Monday, October 31, 2011

Question about 11-11-11

I received this email today from a reader:

I wonder if you have any comments to make, astrologically speaking, on the date just passed of 28th October 2011, which some eminent people like Carl Calleman, Barbara Hand Clow and various others of the same calibre have been saying that this date is the real (or spirit of) end of the Mayan Calendar, according to their calculations.

This will be followed on 11.11.11. by the portals opening and a majestic yet gentle energy bringing love to this planet Earth/Gaia for all of us to experience in varying degrees depending on how subtely aware we are individually.

Do you see a specific alignment on that date, and will you be mentioning it in the journal for the 7th of November?

Thank you for your questions!

Astrologically speaking, the most important influences right now are the upcoming eclipses, as well as the building Pluto-Uranus square. Even though the square is not exact until next summer, Pluto's impact has shown to start building in effect as soon as the planet turns direct and starts moving toward the aspect in question. Pluto went direct on September 16.

The Pluto-Uranus square is a very big part of the transitional times we are experiencing. It is in effect now through 2016, and it will be exact seven times between 2012 and 2015.

On November 11 (the day after Mars enters Virgo and two days after Neptune goes Direct), the only exact astrological aspect of import is Pluto quintile Saturn. And yes, I will talk about that in next week's Journal -- but, by itself, this aspect is not the life-changing type of influence that one would expect to see for a date that has received so much attention and anticipation. Still, I think it bears exploring, so I will do so and see what unfolds for the Journal.

That being said, it is very clear to me personally that something is "up" energetically. In my experience, it started about 10 days ago, on October 21-22. My meditations have been very different, and there's a strong sense of a spiral movement. This has continued throughout the day sometimes, so that there is often a vague sense of vertigo. I've explained it to friends as feeling like centrifugal force -- like the feeling we had as children when we grabbed both of our best friend's hands and then both of us leaned back, spinning in a circle.

I asked my energy practitioner about the dizziness yesterday. Her sense was that it was the effect of the heightened energies running into blockages in our physical/emotional bodies, and moving through. So a positive in that regard.

There has been a great deal of anticipation about the date 11-11-11, and my feeling is that there is a joint agreement between humanity and our cosmic partners to take advantage of this anticipation. If so many people are expecting and hoping for a leap in consciousness, and our other-dimensional support team is also on board -- the results could be quite exciting! Even if there are not huge astrological aspects exact on that day...

Even when we consider numerology, this upcoming date does not have the huge impact we would expect. The numbers of the date are actually 11-11-4 (the numbers of the year 2011 add up to 4, not 11). The actual 11-11-11 date numerologically was November 11, 2009.

Again -- that being said, I also know something important does seem to be occurring. I'm guessing, though, that it's only one step in our "ascension" process, not a final leap that deposits us at an endpoint. Because, truth be told, there are no endpoints!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Auroras this past week

The auroras that graced Earth's skies this past week were incredible. They appeared much further south than they usually do.

If you were able to see them in person -- how wonderful! If not, here's a link to three pages of photos on the website:

Here's one of my favorites (in addition to the one on today's Journal), showing the amazing and unusual red colorations:

Pretty spectacular, eh?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Effects of the lunar cycle on Cancer natives

I received this question by email this morning:
My question has to do with the effects of the Full Moon on a Cancer Sun Sign and the New Moon on a Cancer Rising Sign.

Specifics regarding these questions: Through four to six years of peri-menopause I (being the Cancer Rising above) noticed a waxing-to-Full Moon accompanied periods of insomnia -- but after menopause this sleeplessness is now completely switched to New Moons (though not every month)! ???

For my Cancer Sun husband, I've noticed within the last year, waxing-to-Full Moons accompany mood fluctuations (paranoia, anxiety, etc., at times severe). The most recent Full Moon brought a particularly rough period for him; I was so very glad to have your intuitive, timely information on what was happening energetically.

Why is the lunar cycle such an issue for us? Any insight is most welcome!

In answer to your questions -- since the Moon "rules" Cancer, it is often true that people with strong Cancer in their birth charts are more affected by the lunar cycle than others. And Cancer Sun, Moon or Ascendant would be even more susceptible to the lunar energy fluctuations, since those are the three major energy points in a chart.

The different monthly sign locations of the New and Full Moons may be the other factor -- why some months you will feel them more strongly, others not so much. You might watch and see if your insomnia is worse when the lunation is in a water sign, or see if there are any other noticeable trends.

It's interesting, the shift from your focus on Full Moon reactions during menopause to more New Moon reactions post-menopause. One reason might be because during menopause, our emotions are heightened (much like during PMS), and the Full Moon also exaggerates emotional issues. All that emotional energy running around could definitely cause insomnia.

Once we're post-menopause, we are in a place of new beginnings, which is what the New Moon represents -- so perhaps we are now resonating with/responding to that energy on deeper levels!

Thank you very much for your questions!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Saturn effect

Whew. It's been quite a week, with the Full Moon opposing Saturn on Tuesday, and the Saturn-Sun alignment in Libra on Thursday. Relationship issues that have been with us since last fall (when Venus was also in Scorpio) have recycled for another level of completion.

In general, Saturn requires that we be responsible, mature and practical. It also often insists that we learn a new level of detachment from the emotional content of whatever issues have arisen, that we take the opportunity to focus on what needs to be done to improve situations rather than get caught up in the emotions.

With Venus now in Scorpio, we do need to enter the place of the darker emotions, to sort through them and feel their effects as a way of deepening our self-understanding and acceptance -- but Saturn in Libra insists that we not wallow in the darkness, that we expedite our exit by taking responsibility for ourselves, for whatever condition our relationships are in, and for what needs to be done to clean up the mess.

And yes, there are also themes of completion here, especially with those relationships that feel "karmic" in nature.

Gotta love Saturn, eh?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Mark your calendar: 2012 Teleclass Thursday, Nov 17

I'm pleased to announce I'll be offering a teleclass on the planetary energies that we will be working with in 2012!

More details to come, but here's the graphic I've been working on, just as a teaser:

Watch for more information in my NorthPoint Journal over the next few weeks! In the meantime, mark your calendar for Thursday, November 17, from 4pm to 5:30pm Pacific Time (7pm to 8:30pm Eastern Time)...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another CME headed toward Mercury and Venus

A major explosion on the Sun has sent another solar wind toward Mercury, perhaps with even greater effect than the one referenced in my last post. Here's what posted this morning:

The CME will hit the innermost planet on Oct. 5th around 04:30 UT plus minus 7 hours. Energetic particles accelerated by shock waves at the leading edge of the cloud could also have minor effects on the MESSENGER probe in orbit around Mercury. The CME's forecast track shows that Venus might also receive a blow on Oct. 6th.

The website includes a video of the explosion, which is pretty spectacular. There's a disk covering the sun in the video, to block the glare so we can see the explosion more clearly. If you want to see the video, here's the link: CME October 4

I guess we're ready for more thought patterns to be eroded away...