Monday, June 1, 2009

June begins

It's been an interesting day. The energies are already feeling subtly different than even just yesterday.

In meditation this morning, when I called light to me as usual, it came in and around me softly, rather than as a beam of bright light, which I am more used to. So perhaps there is a more feminine energy afloat? That would certainly go along with the High Heart chakra opening. And I very much admit to feeling more emotional today, more vulnerable perhaps.

And, from talking with a friend, we both agree that we're feeling less grounded.

Anyone else have an experience to share? Does June already feel different than May to you?



  1. Hi Pam, You did a reading for me last year, I'm the one that moved to Malaysia in September and you mentioned how exciting it would be to experience 'The Triad' in a new environment, free of people I have history with. Well, we were called home on May 19 for the impending death of a close family member, so I spent the next two weeks at my in-laws house with that side of the family. Getting to the point, we returned to San Francisco on Sunday so Monday was spent unwinding. I felt relief, calmness, letting go, and a resolve to get back to healthy eating habits. Hospital food, eating out all the time and then food from friends and neighbors enabled quick meals and then comfort food but did nothing positive for the waist line.
    My experience may have been different than others during 'The Triad', although I know many have gone through stressful times lately. Anyway, it's interesting, I heard about many passings that occurred during the week leading up to the exact conjunction.
    Love your journal and love this blog.

  2. I am a relatively new reader to your Journal and very new to this blog - Yes,
    now June 3rd evening, there is a shift to feeling as tho' the 'field' is ready and the construction/reconstruction/de-construction is just beginning in earnest this month. What was a vision or notion in May is about to be made tangible and this is a vunerable time for me.