Saturday, March 27, 2010

Up and down and all around

The energy impulses continue to reach us, pushing us to release all that is of a lower vibration so that we can more fully align with the true higher nature of our Being. At one moment, we may have feelings of sadness, even grief, perhaps associated with events but sometimes not attached to anything in particular. At another moment, we sit in a state of inertia, feeling a lack of motivation to do anything concrete. And at still another, we are aware of a feeling of anxiousness, sometimes bordering on fear if we allow it to settle in, or if we try to connect it with some situation in this current reality.

Evidently, these symptoms are to be expected, as the energy waves bring to the surface the emotions within us that we have not yet processed or released. It's our usual practice, when we feel an emotion, to connect with something that has happened, so that we can make sense of it and -- in the case of an uncomfortable emotion -- protect ourselves from feeling this way again. And yet, in our present dealings with the energies, it may be helpful not to try to attach the feelings to anything that has happened or may be going to happen. Instead, see what it is like to allow the emotions to surface, to feel them fully, and then to release them, either into the Earth for Gaia to transform and utilize or into the heavens to be transmuted by the Light.

The Full Moon this coming week is in Libra, the sign of Balance and Harmony. A Full Moon brings light to what has been unconscious. With this lunation, we will have opportunities to see where we may still be out of balance, and to better understand how we can maintain our own inner stability in these changing times.

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  1. Sending love and light to a fabulous light
    worker..May your new birth be in joy...SARA