Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Excellent new "update on the energies" from Aisha North

I've just read a new post on Aisha North's website, that resonates with me. She channeled it during the Lunar Eclipse yesterday, and I find it to be both good and inspiring information.

If you're interested, here's the link:  Aisha North

My only complaint about Aisha's website is the small white print on the black background -- if that is hard to read for you (as it is for me), you might try the trick I use, which is to copy and text and paste it into a notepad or Word document for easier reading. (Note: if you paste it into a Word doc, you may also need to convert the text color to black, or else it will be very much like disappearing ink...)

Here's a bit of what is in that energy update, to give you a taste:
The Sun acts as a portal for other, more far flung forces, and even if the Sun herself is capable of producing much of the highly charged particles coming your way, she also acts as a form of transformer, much like what we have told you that you do. 
In other words, she is not only a transmitter, she is also a receiver of signals coming from another source, deep into space. In fact, it is a source that lies hidden behind the veil to use an expression you are all familiar with by now. For the sun not only represents the dimension that you are currently cohabiting within, she is also a go-between between your side of the veil and the other side, the multifaceted one, the time and space continuum that some of your scientists like to refer to as the multiverse. 
Yes, for the Sun is one of those peepholes or portals that encompasses the totality of All there is, and as such, every time you gaze towards this shining orb in the sky, you are also gazing towards an opening between here and everywhere, a partition that also acts as a portal, a divider that also acts as a connector. In other words, you are constantly in contact with All of creation by way of this energetic peephole, and through this peephole comes a steady stream of information that is helping you to step closer to that door of multidimensionality yourself. That is, it is helping your awareness to awaken to the fact that you are already truly a multidimensional being, capable of tuning into so much more information than what your human senses and indeed your human mind has led you to believe for such a long time.


Sunday, April 13, 2014


I'm in the middle of writing today's Journal -- just finishing the paragraphs about the Sabian symbol for our Lunar Eclipse. As I was reading Dane Rudhyar's interpretation of the symbol, I remembered the "Integration" card from the Osho Zen tarot deck. Here's a picture of that card:
And, here's part of the description that goes along with it:
Integration is the union mystica, the fusion of opposites. This is a time of communication between the previously experienced dualities of life. Rather than night opposing day, they work together to create a unified whole, turning endlessly one into the other, each containing in its deepest core the seed of the opposite.
Eagle and Swan are both beings of flight and majesty. Eagle is the embodiment of power and aloneness. Swan embodies space and purity, gently floating and diving upon and within the element of the emotions, entirely content and complete within her perfection and beauty.
We are the union of Eagle and Swan. It is time for self-creation, new life, and mystical union, also known as alchemy.
Even though the Sabian symbols speaks of Eagle and Dove, I think the imagery of Eagle and Swan works equally well as a focus point for our processing and growth this week.

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