Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Neptunian synchronicity

There is a theatre in Seattle's University District that I pass nearly every day -- it's called the Neptune Theatre, and it was built in 1921.

A couple of weeks ago, the theatre's marquee showed a message of farewell instead of the usual movie title. Not knowing what had happened, I assumed the vintage building would be torn down, and I felt saddened. It also occurred to me that there was something synchronistic in the event, having the Neptune Theatre disappearing at the same time that the planet Neptune is entering Pisces, the sign of completion and dissolution.

But it turns out that the truth of the situation with the Neptune Theatre is even more symbolic than I had originally thought, and adds a sense of excitement to the pending Neptune transit of Pisces.

When I searched online for more information about the theatre's destiny, I found an article entitled "Neptune Theatre is going live." It turns out that the theatre is being revamped and will reopen in just a few months. And instead of simply showing films, as it has for the past 90 years, it will offer live theatre, concerts, speakers, fine-arts performances, community events, educational presentations and workshops.

So, instead of going away, the Neptune Theatre is "going live."

And the planet Neptune going into Pisces means not that we will lose faith or that our spirituality will become less tangible. Instead, it means that our faith and our spiritual journeys will become even more vibrant and "alive" than before. A little like the difference between hearing about someone else's spiritual journey second-hand, versus having that inspirational experience for ourselves.

I like it!


  1. Yay and how wonderful for the community... and broad spectrum, for us all! How long will Neptune be in Pisces and how should we apply looking at this in our birth charts?

    Thank you Pam!


  2. That's a great story Pam thank you. A friend just gave a link to a documentary she just saw and really liked - The themes and timing also seem to echo the move of Neptune and Chiron into Pisces - especially after your explanation of Neptune as a higher octave.

  3. Thanks to you both for your comments! And Butterphly, my intention is to answer your question in a separate blog post, hopefully later this week... Watch this space!