Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The light of the Full Moon

We seem to be in an in-between place again, energetically. Perhaps it's a reflection of both Mars and Saturn being retrograde, and both also being emphasized this week -- Mars through being conjunct the Full Moon, and Saturn through the Pluto-Saturn square.

Retrograde planets, especially when their influence is strong, take us to a different world, an inner world that is harder to define, harder to compartmentalize. Our own actions and reactions can seem distant at times, as if a part of us is observing and reviewing even as we live the moment.

At the time of Friday's Full Moon, we have Mars conjunct the Moon in Leo and Venus conjunct the Sun in Aquarius. Since Mars and the Sun typically represent masculine qualities, and the Moon and Venus represent the feminine, this is an interesting study in those polarities.

In standard astrological interpretation, Mars conjunct the Moon adds fire to our emotions, and we are likely to act out based on feelings more than intellect. And yet, this is retrograde Mars -- will we take that same intensity inward, to delve further into the source of the emotions that arise? What new awareness can we bring forward from that inner journey, that will then serve as creative inspiration once Mars begins to move direct on March 10?

Mars opposing the Sun often manifests as contentiousness, as the god of war faces off with the great star of our solar system, two forces motivated by opposing concerns, staring each other down. But in the current set-up we have Mars retrograde, looking away from the Sun. What will be highlighted as the Sun shines its light on Mars' back? If the Sun is asking Mars in Leo, What do you really want?, will we have the patience to wait for the inspiration to blossom, rather than thinking we have to have it all figured out NOW?

And then we have Venus conjunct the Sun, the two shining together in the sky, highlighting the themes of cooperation, heart-felt understanding and the building of alliances. Perhaps this Full Moon is mostly about allowing our hearts to light the way, as our egos take the back seat -- not to be ignored, but to be shown how best to make it all work.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's one person to do?

In the aftermath of the earthquakes in Haiti, there are many ways to help -- financially, of course, and through whatever spiritual/energy means are at each of our disposal.

But I find myself thinking that there's another way as well, which acknowledges the higher purpose of this event and honors the souls of those who have chosen this event as their means for crossing over -- that higher purpose being to open our collective hearts and to enhance our knowing of Community.

Each of us can walk through our day with renewed attention to the love and compassion that is within us waiting to be shared, and we can take every opportunity in the Now to extend those divine qualities into the spaces and the relationships in our immediate worlds.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

... and ringing ears and heart flutters

The physical manifestations continue, not causing alarm exactly, but perhaps a wondering -- is this energetic, or do I need to think physical cause?

Since the Lunar Eclipse on December 26, I've been hearing a ringing in my ears, sometimes so loud, it's clearly not the "same old" sound that has been with most of us all our lives. And a couple of mornings I've awakened with a lack of balance so strong, I've listed to the right while walking my first few steps of the day.

And now, for the last couple of days, I've felt heart flutters often throughout the day -- not quite strong enough that I would call them palpitations, but very noticeable.

This morning, I checked in on to see what channeled information was new for today (some of which resonates with me, some of which does not, by the way -- so if you go to this website, use your discrimination as instructed). I opened one entitled "New Earth Awareness" that spoke to ALL my physical symptoms. Here's the link to that information:

New Earth Awareness

Astrologically, it does seem that the eclipses are holding an energetic opening for us. Life has felt "different" somehow since the December Lunar Eclipse, even though things look the same outwardly. As if a part of me is observing even more than usual, and not quite connected to this reality.

I'm looking forward to this week's Solar Eclipse as the initiation of a new cycle and new manifestations based on the energy impulse we've been working with. And with Mercury going direct a day later, perhaps we'll also start being able to consciously assess what is occurring.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Nervous stomach ...

Since last weekend, I've been feeling that nervousness in my stomach off and on -- you know, the one you usually feel when anticipating something unknown? I've wondered if I knew on some level that something was about to occur, so feeling anxious about it, or if I was coming down with something. But the fact that I could breathe deeply and the feeling would ease made me think it was not caused by something physical.

This morning, I read a channeling by Nancy Leilah Ward that corroborates what I've been feeling -- here's an excerpt:

We have been asked to speak about the nervousness that many are feeling at this time. This is a result of the high frequencies that are being transmitted to Earth. This is affecting all sentient beings, including the Earth. Our suggestion is that you tune into the feeling of love and find that resonance within you as often as possible. You are to be walking in love. Indeed, you are to be “in love” in all your moments. As you cast off the debilitating energy of fear and bring in the vibration of love, you send this resonance through your physical body and it radiates through your energy field and out into your world, infiltrating into all of your experiences, affecting all the people you encounter. The resonance of love draws more love to it, so you all are contributing to the spread of love throughout the earth plane. Use your breath in conjunction with your intention to tune your vibration to love. Make deep, conscious breathing a part of your reality.

For the complete channeling, click here: Soul Transitions

Good to know I'm not alone! And also good to have some tools for working with these higher frequencies.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The retrograde effect

The other-worldly feeling continues. We wonder: Is it temporary? Is it a reflection of the fact that both Mercury and Mars are retrograde? That would certainly explain the slow-motion thinking and action. And with Mercury in Capricorn, perhaps the reconsidering of our life goals and ambitions is also to be expected.

And then there's Mars being retrograde in Leo, corresponding with a desire to find out what we REALLY want, no longer willing to live life half-heartedly. Mars asks us, what is your heart's desire? And what would it take for you to feel fully engaged and creatively inspired in your daily life?

Looking outward for validation or verification is not likely to be very satisfying now. Retrograde planets require us to go on an inner journey for our answers.

Then there's the fact that we're in between eclipses, which also creates an odd energy vortex. The eclipse on New Year's Eve was a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, meant to help us clarify our emotional needs and vulnerabilities. By the time of the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 14/15, we hope to have learned something new about ourselves -- and that new information that will directly affect the goals we set for 2010.