Thursday, August 15, 2013


In last week's Journal, I talked a bit about our being in a time of "solar maximum," when there tend to be more coronal mass ejections (CMEs). Because these waves of solar energy can affect electromagnetics here on Earth, we can tend to feel a bit anxious when considering their arrival.

But, I think we can look at the purpose of these solar winds, and feel anticipation and excitement instead of anxiety or fear. Just as this solar activity is what allows the Sun to shift its magnetic poles to begin a new cycle of growth, it also encourages and enables us to shift energetically and lift our consciousness to a new level.

So, the next time we hear about incoming solar winds, we can benefit most from imagining those winds lifting us to the next higher level vibrationally -- which is a very good thing!

Blessings, Pam


  1. I like the idea of solar winds lifting us to the next level. Very inspiring.

  2. On a scientific level fluctuating magnetic levels in the upper stratosphere do indeed effect biologicals like migrating birds. It would stand to reason that it would also effect humans as well.

    For me personally I usually find elevated levels of energy to get things done during such cycles.

    Although a scientist at heart I can't ignore how the astrological manifestations of human psychology does impact those humans differently when both in a calendar month.

    As a Gemini I do find I have a dual personality at times, but I attribute it to not having a life partner to chat with on a daily basis which is why I visit this site and contribute interesting commentaries.