Saturday, October 26, 2013

Elevated Sun activity

If you monitor the site, you already know that the Sun has been very active this week, after many months of being in a more subdued state. Here's this morning's headline on the website:
X2-FLARE BLASTS EARTH'S IONOSPHERE: Electromagnetic radiation from yesterday's X2-class solar flare had a significant effect on Earth's upper atmosphere. As a wave of ionization swept across the dayside of the planet, the normal propagation of shortwave radio signals was scrambled.
It's interesting that although the solar winds from these flares on the Sun take a few days to reach Earth, the electromagnetic radiation arrives much more instantaneously. And, because we are electromagnetic beings in many respects, it affects us humans as well as our radio signals.

It explains a few things -- like why my morning run yesterday and today felt like I was moving my legs through blackstrap molasses. Our bodies are in the midst of adjusting to the changes in energy frequency, and may not have the same strength we expect of them while they're recalibrating.

Anyone else have a similar experience?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Birthday eclipse

I received this email question today:
Am wondering what your thoughts would be about the Lunar Eclipse falling on the birthday Sun on Friday, 18th October? It will form part of the Solar Return chart, as we know, and will be in the 8th house opposing the natal 2nd house Sun. This person was born in 1940 and is still working.
The interesting thing about eclipses is that they can have effects similar to a Uranus transit -- in other words, we're pretty sure change is afoot, but there's always the element of surprise involved in how it actually transpires...

With this particular eclipse being a Full Moon, we would project that this person is about to begin a year with great potential for new levels of self-awareness, perhaps triggered by the experience of strong polarities in the life. The natal Sun, being in Libra in the 2nd house, indicates a lifetime where growth of self-worth and finding a balance between one's own and others' needs are high priorities, from the soul's perspective.

With the eclipse Moon in Aries in the 8th house, another person's strong opinions and desires may play an important role in the growth in self-awareness intended for the coming year. The challenge is to honor one's own values and to awaken more fully to the potential for greater fairness and balance in relationships.

Then, of course, there's always the theme of financial issues associated with the 2nd and 8th houses. This is another area where polarities -- mine vs. ours -- could bring experiences that will result in substantial growth of self-worth.

Or, perhaps this person's self-worth (Sun) is bound to whether or not they're earning a living (2nd house). If this is no longer serving their greater good at this point in the life, the eclipse -- and the coming year -- could bring awareness about the value of Being rather than Doing.

Thanks for the question!

Friday, October 11, 2013


For my last few teleclasses, in addition to exploring the planetary influences for each month, I've been pulling a tarot card to provide more insights. When I was preparing for my most recent teleclass in June, I pulled the Rebirth card for our current month, October 2013:
The card made sense to me at the time, especially when considering the transformative planetary influences that would be in effect this month. And now, living in the energies of October, the meanings are even clearer.

We are in a great phase of transformation, and are in the midst of choosing what vibratory level we want to live in. We can choose to emulate the camel, the lion, or the child in how we experience and respond to life.

Here's what the interpretation of this card (from the Osho Zen Tarot deck) says:
"This card depicts the evolution of consciousness as it is described by Friedrich Nietzsche in his book, Thus Spake Zarathustra. He speaks of the three levels of Camel, Lion and Child. The camel is sleepy, dull, self-satisfied. He lives in delusion, thinking he's a mountain peak, but really he is so concerned with others' opinions that he hardly has any energy of his own. Emerging from the camel is the lion. When we realize we've been missing life, we start saying no to the demands of others. We move out of the crowd, alone and proud, roaring our truth. But this is not the end. Finally the child emerges, neither acquiescent nor rebellious, but innocent and spontaneous and true to his own being. Whatever the space you're in right now -- sleepy and depressed, or roaring and rebellious -- be aware that it will evolve into something new if you allow it. It is a time of growth and change."

And that's putting it mildly!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Chart similarities for parents and children

I received this question by email yesterday:
How unusual is it for someone born with a Grand Trine in water signs to have a mother with a Grand Trine in water signs -- and what would be the significance?
Here's my reply:
Thanks for your question!
I don't know how unusual that exact circumstance is -- but it is very common for children and parents to have similar themes in their birth charts. So, for instance, a parent might have a Pluto-Moon opposition, and their child might have a Pluto-Moon square, or the Moon in the 8th house or in Scorpio, or Pluto in the 4th house... (or vice versa).
We know that themes, talents and issues often run in families. I always consider that as children, we both inherit certain traits/issues genetically, and we are exposed to specific issues in our environment while living with our parents. That truth is, of course, reflected in our birth charts.
"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" is often true -- even if we don't carry exactly the same manifestation of an issue, we often have the same issue at core. So, if we have a parent who expresses a lot of anger, and we decide as a result never to express anger, both child and parent have an anger issue -- just expressed in opposite ways.
And, a parent with a Grand Trine who has a gift for music may have a child with a similar Grand Trine and gift -- but it may or may not be expressed outwardly, since trines represent an easy flow of energy but do not indicate whether there is discipline or desire to utilize that flow. The gift might be more likely to manifest in tangible ways in either the parent or the child if they also have a planet squaring one of the grand trine planets.
I hope that makes sense!