Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Birthday eclipse

I received this email question today:
Am wondering what your thoughts would be about the Lunar Eclipse falling on the birthday Sun on Friday, 18th October? It will form part of the Solar Return chart, as we know, and will be in the 8th house opposing the natal 2nd house Sun. This person was born in 1940 and is still working.
The interesting thing about eclipses is that they can have effects similar to a Uranus transit -- in other words, we're pretty sure change is afoot, but there's always the element of surprise involved in how it actually transpires...

With this particular eclipse being a Full Moon, we would project that this person is about to begin a year with great potential for new levels of self-awareness, perhaps triggered by the experience of strong polarities in the life. The natal Sun, being in Libra in the 2nd house, indicates a lifetime where growth of self-worth and finding a balance between one's own and others' needs are high priorities, from the soul's perspective.

With the eclipse Moon in Aries in the 8th house, another person's strong opinions and desires may play an important role in the growth in self-awareness intended for the coming year. The challenge is to honor one's own values and to awaken more fully to the potential for greater fairness and balance in relationships.

Then, of course, there's always the theme of financial issues associated with the 2nd and 8th houses. This is another area where polarities -- mine vs. ours -- could bring experiences that will result in substantial growth of self-worth.

Or, perhaps this person's self-worth (Sun) is bound to whether or not they're earning a living (2nd house). If this is no longer serving their greater good at this point in the life, the eclipse -- and the coming year -- could bring awareness about the value of Being rather than Doing.

Thanks for the question!


  1. Hi Pam~ Like the client who emailed you, I'm also about to have a birthday. And my natal Sun (conjunct Venus/NN) is also in my 2nd, opposite BM Lilith-Sedna (conjunct SN) in the 8th. I've felt it coming on for a while now, this growing awareness that all is not well, not as it seems.

    Comfortable illusions -particularly those related to the material world and ways in which we all *consume*- have been shattered into a thousand tiny pieces, and now when I look at myself and the world around me, a lot of it seems fake and hollow, though I'm glad I know and can choose differently.

    Much of your interpretation rang very true. I suspect this Eclipse and coming year will be about how to give and take in a way that actively respects and supports the innate value of each of us as human beings, without anyone having to "earn" it. It's also about not causing harm, either intentionally or through a lack of awareness. There's also the matter of how to use my small voice to speak for those who can't - an ongoing theme in my life that continues to play out on different levels and in several arenas.

    "We, who have been given much, whose voices can be heard, have a great duty and responsibility to make our voices heard with absolute integrity for those who are powerless." John O'Donohue

    1. Hi LB -- How interesting for there to be so many similarities between your chart and the one I received the query about! And I very much appreciate the perspective you've offered -- as well as the skill and grace with which you write. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Solar Return!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Pam.:) The similarities were definitely strange; I was grateful for the nice synch and also for your insightful interpretation.

    One thing I didn't mention in my original comment was how these past few years, I've also struggled with issues related to self-worth and my ability to "earn" a living. Things changed a few years ago and now, in addition to informally advocating for various causes, I mostly volunteer and recently decided to make the switch to accepting donations in my private practice as an alternative healer and intuitive. While it might not be the right for everyone, at this point it's the right choice for me. Things change.

    Thanks again and Happy Lunar Eclipse!