be a turning point for many in this area. That lunation will re-ignite the energies of the Cardinal T-square as the Moon (at 0 degrees Aries) aligns with the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction (at 28 degrees Pisces), the Sun aligns with Saturn in early degrees of Libra, and the North Node and Pluto align in early degrees of Capricorn.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Yesterday's conjunction between the Sun and Mercury Retrograde had a great deal more impact than I would have expected -- but then, this entire Mercury Retrograde time (since August 20) has seemed to have greater effect than usual. Perhaps because we already don't really know which way we're going, or how to define reality, that adding a Retrograde Mercury can have the effect of tipping us even further out of balance.

Assuming that this occurs with ultimately positive intention, we can look at yesterday's Mercury-Sun alignment and consider how it may have represented a reversal of sorts, a throw-back to another way of being, either from this life or another lifetime.

And perhaps it was especially strong for me because it was exactly conjunct my Virgo Moon... Anyone else with natal planets at 11 degrees Virgo, who also felt a significant impact from the planetary alignment on Friday (September 3)?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Through the looking glass

This has been an ODD week. Like Alice's adventures through the looking glass, everything seems not quite real.

Now, grant you, I haven't seen bodyless grins from Cheshire cats glowing from a nearby tree, nor even seen a white rabbit hopping down a hole. But there is certainly a feeling of being "not quite here, yet not quite there."

Perhaps, as the pundits are saying, we have already shifted dimensions and are now adjusting to accommodate that shift? It's such an odd paradox, to look out and see the world appearing as usual, but to feel that something is completely UNusual.

One of the symptoms, for me, has been odd sleeping patterns this week. Very tired early, to bed by 8 or 8:30, but then awake in the dark hours and unable to sleep for an hour or two.

Anyone else having a similar experience these days?

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Every August, for the past several years, reports have circulated around the Internet regarding Mars being so close to the Earth that it looks as large as the Moon.

In case you've recently read that, please know that it is not true. Mars was at its closest proximity to the Earth a few years ago -- and was very bright -- but, as said this morning, "To see Mars as large as the full Moon, you'll have to board a spaceship."

And remember to be good to yourself this week -- we all deserve it!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The last Pluto-Saturn square

The Pluto-Saturn square sees its last exact aspect today. For at least a year now, this planetary twosome has been instrumental in revealing weaknesses and faults in existing structures, often causing their collapse. We're all very aware of how this has played out in the business and financial worlds. We're seeing the effects on our global climate and on our oceans. We've also seen relationships and lives pass away during this time. We may even be aware of our own psychological and emotional habits that are not in integrity with our Essential Self, that must be changed as we go forward.

On more metaphysical levels, this also seems to be a time to confront certain karmic patterns and imperatives, and perhaps even to dismantle and rise above those constraints. It also seems to be true that the esoteric structure that allows the integration of soul and personality is undergoing change.

If you've read either "Journey of Souls" or "Destiny of Souls" by Michael Newton -- or other books of similar theme -- you're aware of the theory that the soul that inhabits our physical body during a lifetime is but a portion of the greater Self that we are. Evidently, the percentage of Self that incarnates can vary from lifetime to lifetime, but a portion of the Self always remains behind in nonphysical.

According to Mr. Newton, the percentage of Self that comes to inhabit the physical, that energy we call the soul, is decided before the lifetime, and is not alterable during the course of that life.

And yet, there now seems to be information coming through that says we may be able to alter that percentage, to bring in and incorporate a greater percentage of our Self. Perhaps this is what is involved in a dimensional shift, or maybe this is what actually defines that sort of shift.

The latest channeling by Steve Rother explains a bit about this process. I'll include some pertinent excerpts here (abridged):
You have specifically had one of 500 templates that you have chosen to house your energy inside of a human body. The templates have been serving you well because they gave you a base, or a jar to put your energy in so to speak. It worked because all humans are directly traceable to one of those 500 templates. Soon you will no longer be restricted by those templates and it will be due to this expansion.
It can work either to expand your energy field to release your template, or you can release your template to expand your energy field. You are going to learn how to walk in your full energy field while still in the physical body. You will learn how to use your energy field in ways you never thought possible.
You are learning how to do something differently, and to have an experience as a fully-empowered human while still in a physical body. You have already moved into the fifth dimension, and now you are simply learning how it works.
If you'd like to view this channeling on YouTube, click here:

Virtual Light Broadcast

If you'd like to read the text, click here:

Secret of the Expanding Universe

Happy weekend, everyone!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Shifting realities

As I'm sure many of you do, I follow the writings of a specific handful of channelers whose work I find to be worthwhile. One of the channelers I've followed on and off for many years is Tom Kenyon, who channels beings calling themselves The Hathors.

I say "on and off," because at times they have been a bit too pessimistic for me -- which could either be the overlay of Mr. Kenyon's personality, or perhaps may just be The Hathors' style.

But today, a channel was posted that struck me pretty profoundly, so I want to share it with all of you. It's too long to post here in its entirety, so I will just include the link to the page on Mr. Kenyon's website:

The Art of Jumping Timelines

You will no doubt find some familiar themes, that could be considered similar to the Abraham channelings by Esther Hicks. Still, there's enough of a different spin on this, that it sinks into my psyche in a little deeper way.

Plus, for months (or years?), I've been hearing about the splitting of worlds -- which, to me, felt a little bit too much like "the good people go to heaven and the bad people go to hell." I've never been able to embrace that concept because of the similarity to Judgement Day.

But this channeling through Mr. Kenyon talks about parallel timelines, and the places where they converge, and how we can make the leap to the one most in alignment with our spiritual journey.

It's valuable information -- maybe not completely "new," but said in just the right way to have made a lasting impact on me.

If you read it and have a thought or two to share, please post your comment!



New crop circle

An incredible new crop circle found yesterday -- it's just amazing to me. I haven't read anyone's interpretation of it yet, but wanted to share it this morning nonetheless:

At Pewsey White Horse, near Pewsey, Wiltshire, England

Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Early to bed, etc.

With the heightened energies coming our way, both from the sun and from beyond, we need a LOT of rest right now.

Some may think that sleep is "wasted" time, but in truth, it is most valuable -- and not only for the recovery of our physical bodies. Sleep is also when we integrate all that is occurring energetically, and when our soul's perspective can become known to our human brain.

Other symptoms right now, that I am feeling and you may be also, are uncharacteristic headaches and foggy-brain syndrome. It's important both to sleep as much as you can, and also ground into nature during your waking hours. I've been taking good, long walks in the state park near my house, and I find them to be just what the metaphysical doctor ordered...

St. Edward State Park in Kenmore, WA

Friday, July 30, 2010

A week of madness, mayhem and magic

So, the week began with the Saturn-Uranus conjunction -- and for me, it began with a middle-of-the-night trip over our black dog, resulting in a full-body launch through the air, landing smack dab on my nose.

Not broken, thankfully, but very painful and now very bruised. And I was so lucky to land on carpet, missing the bookshelf on my right and the bureau on my left. Magic amidst the mayhem.

I'm figuring that the floor represented immovable Saturn, and I represented Uranus in motion, and the two opposing forces collided. Our black dog was completely invisible in the darkness of the night, and unexpected as well, since she never lies in that location. Taking this all symbolically, I can interpret this as showing me how the unseen, instinctual sides of my nature can "trip me up," so to speak.

Now, as the week ends, we have intense energies with Mars and the Moon interacting with both Saturn and Uranus. In the wee hours of this morning, I was awakened again by Nature -- but this time, by the hooting of an Owl in our yard.

Owl has the ability to see in the dark, and so represents the ability to observe what we usually might not see -- for instance, a dog lying in the middle of the floor, or a habit pattern that has been getting in our way. I am interpreting this as showing me the other end of the spectrum from my experience at the beginning of the week, and representing how profound the changes are that we are being asked to make at this time of intensity.

And, Owl has always represented Magic to me -- so I also thank Owl for reminding me that there is much in current energies that can lead us forward magically, if we allow it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

At the amusement (?) park

This week is feeling like a rollercoaster, with the wide variety of emotions coming to the surface. One moment we may be at the heights, and the next, in the depths. Or perhaps our ride of choice is a ferris wheel or merry-go-round, where we keep recycling issues we thought we had completed.

Energetically, it's all more than a bit confusing. Saturn opposing Uranus brings out the conflict between the need for change and movement vs. the desire for stability and the familiar. We throw Mars into the equation this week, and the inner (and outer?) conflicts may seem to escalate.

We will be most successful in navigating these energies if we can let go of the need to act on or resolve the emotions right away. We do need to acknowledge them, not stuff them -- but after that, it is best to step back and allow the feelings to roll on through. Chances are, in the next few hours we'll be back in the higher realms, and we will have learned something about the skills needed to survive this pressure cooker time.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Nervous energy

There's an intensified energy afloat today. We are starting to feel Sunday's Aquarius Full Moon, and are of course working with the energies of Monday's Uranus-Saturn opposition.

Aquarius is a mental sign, and the Full Moon is typically emotional -- so our thoughts and feelings are strongly linked now, each influencing the other.

And, although this is the fifth (and final) Uranus-Saturn opposition, it is the first with the two planets in their "new" signs -- Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra. This means that the feeling and the effect will be a bit different than we experienced during the previous oppositions. Before, the water and earth elements were represented (Uranus in Pisces, Saturn in Virgo), which helped provide some grounding, even in the midst of the changes. Now fire and air are represented, two elements that are much less quantifiable and controllable.

This a bit of a "caffeine high" feeling to it all. Whatever we can do to stay grounded and calm will be very helpful over the next few days, and through the first two weeks of August as well. Remember to breathe through the nervousness, and take every opportunity to connect with Nature in some mutually beneficial way. Meditate, listen to soothing music, exercise in whatever form most connects you to your physicality... In other words, take really good care of yourself! And remember to stay In Touch with your higher nature as much as possible.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Proud (and tired) grandma

If you ever want to feel your heart open wide, just be present at the birth of a brand new soul onto the earth plane...

Presenting my new grandson Gavin, born July 16:

What's not to love, eh?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sitting in a tide pool

As we move forward in this week following Sunday's Solar Eclipse, we might expect to feel energized -- after all, this was an eclipse, which is supposed to feel like an amplified New Moon, with all the accompanying energy for new beginnings...

But the effect of this Cancer Solar Eclipse has been, perhaps not so surprisingly, to increase our sense of vulnerability. It has opened the space for emotions to pour forth, sometimes unrelated to anything in particular, but equally as often connected to conscious yearnings of the heart. We feel for our Mother Earth and the plants and animals affected by the oil in the Gulf. We long for the innocence of childhood, the deep knowing that all is well because we are tucked into our beds and Mom has kissed us goodnight. We feel the combination of gratitude and sadness for what once was, and pray for the guidance to lead us forward with compassion and grace.

It may also feel like we are in a bit of a holding pattern because there are very few major aspects this week. Even the three I listed on this week's Journal -- Pluto trine Venus today (Tuesday), Saturn semisquare Mercury on Saturday, and Uranus sesquisquare Mercury on Sunday -- are not typically the kinds of planetary interactions that are felt very strongly.

So perhaps this is a week when we are meant to be inside our caves as much as possible, leaving the external activities for another day. After all, we have much to process on emotional levels, and understandings to gain that connect the past with the present. What comes into our awareness with this processing is meant to open our hearts further, as we learn to nurture ourselves and also have compassion for those with whom we are sharing our journey.

Next week will probably feel very different, especially around July 21 and 22, when the Sun enters Leo, and Saturn enters Libra to set up the final Saturn-Uranus opposition on the 26th. There's a lot going on astrologically then and through the first two weeks of August -- so we may want to take advantage of any cave time we can find for now.

Friday, July 9, 2010

It all depends...

I've become fascinated by crop circles in the past week. Today, a new one in the United Kingdom, at Clay Hill near Warminster, Wiltshire:

There isn't any interpretation yet posted on the Crop Circle website (, but just looking at this one makes me think the message is "It all depends on how you look at it."

Seems a very appropriate reminder for us now, as we deal with so many physical manifestations that from certain viewpoints look horrific, but perhaps from a higher perspective have a purpose we may not yet see.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Lunation misspeak

Hi everyone,

It's been brought to my attention that I mistakenly wrote in my NorthPoint Journal this week that the Solar Eclipse next Sunday, July 11, is a Full Moon -- when obviously, it's a NEW Moon. My apologies for any confusion that was caused!

Hope you're all enjoying this first week of July...



Friday, June 25, 2010

Channeled resources for a powerful week


This powerful week has brought forth channelings from a few people whose words I have come to trust, and I would like to share a couple of them with you, to offer them as support at this time of transformation and transition.

Here is the link to the latest "Expect Wonderful" post by Meredith Murphy, who channels Archangel Michael:

The Holographic Reality of the New Earth is Within YOU

And, here is the link to the new "Think with Your Heart" post by Lauren Gorgo:

Lunar to Solar Eclipse -- The Big Push

I hope you find them helpful!

Many blessings,


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crop circle and the grand cross

It seems the Jupiter-Sun square is filling the airwaves with hope and possibility today!

This morning, I have also come across this information about a crop circle that was first seen on May 22. Here's the beginning of a longer interpretation -- if you wish to read further, I will include the link at the bottom of this post.

On May 22, a crop circle appeared near the windmill of Wilton in Wiltshire, South of England – a crop circle with an encoded message. This crop circle speaks of a profound paradigm shift, a reverse of polarity.

It alludes to two dates: The Grand Cross on June 26 2010 and December 21, 2012.

It contains a powerful warning, speaks of a global crisis and at the same time it shows the solution.

On June 26, 2010, there is an extraordinary planetary constellation, a Grand Cross. According to the message of the crop circle, the sun creates a new room, a healing room, a new field of consciousness on that day.

Here's the link, as promised, to the rest of the interpretation of this crop circle (the website is in German -- to read the English version, scroll down the page):

May 22 Crop Circle

And here's a picture of the crop circle itself:

Onward and upward!

Dr. Masaru Emoto's healing prayer for the gulf

Hi everyone,

I received this e-mail this morning, and thought it very worthwhile to post it here for more to read -- if you are inspired to do so, please copy it and send it on to others!

And if you're not familiar with Dr. Emoto's work, I highly recommend discovering more...

Dr. Masaru Emoto's Healing Prayer for the Gulf

Yesterday at our spiritual center we read a letter from Dr. Masaru Emoto, who many of you will recognize as the scientist from Japan who has done all the research and publications about the characteristics of water. Among other things, his research reveals that water physically responds to emotions.

Right now, most of us have the predominantly angry emotion when we consider what is happening in the Gulf. And while certainly we are justified in that emotion, we may be of greater assistance to our planet and its life forms, if we sincerely, powerfully and humbly pray the prayer that Dr Emoto, himself, has proposed.

I send the energy of love and gratitude to the water and all the living creatures in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings.

To the whales, dolphins, pelicans, fish, shellfish, plankton, coral, algae, and all living creatures ...  I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

We are passing this request to people who we believe might be willing to participate in this prayer, to set an intention of love and healing that is so large, so overwhelming that we can perform a miracle in the Gulf of Mexico.

We are not powerless. We are powerful. Our united energy, speaking this prayer daily ... multiple times daily ... can literally shift the balance of destruction that is happening.

We don't have to know how ... we just have to recognize that the power of love is greater than any power active in the Universe today.

Please join us in repeating this healing prayer of of Dr. Emoto's. And feel free to copy and paste this to send it around the planet.

Let's take charge, and do our own clean up!

And so it is! Pass it on.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just when you think...

One of the requirements of any Saturn-Pluto interaction is that we learn how to navigate situations that are outside of our control. We've had experiences recently of that effect -- just when we thought we had something figured out, a new direction to move in, or the solution to a problem found, we look around to see what appears to be a reversal.

It's good to keep in mind that we couldn't be aware of the "one step back" if we hadn't already made the "two steps forward." And, it's important to realize that these two planets are very thorough, and are not likely to move past a point if there are any details left to be taken care of (Saturn) or structural problems to be revealed (Pluto).

We've been working with the current Saturn-Pluto square since early this year, and are now slowly moving toward the final exact aspect on August 21. Next week's grand cross formation, which involves Pluto and Saturn and five other planets, should reveal even more about where we still need to take responsibility for creating change, rather than trying to find a convenient party to blame.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Huge coronal hole

A reader wrote me an e-mail today, asking about the meaning of the "huge coronal hole" that appeared a few days ago on our sun. Here's a photo of the coronal hole, from the website:

Here's what I replied to the question, "Does this mean anything?":

I do monitor the website everyday -- so I know that coronal holes are fairly common. I'm also aware that they release solar winds that can reach Earth if the direction is lined up just right. Those solar winds affect Earth's electromagnetic field, so on subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) levels, they also work with our personal energy fields. On physical levels, strong solar winds can disrupt radio and satellite transmissions -- it is interesting to consider how we might each be affected individually at such times.

This particular coronal hole is very big, for sure -- and since the solar wind it created will reach us about the same time as the already electrifying Uranus-Jupiter alignment (on Tuesday, June 8), I think it will probably serve to reinforce the energies of change we will be working with over the next couple of days. It might be enough to make our hair stand up on end -- either literally or figuratively!

Registering for solstice teleclass

Hi everyone,

There have been some questions about how to register for the teleclass on June 21. Here's a more straightforward way:

Please go to this link:

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on "Click here to register for this event."

Please join us if you're able!



Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cancer planets and the Cardinal T-square

I just received a post containing a couple of questions in response to my recent blogs about the planetary line-ups in June and July. Here is part one of that post:

Thanks for all the insight to this summer's planetary line-up -- in particular, the cardinal T-square. My question is regarding the unaspected point in Cancer. I've read with T-squares we should look to that point but am not sure why. Is it for solutions, how to deal with things, energy that is missing that needs to be brought in, etc.?

Thank you for your question!

To help in the visualizing the answer, we can think of a square table that needs four legs, one in each corner, for best stability. Energetically, because a T-square involves only three points in the zodiac, it provides only three legs for our four-legged table. This means it is inherently unstable, and more likely to tip over when we come in contact with it.

This is why, when we consider how to navigate the influence of a T-square, we often look to the "missing leg" -- the sign (or house, if we're looking at someone's chart) that, if present, would help keep our table upright.

In July's Cardinal T-square, which involves Pluto in early degrees of Capricorn, Uranus/Jupiter in early Aries and Saturn in early Libra, you're right that we're missing the fourth cardinal sign, Cancer. For us to maintain our balance at that time, we need to bring in the most positive qualities of that sign: sensitivity, clear boundaries, emotional maturity, and unselfishness -- and make sure that we rise above the less positive Cancerian traits: possessiveness, defensiveness, over-protection, timidity, a tendency to live in the past, and over-emotionalism.

To be most successful, however, we will also need to bring in the most positive qualities of the other three cardinal signs, all at the same time -- which is why this kind of configuration can be so tricky to navigate.

In truth, although the T-square is growing in effect now and will be with us throughout the next three months, it will actually become a Grand Cross at the time of the Lunar Eclipse on June 26. At that time, the Moon and Pluto will be at 4 degrees Capricorn; Uranus and Jupiter will be at 1 and 2 degrees of Aries, respectively; Saturn will be at 28 degrees of Virgo; and Mercury and the Sun will be at 2 and 5 degrees of Cancer, respectively. This will not be a "pure" Cardinal Grand Cross because Saturn is still in Virgo, a Mutable sign -- but by degree, the oppositions and squares that comprise a grand cross will be quite active.

And, although we can perceive a grand cross as being technically "more stable" than a T-square, it is also more confrontational, since there are at least two oppositions and four squares that need to be managed. But, since more than one planet is involved in three of our four "legs" of the Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross, we will actually have six oppositions and 10 squares to work with.

And here's part two of the post, with a variation on the question:

My Mars in Cancer at 8 degrees is at a wide aspect to the T-square, but I imagine anyone with closer aspects will really feel it -- and also isn't the U.S. chart ruled by Cancer?

I'm pretty sure that anyone with personal planets or points (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars or the Ascendant) in early degrees of cardinal signs (between 0 and 7 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) will be working directly with the energies of the T-square in June and July, and will likely feel the influence of the Lunar Eclipse pretty strongly. The individual effect, of course, will depend on where the configuration falls in their birth charts, and how those natal cardinal planets are aspected.

For most people who fit this description, they've already been working with Pluto's effect since the end of 2009, and so the events of June-July are likely to be mostly a continuation or turning point within existing issues.

For all of us, even those without the cardinal planets as described, we will still find the need to elevate our responses and actions as indicated, since we are all together in this energetic shift.

In regards to the U.S. natal chart (I prefer to use the "Sibley" chart), yes, the country has four planets in Cancer -- the Sun at 13 degrees, Mercury at 24 degrees, Jupiter at 6 degrees and Venus at 3 degrees. Of these, Jupiter and Venus are the most affected by the Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross.

We've already seen the effects of Pluto on the U.S. Venus over the past two years, through the changes in the financial industry, and the downfall of many banks and related institutions that were not aligned with higher integrity. It is entirely possible, given the added pressure of the T-square and Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross this summer, that we will see more truths revealed and transformations facilitated in this area, as well as in other governmental and social structures.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Conscious Convergence

I recently received a question about the Conscious Convergence (on July 17-18, 2010) and the accompanying Oneness Celebration, scheduled for just a few days from now, on May 27-28.

These dates and events are the inspirations of Carl Johan Calleman, who is an interpreter of the Mayan Calendar, and the generally-accepted expert on the subject.

In brief, Calleman says this about May 27-28, 2010:
"For all those seeking to become part of the new species of human beings endowed with an unlimited consciousness, this is a time to absorb the new energies of universality."
I admit to not being very knowledgeable about the Mayan Calendar, so for those who are interested in more information on that subject and these dates in particular, I will include a few links at the end of this post.

Even according to western astrology, however, May 27-28 are important days. On those dates, we will see the Full Moon, and also experience Uranus' ingress into Aries -- a powerful time to be aligning ourselves with a shift in consciousness. These days will bring the first wave of the potent energies that will be with us through the beginning of August.

On July 17-18, the dates Calleman indicates for the Conscious Convergence, we will just have experienced a Total Solar Eclipse (July 11), and will be working with the intense energies of the T-square between Pluto, Saturn and Uranus/Jupiter. According to my ephemeris, there are no exact major planetary aspects on those two days -- but with the Moon in Libra, it will be an important time for finding balance and harmony in the midst of the changes that will no doubt be occurring.

In reality, with Uranus and Jupiter entering Aries, and with the ongoing T-square energies, it's hard to find any days between late June and early August that are NOT powerful in some way. And, these planetary interactions will definitely be inspiring/pushing us to make a leap in consciousness, and to align more completely with the highest aspects of our beings. (See my post "This summer's planetary alignments," below.)

Here are some links if you'd like to read more about these dates and Calleman's theories:


Thursday, May 13, 2010

This summer's planetary line-ups

Here's another great question I received this past week:

So much of what you outlined in this new week's post to my inbox (see the NorthPoint Journal for May 3 to 9, 2010) is "happening in front of my eyes"; so, I'd like to ask you: What can we -- all of us -- "hope" to expect come this late Spring and Summer? Many of the "omens" I've read in other astrologers' columns are dire, to say the least, and while I'm not beyond girding my loins, I'd appreciate your perspective of possible outcomes; and, more importantly, as I see it, how we -- all of us -- may most humbly and humanely meet these challenges.

The planetary line-ups this summer are powerful, that is for sure. But as always, I find the greater purpose of astrology not to instill fear -- or, necessarily, to make exact predictions -- but rather, to offer higher perspectives and meanings to our human experience.

Planetary alignments

First, the astrological facts: Uranus will be entering Aries on May 27, Jupiter follows suit on June 5, and then the two planets align on June 8. Energetically, this is the first step toward the "main event" that will occur with the Lunar Eclipse on June 26, when the Moon aligns exactly with Pluto and the Sun and Mercury are placed in the fourth corner of a Grand Cross involving Pluto/Moon in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, and Saturn in the last degree of Virgo (to be entering Libra on July 21).

The energy that is set up with this Lunar Eclipse will be in effect for several weeks, most likely finding another outlet of manifestation at the end of July and beginning of August. This is when:
  • Uranus and Saturn have their fifth and last opposition, but the first in Aries/Libra (July 26)
  • Mars opposes Uranus (July 30), conjoins Saturn (July 31), squares Pluto and opposes Jupiter (August 3)
  • Jupiter squares Pluto (August 3)

If that sounds a bit overwhelming to you, you're not alone! And there are lots of predictions out there as to how this will manifest, some of them "dire," as the questioner described.

The pieces of the puzzle

It is helpful, when observing incoming astrological energies such as these, to take apart the individual pieces of the puzzle so as not to be overwhelmed -- in other words, to look at the separate intentions of each planet and sign that is involved, then to put them together to get the larger picture. We can also look back at other stages in the cycle that is being represented -- in this case, the dynamic cycle involving Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. In the question of what to expect this summer, we can review the mid-1960s, when Uranus was conjunct Pluto in Virgo, and both were opposing Saturn in Pisces.

By all accounts, the mid-'60s were tumultuous -- the United States was embroiled in the Vietnam war and there was great social unrest as record numbers protested that involvement. At the same time, the civil rights movement was fully engaged, issues such as abortion and personal freedoms were headlines, and "The Establishment" was a four-letter word. The Cold War was in full swing, and people were building bomb shelters in their back yards. The innocence of the 1950s' "Leave It to Beaver" days seemed in the distant past.

Of the three planets involved then and now, Saturn usually acts as the manifester in such planetary confrontations, while Pluto breaks down the old and Uranus brings about rebellion and independent thinking. With Saturn in Pisces in the mid-'60s, new ideals were trying to manifest -- but in order to get there, old methods had to be torn down and people had to rebel against the existing restrictions and controls (Pluto and Uranus in Virgo).

Where we are today

In our current situation, with Pluto in Capricorn, we are seeing the dismantling of existing social structures and goals that are not in alignment with humanity's highest integrity. Financial and religious institutions, other businesses, and many governmental systems have already fallen or or failing, ultimately to make way for a rebuilding.

At the same time, Uranus in Pisces has been refining our consciousness, bringing about rebellion motivated by compassion and higher (spiritual) concepts. The green movement, the efforts to support peoples and locations devastated by earthquakes, and other similar causes have come about as reactions to existing apathy or inertia. And, with Saturn in Virgo for the past two years, we've been working to manifest new organizations and new techniques to deal with issues such as health care and employment.

A turning point

Pluto will continue his journey through Capricorn until 2023, and throughout that time will keep tearing down structures that are without integrity and must be rebuilt. The focus on summer 2010 as a turning point in this process is because Uranus moves into Aries and Saturn enters Libra, changing their roles a bit and setting up a cardinal T-square with Pluto.

Beginning this summer and for the next two years, Saturn will be working more intentionally with the Libran issues of equal rights, partnerships and commitment, the law and laws, and finding harmony in spite of differences. Through Saturn, we will be trying to manifest new definitions of fairness, as well as a new balance interpersonally and also between nations.

Uranus, as usual, ends up playing the wild card in our planetary game. As Uranus leaves sympathetic Pisces and enters assertive Aries, the motivation behind our rebellion and the way it looks outwardly changes considerably. This is amplified by Jupiter also entering Aries, and joining forces with Uranus.

Under this influence, we may more forcefully claim our individuality, our desires, and our rights of autonomy. Uranus in Aries opposing Saturn in Libra will make sure we break free from codependencies, and Uranus squaring Pluto in Capricorn will bring out rebellions against structures and governments that interfere with individual freedoms.

It's not hard to extrapolate those generalities to specific situations, and since we are already dealing with the energies of these planetary alignments, all we need do is look around us for examples of how things are manifesting: the oil spill in the Gulf, the increase in higher-magnitude earthquakes, the financial problems around the world, the floods and volcanos and other extreme acts of nature -- these are all ways of bringing about the shifts that need to occur, just as the social turmoil in the 1960s ultimately brought about necessary changes.

Our individual experience

How this summer's planetary energies manifest in "real-world" terms will, of course, vary from person to person. Even though we are all in this together, we each still have our own journey to take and lessons to learn. In times of financial downturn, there are always those who thrive, and acts of nature usually affect a relatively small portion of the global population on physical levels, even if many more are affected through observing the events and helping deal with the aftermath.

Perhaps it will help to keep in mind that while Uranus can bring about breakthroughs, sometimes we must first go through breakdowns. Pluto brings about a rebirth, but often requires a purging and the death of the old to allow the space for the new to be born. Saturn ultimately helps create new structures, but first clearly shows us what is and isn't working, which may not be comfortable to see.

In answer to the question, "How may we most humbly and humanely meet these challenges?" -- my best reply is to work consciously with these energies of change, and to address any challenges internally, at their source, as well as externally. Listen carefully to Pluto-in-Capricorn's imperative to walk in integrity with your highest values, and be willing to transform areas of your life where that criteria is not being met. Observe what happens in relationships and to your understanding of fair play under Saturn-in-Libra's influence, and apply self-discipline as needed either to work harder at strengthening these structures or to discard them as no longer viable. And notice where you are feeling especially restless, resistant, and unable to follow the rules -- this is Uranus-in-Aries' way of telling you that you need greater authenticity and autonomy in this area of your life.

And then, when the unexpected occurs -- which it certainly will with Uranus involved -- use the techniques of the successful kayaker: trust and work with rather than against the flow of the river, and adjust your weight as needed to stay in balance.

Those are my first thoughts. More to come over the weeks ahead.



Friday, May 7, 2010

Chiron Return

I've received a couple of great questions through responses to my "Quite a week" posting, and so will answer in new posts. I'm starting with the second one first, since it's a bit easier to answer:

Chiron, the wounded healer, has just returned to Pisces. What does it mean to have a Chiron return? (Or am I phrasing that right? My Chiron is in Pisces.)

The Chiron Return (and yes, your term is correct!) occurs for everyone sometime between their 49th and 51st birthdays. It is the culmination of a journey through the core wound of their lifetime, since by that time, Chiron, the Wounded Healer, has transited their entire chart and come into contact with every aspect of their being.

The effect of the Chiron Return is a wrapping up of many of those issues that relate to the core wound. It affects different people in different ways, of course. I've seen many seem to sail through the time without notice, while others (including myself) found that core wound exposed once more, for final healing. The key difference may be whether or not natal Chiron interacts strongly with the personal planets in the individual's birth chart. (In my birth chart, for instance, Chiron is conjunct my Mars, square my Mercury, trine my Venus and quincunx my Moon, so packs a whallop!)

In particular for those with Chiron in Pisces, your Chiron Return will be dealing with the core issues of faith or trust in the universe, resistance to being vulnerable or allowing sensitivity to show, needing to rescue others (self-martyrdom), and any remaining beliefs in cosmic injustice, victimization or betrayal.

We are all dealing with these basic issues as Chiron transits through Pisces, from now through early 2018. Those with natal Chiron in Pisces will have their opportunity during this time to observe how they have dealt with these core themes to this point in their lives, and to take major steps in their personal healing journey.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Quite a week

This past week's one-two punch of the Saturn-Uranus opposition on Monday and the Scorpio Full Moon on Wednesday really packed a wallop. Through this combination of energies, we have been compelled to change our old methods of handling some core issues that have been on our minds and in front of our eyes for many months.

The route to change has not been pleasant for many, but effective nonetheless. Sometimes it takes a shock to the system to get us to shift our perspective.

My heart support goes out to all who are dealing with a life crisis at this time. The good news is that we are nearing the end of the Saturn-Uranus opposition cycle (exact for the fifth and last time on July 26), which means we are well on our way to giving up the resistance to change that has been the true cause of our discomfort.



Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not forgotten

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know I didn't forget about you this week! I was out of town for a few days, and am now recovering from my own personal Uranus-Saturn opposition experience -- a car accident that has left me a bit shaken, although physically intact. My car, alas, is not so lucky, having taken the brunt of the impact...

Anyway, not sure how on top of things I'll be this week, but will check in as I feel energized to do so.

I hope everyone else's Uranus-Saturn experience is a bit more gentle!



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why we're feeling this way

This post is in response to a comment posted yesterday, which said: "Anyone Else Feeling Quite Anxious? Impatient? On Edge... a pit in the stomach? Last 2 Days. It is intensifying as the day goes on. Whaz up?"

Thanks for your comment -- I agree that emotions have been heightened again over the last few days, and we can relate that to both earth changes and astrological influences.

There was another major earthquake this morning, this time in China. I've noticed with the recent flurry of large tremors, a feeling of anxiety or emotions being more easily triggered for the few days before. With all of us getting more sensitive, it makes sense that we would be aware on some level when such earth movement is about to occur.

And, astrologically, we are getting closer to the fourth (of five) Uranus-Saturn oppositions. This is an aspect of tension, corresponding with major breakthroughs (and breakdowns) designed to move us forward and expand our consciousness.

All of us are working with this influence and feeling the tension of the opposition. It would certainly correspond with feelings of anxiety and anticipation.

And, anyone who has natal planets or points at 28 or 29 degrees of a mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) will certainly be feeling this energy strongly now, since it will be exact in just 12 days (on April 26). Does this apply to you?

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I monitor the USGS earthquakes website regularly, keeping tabs on what's going on with Mother Earth through her earthquake activity.

After major earthquakes, there are always aftershocks -- usually numbering in the hundreds over the next two weeks or so. What is absolutely incredible is that since the 7.2 quake in Baja last Sunday (four days ago), as of 7 p.m. on Thursday there have been 1,096 aftershocks in that area.

This huge number of quakes are Gaia's response to the ongoing energy shifts, and correspond with the sometimes hour-by-hour ups and downs we humans are experiencing emotionally.

If you're interested in seeing the list of earthquakes for yourself, here's the link:

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program

And, if you're interested in reading more about the metaphysical meanings of our current series of tremors, Karen Bishop has just posted a new issue of her e-newsletter Wings, found here:

Emerging Earth Angels

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pluto-Mars quincunx

I'm starting a new thread to answer Jeannette's post, which was originally added to my "Checking In" post.

"Dear Pam, I see Mars quincunx Pluto on Saturday. What does the quincunx aspect bring?"

A quincunx aspect occurs when planets are 150 degrees apart, which puts them in signs that have some basic incompatibilities. In this case, Mars is in fun-loving, creative, gregarious Leo and Pluto is in serious, goal-oriented, practical Capricorn.

When two planets are quincunx, they are like two people speaking different languages who are supposed to work together. They're never going to really understand each other or make progress if they continue as usual. One or both has to adjust their perspective and their attitude.

So a quincunx is indicative of the need for an attitude adjustment if progress is to be made. The melodramatics of Mars in Leo must be tempered if the high-minded, transformative goals of Pluto in Capricorn are to be met. And the follow-the-rules-at-all-costs belief represented by earthy Capricorn must be willing to bend a bit to take advantage of the inspiration available through Leo's fire.

In mundane terms, a strong quincunx can correspond with a day when our paths and attitudes seem to need continual adjustment as we seek ways to incorporate two seemingly incompatible perspectives.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Checking in

Hi everyone! This is just a quick check-in -- I'm actually "on holiday" in California with my sisters. After both our parents passed away two years ago, we agreed that we would get together at least once a year and spend some days reconnecting -- especially important since the three of us are in different areas of the country: Washington, California and Connecticut.

So I'm currently at a spa (!) in Napa Valley in California, enjoying time with my sisters and three days in a row of massage and steam room... Quite wonderful.

My apologies for not adding much to the blog this week, but have been in another world, pretty literally. Hoping to focus on the Journal and get it out as usual tomorrow...

Take good care,


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Helpful channeling

I usually check out the website every day, to see what's new and to find support for dealing with the "incoming" ...

Today there was a post that was reassuring, so thought I'd share it with y'all. It's called "The chrysallis is indeed becoming the butterfly," and if you're interested, click here:

Chrysalis becoming butterfly

And let me know if you found it helpful.

Have a good week, everyone!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Up and down and all around

The energy impulses continue to reach us, pushing us to release all that is of a lower vibration so that we can more fully align with the true higher nature of our Being. At one moment, we may have feelings of sadness, even grief, perhaps associated with events but sometimes not attached to anything in particular. At another moment, we sit in a state of inertia, feeling a lack of motivation to do anything concrete. And at still another, we are aware of a feeling of anxiousness, sometimes bordering on fear if we allow it to settle in, or if we try to connect it with some situation in this current reality.

Evidently, these symptoms are to be expected, as the energy waves bring to the surface the emotions within us that we have not yet processed or released. It's our usual practice, when we feel an emotion, to connect with something that has happened, so that we can make sense of it and -- in the case of an uncomfortable emotion -- protect ourselves from feeling this way again. And yet, in our present dealings with the energies, it may be helpful not to try to attach the feelings to anything that has happened or may be going to happen. Instead, see what it is like to allow the emotions to surface, to feel them fully, and then to release them, either into the Earth for Gaia to transform and utilize or into the heavens to be transmuted by the Light.

The Full Moon this coming week is in Libra, the sign of Balance and Harmony. A Full Moon brings light to what has been unconscious. With this lunation, we will have opportunities to see where we may still be out of balance, and to better understand how we can maintain our own inner stability in these changing times.

Friday, March 19, 2010

An emotional week

Feels a bit like a rollercoaster ride this week, as we dealt first with the energies of the Uranus-Sun-Mercury alignment, and now work with the Mercury-Pluto-Saturn T-square. A few people and pets chose to leave the planet in the first half of the week, no doubt both to follow their own growth path and also to help open the hearts of those of us who remain. There's also that sense of anticipation that usually accompanies some inner knowing of a major shift being underway.

If you feel alternately angry and sad and then oddly at peace, you're manifesting some common symptoms of an energy wave. We'd like to think that we could just surf the wave -- and hopefully we're getting closer to being able to do that more easily. But often, we find ourselves dunked underwater, coming to the surface sputtering and having to regain our balance.

It's important to remember at these times that we can ask for help, from whomever we feel most connected to spiritually. And remembering to ask out loud, and with strong intention, for insight or resolution, is also key.

Safe surfing, everyone!

Friday, March 12, 2010

One would think...

Since this is a Pisces wave of energy coming in, one would think our experience would be mostly "sweetness and light." But an energy shift tends to bring out anything that is unlike itself, as lower vibrations are swept to the surface and hopefully out of our energy fields.

So while Pisces represents compassion, surrender and the understanding that we are One, in the wake of a Piscean energy wave we may see examples of discord, the need to be in control, power struggles, anger and fear.

Plus, anytime Uranus is strongly involved -- as it is in the upcoming alignment of the Sun, Moon and Mercury -- we can "expect the unexpected" as chaos seems to be the dis-order of the day.

Our best recommendation in times like these is not to become attached to the emotions that arise. This doesn't mean to stuff the feelings, nor to ignore what must be attended to in their resolution. But one of the higher manifestations of Pisces energy is unattachment -- the ability to allow what is, and to trust in positive but-yet-unseen outcomes. These attitudes can help us a great deal now.

And it may also help to know that Uranus is ultimately about liberation. With Uranus finishing up his journey through Pisces this year, we are in the last stages of freeing ourselves from the lower manifestations of the 12th sign -- the roles of victim, martyr and rescuer, and the traits of avoidance and escapism.

And I was hoping that this alignment in Pisces would bring several days of meditative bliss... Ah, well.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Correction to Journal

Hi everyone!

Within a few minutes of sending out my Journal today, I started getting e-mails from people about my reference to the "Full Moon" on March 15.

Yes -- I wrote incorrectly! It's a NEW Moon on the 15th. So thanks to everyone who wrote, and my apologies for the error!



Friday, March 5, 2010

Sun in Pisces: Surrender and finesse

There's a certain flow and allowing required of us as we complete this last month of the astrological calendar. We cannot hold tight to the reins, as it does not assist us to try to be in control of everything now.

I was reminded this morning of a week-long river rafting trip I went on some 20 (!) years ago. It was a group trip, and mostly involved riding on a large six-person raft that was piloted by a river guide. But, there were also two small one-person kayaks that were available each day, that we could take turns in.

If I had been on my own, I don't know that I would have opted for it -- but my then-boyfriend was more of the risk-taking/rock-climbing sort, and we ended up taking several turns at going through whitewater in those small single kayaks.

What was most amazing is that I never once turned over, while my boyfriend was dunked at least twice. The rest of the people on the trip said it was interesting to watch our different styles -- when we went through whitewater, my boyfriend dug in and paddled like crazy, trying to out-power the waves. In comparison, I would paddle in and position myself, then hold the paddle up out of the water and finesse my way through the tight spots, shifting my weight with each wave and using the paddle as extra balance. It wasn't something I thought about or planned, but somehow came out of an understanding that there was no way I could fight the whitewater, but instead had to learn how to adjust my weight and energy to work with it.

That's the mindset that feels most appropriate for us to hold as we finish out these next three weeks while the Sun is in Pisces. It's not a time to fight our way through, or to try to control outcomes. And, truth be told, there are enough changes occurring that it wouldn't be possible keep control of every detail, even if we are used to navigating life in that way.

The word "surrender" has always been a tough one to accept. We tend to interpret it as meaning "capitulation," where we give up what we want and let someone else take over or have their way. And yet that's not what surrender is about.

Surrender is the same as finessing our way through the whitewater. Rather than trying to force outcomes against the wave, we work with the energy, adjusting our center of gravity moment by moment. That's the way we'll make it through the tough spots without getting dunked.