Saturday, August 24, 2013

The rebel surfaces

If you're like me -- born between 1949 and 1956, with your natal Uranus in Cancer -- you may have been wondering what the blazes (!) is going on, with restlessness, impatience, and even anger coming up more consistently than usual lately.

That's how I've been feeling, and wondering what was wrong with me. You'd think an astrologer would automatically check the planets and her chart, right? But like everyone, I tend to get caught up in what's going on in life, so can take a few days to consider what energies might be at work.

But, suddenly this week, I realized -- but of course! Mars and Jupiter are both moving through Cancer right now, so are triggering the typical Uranian rebelliousness for those of who have Uranus in Cancer in our charts. And, with Mars in late degrees of Cancer now until the 27th, if you were born in 1955 or 1956, Mars is conjunct your natal Uranus for the next few days, so you may be more inclined to do something out of the ordinary.

For instance, this '56-er got her hair cut quite short today, a very different look for me. I'd been feeling the urge to take the risk for the past week or so, and finally went with it. A fairly tame way to express the Mars-Uranus rebel energy, but it feels good to break out of the box, all the same.

Any other stories, from you early- to mid-50s babies?


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Latest multidimensional news

No doubt I've mentioned Suzanne Lie (aka Dr. Suzan Caroll) before. She channels what I believe is very high-frequency information in her Multidimensional News e-newsletter -- which means that sometimes my brain understands it, and sometimes it doesn't. She also has a blog called "Awakening with Suzanne Lie," where she posts fairly often.

Her two latest blog posts have some excellent information that I've printed out so I can read and re-read them. Here are some of the passages that I've highlighted for myself:

From "The Opened Corridor," posted 8/11/13:
What you choose to think about and where you place your point of perception will set your state of consciousness. If you focus on what is fearful and damaging, you will become depressed, sad, angry and helpless. On the other hand, if you focus on what is loving and transmutational, you will feel empowered, happy and purposeful.
The only thing you have to change to alter your perspective of realty is your state of consciousness. Once you raise your consciousness enough to feel the higher frequencies of light around you, you will be able to believe that you can shift your perspective from victim to victor.
Therefore, you need to take the risk to believe that your reality is shifting NOW into a higher frequency. If you choose (as it is a choice) to believe that you are transmuting into higher frequencies of your SELF, and hence of your world you set a state of consciousness filled with hope, joy, forgiveness, gratitude and unconditional love.
Within this state of consciousness your body releases, not adrenaline, but endorphins. Your Pineal Gland is signaled to open to higher frequencies of light, which further stimulates your inner pharmacy of consciousness expanding and joyful "drugs." You feel "high on life" as your body is calibrated to that experience by your own inner pharmacy.
And from "Consciousness and Perception," posted 8/13/13:
Our multidimensional consciousness is blocked out by fear and activated by unconditional love. Unconditional love is free of all judgment, and judgment is one of the primary thought-forms that lower our consciousness. Judgment is a thought-form, a thought joined with an emotion, which is always fear-based. Whenever we judge anything, there is a residue of fear, even if it is hidden in our subconscious mind.
Therefore, the release of all judgment is a vital component for activation of our multidimensional emotion—that is love without conditions—allows our mind to connect with our Cosmic Mind.
As we become accustomed to holding higher states of consciousness in our daily life, we will remember to live within a feeling of unconditional love for our self and our world. From this perspective, we will be beyond all sense of fear. Thus, we will be able to maintain a constant connection with our multidimensional Cosmic Mind.
Our Cosmic Mind will silently and continuously guide our mind to teach our brain to release our third dimensional operating system and accept our multidimensional operating system. Fortunately the higher light from the Galactic Center is consistently activating our 97% DNA, which will accelerate our transition into our multidimensional operating system until it becomes the dominant operating system for our brain. Then our brain, mind and Cosmic Mind will merge into ONE.
I know these are long quotes -- but they are also just short excerpts from Suzanne's postings! If you're inspired to read more, just click on the title of each posting listed above to access the complete blog entry.

Blessings and Light,


Thursday, August 15, 2013


In last week's Journal, I talked a bit about our being in a time of "solar maximum," when there tend to be more coronal mass ejections (CMEs). Because these waves of solar energy can affect electromagnetics here on Earth, we can tend to feel a bit anxious when considering their arrival.

But, I think we can look at the purpose of these solar winds, and feel anticipation and excitement instead of anxiety or fear. Just as this solar activity is what allows the Sun to shift its magnetic poles to begin a new cycle of growth, it also encourages and enables us to shift energetically and lift our consciousness to a new level.

So, the next time we hear about incoming solar winds, we can benefit most from imagining those winds lifting us to the next higher level vibrationally -- which is a very good thing!

Blessings, Pam

Friday, August 2, 2013

New Hathor message

Sound healer and channel Tom Kenyon has posted a new "Hathor Planetary Message" describing our current passage through a new "Chaotic Node." The channeling includes instructions for a simple meditation to help us deal energetically with some of the intensity.

Since the timing of this message coincides with the beginning of August -- which astrologically looks like it will be the most intense month of 2013, due to the Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus T-square -- I tend to agree that we've entered another phase of important "choice points," as I've come to call them.

I used the new meditation visualization for the first time this morning, and it does feel like it brings through cleansing and high vibrational energies.

If you care to read the message, here's the link:

I hope you find it helpful, too!

Blessings, Pam