Friday, July 17, 2009

Changes afoot

We're well into the energies of the upcoming Solar Eclipse now. And Mother Earth is exhibiting her own version of the energy shift. In the last couple of days, the intensity of daily earthquakes has risen considerably, with the largest being a 7.6 magnitude off the coast of New Zealand.

Since we are All One, it makes sense that Gaia would be exhibiting her own labor pains.

I heard a wonderful quote recently, by Barbara Marx Hubbard. I'll paraphrase -- it was something like: "If we were in labor and didn't know we were giving birth, we'd think we were dying."

I thought that was an incredibly insightful comment. If we think about current events as part of the process of labor, it puts everything in a different light. Labor isn't fun, it hurts, and we have to stretch ourselves beyond what we thought was possible. What pregnant woman hasn't thought about bringing a full-term baby into the world, and wondered how her body would actually manage to perform the incredible feat?

And yet, the end product -- the newborn babe -- and the wave of love that cascades not only over the mother but over everyone in the room (usually) is often enough to make that same woman decide just a few months or years later that she wants to do it all again.

That's where we are now, in the birthing room. The labor pains are noticeable. But the results, the wave of Love that will engulf us (that we are beginning to feel), will be such that we will hardly remember the discomfort we felt getting there.

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  1. What a beautiful analogy. Pam, I love reading your blog and check it every day to see if there is something new. I also love your weekly journal which has really helped me navigate my life. Thank you.
    From the hot, humid land of Malaysia, Barb