Friday, March 12, 2010

One would think...

Since this is a Pisces wave of energy coming in, one would think our experience would be mostly "sweetness and light." But an energy shift tends to bring out anything that is unlike itself, as lower vibrations are swept to the surface and hopefully out of our energy fields.

So while Pisces represents compassion, surrender and the understanding that we are One, in the wake of a Piscean energy wave we may see examples of discord, the need to be in control, power struggles, anger and fear.

Plus, anytime Uranus is strongly involved -- as it is in the upcoming alignment of the Sun, Moon and Mercury -- we can "expect the unexpected" as chaos seems to be the dis-order of the day.

Our best recommendation in times like these is not to become attached to the emotions that arise. This doesn't mean to stuff the feelings, nor to ignore what must be attended to in their resolution. But one of the higher manifestations of Pisces energy is unattachment -- the ability to allow what is, and to trust in positive but-yet-unseen outcomes. These attitudes can help us a great deal now.

And it may also help to know that Uranus is ultimately about liberation. With Uranus finishing up his journey through Pisces this year, we are in the last stages of freeing ourselves from the lower manifestations of the 12th sign -- the roles of victim, martyr and rescuer, and the traits of avoidance and escapism.

And I was hoping that this alignment in Pisces would bring several days of meditative bliss... Ah, well.

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