Sunday, February 27, 2011

Higher octave planets

I received this email today about my comment in today's NorthPoint Journal that Uranus is the "higher octave" of Mercury:

I have not heard of planets as "higher octave" and was a bit baffled as to how we got to Mercury from Uranus and Aries. I read it over a few times and began to understand you were making an association I had never heard of. Might you please explain further what a "higher octave" means?

Thanks for your question!

The transpersonal planets -- Uranus, Neptune and Pluto -- are said to be the "higher octave" of Mercury, Venus and Mars, respectively. That is because they deal with similar themes, but on a transpersonal instead of a personal level.

So Mercury represents conscious thought, Uranus represents higher consciousness

Venus represents human love, Neptune represents spiritual love/compassion

Mars represents human will, Pluto represents divine will/higher mission

So, just as musically we have "middle C" and then an octave higher is "high C" -- the same note but at a higher vibration -- the term "higher octave" is used in astrology to describe the higher vibration of the transpersonal planets.

I hope that makes sense!



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Neptunian synchronicity

There is a theatre in Seattle's University District that I pass nearly every day -- it's called the Neptune Theatre, and it was built in 1921.

A couple of weeks ago, the theatre's marquee showed a message of farewell instead of the usual movie title. Not knowing what had happened, I assumed the vintage building would be torn down, and I felt saddened. It also occurred to me that there was something synchronistic in the event, having the Neptune Theatre disappearing at the same time that the planet Neptune is entering Pisces, the sign of completion and dissolution.

But it turns out that the truth of the situation with the Neptune Theatre is even more symbolic than I had originally thought, and adds a sense of excitement to the pending Neptune transit of Pisces.

When I searched online for more information about the theatre's destiny, I found an article entitled "Neptune Theatre is going live." It turns out that the theatre is being revamped and will reopen in just a few months. And instead of simply showing films, as it has for the past 90 years, it will offer live theatre, concerts, speakers, fine-arts performances, community events, educational presentations and workshops.

So, instead of going away, the Neptune Theatre is "going live."

And the planet Neptune going into Pisces means not that we will lose faith or that our spirituality will become less tangible. Instead, it means that our faith and our spiritual journeys will become even more vibrant and "alive" than before. A little like the difference between hearing about someone else's spiritual journey second-hand, versus having that inspirational experience for ourselves.

I like it!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Last night's Full Moon and kunzite

The Full Moon last night was a powerful one, and continues to work with us today -- and, in some respects, for the next three days, given the growing energy of Sunday's Neptune-Mars-Mercury alignment.

One of the main themes of this lunation is Freedom of Self-Expression, due to the Sun being in Aquarius and the Moon being in Leo. A primary purpose of this Full Moon is to open and expand our high heart (thymus) portal, so that we can more fully embody our Soul's Divine Essence and allow ourselves to be guided by the highest expression of Love.

And, because the Full Moon occurs with the Sun and the Moon in the last degree of their signs, we are also called to do significant release work on those issues, patterns, and karmic agreements that have inhibited our knowing of ourselves as beings of Love and Light.

For those of you who work with minerals, I have felt for a while now that kunzite (spodumene) is perhaps the most important crystal for us to work with in 2011. Lavendar/pink kunzite is especially helpful in opening and aligning the thymus chakra, and yellow/green kunzite (hiddenite) can help bring that high-vibrational energy into our human heart and third chakras.

I would love to hear how others felt during last night's Full Moon -- and to to hear of anyone else's experience of working with kunzite.



Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Greasing the Gears"

"Remember, as soon as we love ourselves fully, we are no longer afraid to be true."
This is just one quote from an excellent new "energy update" from Lauren Gorgo. I've read it over several times now, and continue to find nuggets that speak directly to me.

If you don't receive Lauren's emails, and would like to read this one, click here: Greasing the Gears.

And let me know what you think!



Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another perspective

I just watched the online video of the most recent Virtual Light Broadcast -- a monthly gathering of healers and channelers in Las Vegas, facilitated by Steve and Barbara Rother. Steve channels entities who call themselves "The Group," and I usually like their messages best of what is presented. (If you follow the link, scroll down to segment #6, called "Magnetic Whip," and click on the video to see and hear the channeling.)

In this broadcast, recorded just last weekend (on January 29), The Group talked about the solar winds that are arriving this week. They said that it is always up to us how we utilize these energies. Yes, they can stir emotional issues and therefore feel a bit disruptive -- but more important, we can use them as a cleansing tool, helping us release what we are ready to let go of.

So, as the solar wind and tonight's New Moon work with us over the next two or three days, see what it feels like to imagine standing on the beach, with the warm waves washing up over you, cleansing and drawing out the issues you are ready to release. Let the process happen and let go. And then, watch those issues be drawn back out with the wave as it recedes, where the negativity dissolves and becomes one with the positive healing energy of the ocean.



For the changes

It seems that now, more than ever, the only constant is change.

In that light, I'm sharing an affirmation I've found very helpful in the past week. I hope you may also find it of benefit.

I am thankful today for the perfect, divine timing of events taking place in my life.

I ask to feel the embodiment of my Soul's essence and see the divinity that I am, so that the changes can be made easily, effortlessly, and with great gentleness.

Blessings to all,