Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Standing in the lobby

Everything seems to be moving in slow motion this week. Even the weather in our area is contributing to the desire not to move or do anything strenous. Today was in the high 90s, which is very rare in the Pacific Northwest. And tomorrow is forecast to be 101 degrees in Seattle, an all-time heat record.

Energetically, this period between the Solar Eclipse on July 21 and the Lunar Eclipse on August 5 feels like we're in the lobby, bags in hand, waiting for our hotel room to be ready. There's really nothing to do but wait and take advantage of the chance to sit down for a while. After all, the journey's been a bit rocky lately, so it's important to take a few minutes (days) to pause and remember what a deep breath feels like.

No doubt the opposition between Mercury and the Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter conjunction is part of what we're feeling. Mercury rules our mental faculties and our day-to-day activities -- and being opposed by the Triad puts a big STOP sign right in front of us. It's not meant to be frustrating, but it is intended to help us detach from the need to be constantly active. Perhaps this is primarily an adjustment time, allowing our bodies to catch up with all the energy shifts that have occurred in the past three weeks. And one of the side benefits is that solutions to problems often appear more readily when we're not trying so hard to find them.

Take full advantage of any lull you may find this week. Get extra sleep, take good care of your physical needs, drink lots of water, enjoy being outside and find time to relax. The activity associated with next week's Lunar Eclipse will come soon enough.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

In the aftermath

The energy from Tuesday's Solar Eclipse has been very interesting! All that day, it was hard for me to really feel motivated and to focus on anything for very long, and from what I hear, that was true for others as well. I ended up going to bed at 8 p.m., which is unusually early.

It feels a bit like a different reality is settling in, although the tangible evidence is sparse. Perhaps with this being the middle eclipse of three, it truly represents that midway point in a much larger shift. It doesn't yet feel grounded, and perhaps won't until the Lunar Eclipse on August 5/6.

It's interesting that there were auroras on Tuesday night, when none had been predicted. Here's what SpaceWeather.com had to say about that this morning:

"[The auroras] began when a seemingly minor solar wind stream hit Earth's magnetic field. The minor hit turned into a not-so-minor display because a crack opened in the Earth's magnetic field, allowing solar wind to pour in and fuel the storm. Northern Lights descended as far south as the Dakotas, Montana, Iowa and Wisconsin. The solar wind is still blowing, but the crack has closed, bringing an end to the lights."

I find it quite intriguing that Mother Earth chose to create an opening in her magnetic field on the night of the Solar Eclipse, when the impulse of energy for change was so strong. No wonder we feel that something big has occurred, and that there's a sense of waiting for the new form to manifest.

One other "side benefit" of this eclipse energy -- and appropriate, since the eclipse was in Cancer -- is a heightened sensitivity and stronger emotional response. It may be hard right now to keep the irritations and hurt feelings in perspective. But remember, we're in completion mode with this eclipse being in the final degree of Cancer, and so there may be several levels of emotional debris coming to the surface to be released. To stay in balance, it may help to ground our energy into Mother Earth, to consciously release the debris, and then to fill the space that is left with light.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Solar Eclipse -- A change in perception

We saw five sharp-shinned hawks this morning.

We live not far from St. Edward State Park, and every morning walk there with our dogs. On this eclipse morning as we were walking, I saw ahead something on the ground -- and as we got closer, the "something" flew up into the trees. A few steps further, and three winged ones flew from one tree to another. Then, finally, as we were very near that tree, five hawks took flight.

And now, reaching for my "Medicine Cards" book, I opened directly to the chapter on Hawk. Here is what I now read:

"Hawk is the Messenger. Hawk teaches us to be observant, to look at our surroundings. The shrillness of Hawk's call pierces the state of unawareness and asks us to seek the truth.

"Hawk's messages are to be aware of the signals in our lives, to notice and receive them. Hawk also calls us to circle over our lives, to examine them from a higher perspective."

The fact that there were five hawks (or at least that was how many we saw) brings in the element of change. Numerologically, Five is about versatility, expansion and flexibility -- all qualities we need when moving from one state of being to another.

This being the day of the Solar Eclipse, it makes sense that it is a time for being flexible in our perceptions, opening our sight beyond the obvious, and seeing the higher perspective. And eclipses are usually energetic turning points, opening new doorways and initiating change.

Perhaps this morning's message from Hawk will become even more clear as the days ahead unfold.

If you have an eclipse story to share, please comment!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Changes afoot

We're well into the energies of the upcoming Solar Eclipse now. And Mother Earth is exhibiting her own version of the energy shift. In the last couple of days, the intensity of daily earthquakes has risen considerably, with the largest being a 7.6 magnitude off the coast of New Zealand.

Since we are All One, it makes sense that Gaia would be exhibiting her own labor pains.

I heard a wonderful quote recently, by Barbara Marx Hubbard. I'll paraphrase -- it was something like: "If we were in labor and didn't know we were giving birth, we'd think we were dying."

I thought that was an incredibly insightful comment. If we think about current events as part of the process of labor, it puts everything in a different light. Labor isn't fun, it hurts, and we have to stretch ourselves beyond what we thought was possible. What pregnant woman hasn't thought about bringing a full-term baby into the world, and wondered how her body would actually manage to perform the incredible feat?

And yet, the end product -- the newborn babe -- and the wave of love that cascades not only over the mother but over everyone in the room (usually) is often enough to make that same woman decide just a few months or years later that she wants to do it all again.

That's where we are now, in the birthing room. The labor pains are noticeable. But the results, the wave of Love that will engulf us (that we are beginning to feel), will be such that we will hardly remember the discomfort we felt getting there.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Energy field of Truth

As I awoke this morning, I was being shown a sapphire blue energy field surrounding the Earth. It seemed to be straddling two layers -- I think the stratosphere and the atmosphere -- so covering the boundary between the two.

I've asked to know what this energy field is about, and my thoughts are that it represents the energy of Truth that is beginning to permeate the very air we breathe. Channelings from several other sources lately speak of new truths being revealed in the near future, that will significantly shift our perceptions.

The brilliant blue of the energy field in the image I received also makes me believe our Third Eye (6th) chakras will be activating in the near future, more completely than before.

Is anyone else receiving similar information?


Friday, July 3, 2009

An open door

I was away on vacation last week, a lovely rendezvous with my sisters. We pledged last summer after our father's passing to meet somewhere once a year to reconnect and relax, and our plans finally came to fruition at a resort spa in Napa Valley. It was such a different surroundings than I'm used to, I couldn't tell clearly what was going on energetically, with no base to compare to. But now, having returned and back to "normal" life, I very much sense that a major shift has occurred sometime in the past few days.

I'm calling it "an open door" because it feels like the natural next step -- and because there doesn't seem to be much blocking the way from our going forward. To throw in another visual aid, it's as if the water is now flowing freely through the doorway, rather than having to break down or break through something.

As we get closer to next week's Lunar Eclipse, I think we'll be seeing and feeling more along these lines. Everything is going to move quickly, and part of our challenge will be not to attach ourselves to any of the manifestations as they roll on by -- because they'll be gone in a moment, with another to take its place.

Which means we need to do our best not to worry about challenges that arise, and likewise not to get too attached to the gifts -- because as the water flows, we will continue to move through both the light and the areas of shadow.

A postscript to my sisters getaway: I found a mug in the gift shop at the spa that I couldn't pass up. On one side it says, "the universe knows" and on the other side, "trust the process." Seems like perfect guidance for these times.

Blessings! Pam