Monday, June 29, 2009

The pause before inhale

With Uranus stationary now, it feels a bit like that pause in the breathing cycle where we momentarily rest before taking another inhale. We are certainly setting the stage for considerable shifts over the next few weeks, with the three eclipses scheduled. Eclipses always correspond with a change in the way the cosmic wind is blowing -- and to have three within five weeks is considerable.

The first eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse on July 7, is the "new" eclipse, based on the fact that eclipse locations repeat every 19 years. While the eclipses on July 22 and August 6 are at the same degrees as their predecessors in 1990, the July 7 eclipse is anchoring a new energy into the planet.

A Lunar Eclipse is a magnified Full Moon, and so is meant to bring about increased awareness to some area of our experience. The eclipse next week is a partial eclipse, anchoring new energies at 15 degrees of Capricorn (the location of the Moon) and 15 degrees of Cancer (the location of the Sun).

To be proactive in directing our growth, we can find where those degrees are located in our natal charts, and spend some time considering how we are being asked to grow in new ways in these areas. If you need reminders about the meanings of the different houses, the "Houses" page of my website at will supply some basics to work from.


  1. My entire life changed in 1990. Is it time again? 4 May 1941

  2. Hi, Anne. Thanks for your question.
    It definitely is a time for major changes for most of us, as we learn to work with the higher vibrations that are reaching us now. It is also true that with the Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter alignment, this year is the time for our core wounds to surface and be healed.
    To answer your question in greater depth and detail is more appropriate for a private session than for this blog -- if you would like to set that up, please see the "Readings" page on my website at for more information. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for instructions on setting up your appointment.