Friday, July 3, 2009

An open door

I was away on vacation last week, a lovely rendezvous with my sisters. We pledged last summer after our father's passing to meet somewhere once a year to reconnect and relax, and our plans finally came to fruition at a resort spa in Napa Valley. It was such a different surroundings than I'm used to, I couldn't tell clearly what was going on energetically, with no base to compare to. But now, having returned and back to "normal" life, I very much sense that a major shift has occurred sometime in the past few days.

I'm calling it "an open door" because it feels like the natural next step -- and because there doesn't seem to be much blocking the way from our going forward. To throw in another visual aid, it's as if the water is now flowing freely through the doorway, rather than having to break down or break through something.

As we get closer to next week's Lunar Eclipse, I think we'll be seeing and feeling more along these lines. Everything is going to move quickly, and part of our challenge will be not to attach ourselves to any of the manifestations as they roll on by -- because they'll be gone in a moment, with another to take its place.

Which means we need to do our best not to worry about challenges that arise, and likewise not to get too attached to the gifts -- because as the water flows, we will continue to move through both the light and the areas of shadow.

A postscript to my sisters getaway: I found a mug in the gift shop at the spa that I couldn't pass up. On one side it says, "the universe knows" and on the other side, "trust the process." Seems like perfect guidance for these times.

Blessings! Pam


  1. I love that analogy/image of the water rushing through the doorway with nothing left to break down or through~


    I feel this strongly too~

    Thank you Pam for your most amazing gift of this journal, it has helped me on my journey in many ways.



  2. Hi Satori,

    Thank you for writing! I'm glad to know you find the Journal helpful -- and that you are also sensing this shift. Many exciting things are in store!



  3. The inscription on the mug you found on your sister trip - that touched me on such a deep level! I wrote in on a post-it note and put it on my bulletin board at work.

    I, too, noticed a sense of something new - it's good to have it validated.