Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another perspective

I just watched the online video of the most recent Virtual Light Broadcast -- a monthly gathering of healers and channelers in Las Vegas, facilitated by Steve and Barbara Rother. Steve channels entities who call themselves "The Group," and I usually like their messages best of what is presented. (If you follow the link, scroll down to segment #6, called "Magnetic Whip," and click on the video to see and hear the channeling.)

In this broadcast, recorded just last weekend (on January 29), The Group talked about the solar winds that are arriving this week. They said that it is always up to us how we utilize these energies. Yes, they can stir emotional issues and therefore feel a bit disruptive -- but more important, we can use them as a cleansing tool, helping us release what we are ready to let go of.

So, as the solar wind and tonight's New Moon work with us over the next two or three days, see what it feels like to imagine standing on the beach, with the warm waves washing up over you, cleansing and drawing out the issues you are ready to release. Let the process happen and let go. And then, watch those issues be drawn back out with the wave as it recedes, where the negativity dissolves and becomes one with the positive healing energy of the ocean.




  1. Thank You for the link Pam...I went and listened to the channeling and Wow! I had been quiet for several weeks and yesterday when I woke up it was as if a whole new sphere was opening up...I felt the same way this morning. :) I love it when these moments of Grace occur.

    Have a Great Day!
    Blessings and Cascading Love!

  2. What a beautiful visualisation ~ thank you ♥
    ~ Many blessings ~