Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chiron centerstage

Chiron's alignment with Neptune and Jupiter is now focusing our attention on the core wounds that we carry, the ones described by the sign, house placement, and aspects of Chiron in our individual birth charts. We can look at the moment of our first breath as the moment in time we came in to heal -- for ourselves, for the Earth, and for all humanity -- and Chiron's message as a pivotal part of that healing.

It is Chiron's way to bring these core wounds to the surface, so that we may consciously acknowledge them, love the wounded and fearful part of ourselves, and invoke the healing needed. These wounds are emotionally based, and yet spiritually healed. And, Chiron's promise is that as we heal these wounds, we gain greater access to our spiritual nature and higher self.

1 comment:

  1. Wow. I can really relate to the surfacing of wounds. My Chiron is in my Sun sign of Aquarius, and it's been a bumpy ride for a while now.

    Thank you Pam, for your reassuring and informative journal. I read each week!