Saturday, October 31, 2009

Setting -- and stating -- our intentions

We all are aware of the importance of setting intentions -- but what may not be realized is the importance of saying them out loud.

Our minds are constantly going this way and that, perhaps thinking positively for a while, then slipping into negativity, then bouncing back again, perhaps when we've realized where our train of thought was leading our energy. So it's a good thing that thoughts themselves don't carry the same power energetically as the spoken word -- otherwise, our lives would be in (more?) chaos, trying to keep up with the conflicting thoughts.

That's one reason why our guides and higher self must wait until we clearly state our intentions before stepping in to help us manifest them. And, they must also abide by the rules of free will, which dictate that we must consciously request assistance before it can come to us. And that's where speaking our intentions aloud is vital.

A recent channeling by Marlene Swetlishoff offered some specific words to use for those who want to participate actively in the energy shifts underway. I've adapted them to fit my needs, and have been finding them a powerful way to begin each morning. If you're looking for some statements to use for your own intentions, I offer these, for you to adapt as suits your needs:

Today, I request and receive downloads of high vibrational energies, DNA upgrades and activations, the activation of my dormant DNA strands, and new ideas, solutions and creativity. I ask for this for the Highest Good of all concerned.

Today, I request that the veils of forgetfulness and the veils of separation be lifted from me, in perfect Divine timing.

Today, I intend to align with the new Earth reality of harmony, love and joy. I embody my own Light Body and see my heart chakra radiating Golden Light. This light radiates out into my higher chakras, creating a great column of Golden Light. This light assists me in aligning with the Highest vibrational frequency levels.

Today, I wish to increase my frequency level. I call to the beings of Divine Light who are assisting me to help raise and magnify my vibrational frequencies. I wish to hold and anchor these higher energies until the next time I will be working with and requesting the increase of these energies.

Today, I call to the beings of Divine Source Energy who are assisting me to help me create, embody, express and emanate the frequency of Love.

And don't forget -- speak your intentions out loud, and with a strong knowing of the power behind the requests you are making.

Blessings to all,


Friday, October 30, 2009

Special readings offer for November

Hi everyone!

I'm posting this announcement to my blog first, before sending out my Journal for the week, so you all are "the first to know"!

Special Offer!
Pluto-Saturn Cycle Readings

Due to the many questions I received in response to my blog posting last week about the Pluto-Saturn cycle*, I am offering special readings at a special price for the month of November!

We began the current Pluto-Saturn cycle in 1982-1983, when their alignment in Libra initiated themes related to relationship and intimacy, and brought up circumstances where we learned to deal with people, events, or even our own emotions that seemed "outside of our control."

Over the past 27 years, we've continued working with these themes, and met specific challenges in these areas in 1993-94 and 2001-2002. Now, as Pluto and Saturn again interact, we take another step on the path that leads to greater balance and wisdom.

How does your current experience relate to the previous dates in this cycle? What can you learn from those past experiences to help you more wisely and powerfully handle the months ahead? Are certain patterns or behaviors coming to the surface, ones that you're finally ready to identify and release? Are you dealing with relationship issues that you'd like more clarity on? As you look forward to the next 10 months, in what ways are you being supported to transform and take charge of your life?

If you would like to explore answers to these questions, I invite you to set up a special Pluto-Saturn Cycle Reading, at the reduced prices of $45 for a half hour and $75 for an hour (a 10% savings over my usual fees).

To request one of these special sessions, please send an e-mail to with "Pluto-Saturn Special Reading" in the subject line. Please note that this offer applies only to this special reading, and only for the month of November 2009.

*For more information, see blog post "The next few weeks" below.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The next few weeks

October is winding down -- or rather, should we say "winding up"? I feel a sense of anticipation, but I'm not sure whether it is intellectually or energetically based, since I consciously know of the upcoming Pluto-Saturn square and could be building on that awareness.

Saturn enters Libra next week, on the morning of October 29 (Pacific Time). My sense is that if we haven't already, we will shortly after that ingress begin to notice the influence of the square with Pluto, which will be exact on November 15.

In preparation for that square, it might be interesting to explore our personal histories with regards to the Saturn-Pluto cycle, which brings up themes of how we take charge of our lives, how we deal with internal and external influences that seem outside of our control, and how we embrace important opportunities for transformation and empowerment.

The two planets were conjunct (at the same degree) in late 1982, and were fairly close to each other through the spring of 1983. That period marked the beginning of the Saturn-Pluto cycle, and so the initiation of some corresponding cycle in our individual lives, depending on the location in our birth charts. For me, the two planets were conjunct my Ascendant, initiating some major changes in my life: the beginning of an intense karmic relationship, and a move to Montana after having lived in California since birth.

The first Saturn-Pluto square was exact in March 1993, October 1993 and January 1994. This was the first test of the seeds planted in 1982, seeing how far we had come in the ability to take charge of our lives and in our willingness to undergo transformational changes.

The Saturn-Pluto opposition was (as I write these words, just glanced at the clock and it is 9:11 a.m.!) exact in August and November 2001 and June 2002. The numbers I just saw on the clock speak the impact of that period of time. That opposition fell on the Ascendant line of the U.S. chart, and so manifested in the "us vs. them" polarity that the entire world became invested in.

Now we have the culminating square of the Saturn-Pluto cycle. Where are we in the "us vs. them" dynamic -- both personally and globally? Where are we in our individual and collective ability to manage the intensity of emotions that can be raised during such transits? How willing are we to claim responsibility for the manifestations of our lives, rather than blaming the "other" for what is occurring? And are we ready to be transformed, to use upcoming events as the catalyst they are intended to be, to become more fully empowered versions of ourselves?

These are the questions these two planets raise. It might feel overwhelming to ponder how we will answer -- and yet, we have help now that we didn't have during the dates of the earlier transits, in the form of the Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter alignment in Aquarius.

This triple conjunction truly feels like the "angel on our shoulders" that we can call on to help as needed. This is the healing of our belief in separation, the opportunity to create spiritual community, and the potential for expanding our consciousness and our understanding of meanings and purposes. This energy is building again now, and with Neptune and Chiron both going direct within the next two weeks, all three planets will be moving forward, ready to lead the way into greater Light.

And with that, I breathe a sigh of relief.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A bumpy ride

A reader wrote to me today, saying, "What is going on with the universe?@!! This is a very disjointed day..."

I've been feeling it as well, and am thinking we're dealing with Mars in the last degrees of Cancer. In general, when Mars is in this very vulnerable sign, we are all a bit more emotionally sensitive than usual. It's easier to take things personally, and to let our emotions run the show.

In addition, today Mars is triggering the degree of the July 21 Solar Eclipse, which occurred at 29 degrees of Cancer. This means that the energies and intentions of that eclipse may be more apparent now.

To tell the truth, it's hard for me to remember right now what was going on back in late July. But the energies this week have felt pretty intense, in keeping with eclipse themes. And, the 29th degree of any sign is said to carry intensity as well, being called a "critical degree" and calling us to complete the lessons related to the sign involved.

Cancer's lessons include learning to hold strong boundaries while still being sensitive to the needs of those around us, nurturing and allowing self to be nurtured in equal measure, and having the strength to feel our emotions without being overwhelmed by them. And, taking clues from the actions of the crab, being able to sidle away from conflict rather than reacting defensively, and sensing when the time is right to trust and to come out from under a protective rock.

I, for one, am looking forward to tomorrow, when Mars moves into Leo.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Remembering the triple conjunction of May 2009

As mentioned in today's Journal, we'll soon be working more intentionally again with the energy of the triple conjunction of Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter, which first became effective last spring and was strongest around the end of May. From talking with clients, I know that many people experienced significant spiritual opening around that time, and I'd love to hear more.

If you'd like to share some nuggets from your own experience at that time, please add your comment to this post. I look forward to reading your story, and hope that our mutual sharing will add to our awareness of what is possible.

My own story is brief, but was very powerful for me:

I awoke before dawn one morning in early April receiving the words: "We're going to incorporate the most powerful energy of all -- LOVE -- into the planet." It was one of those experiences that you know isn't a dream, and can only be interpreted as a message. But, it was the first time I had received information of that sort, and in that way.

I also know that the entire months of May and June felt very other-worldly to me, almost as if we were standing as a bridge between this reality and the higher dimensions. And, as I review my dream journal from those months, I see that my inner life was very active.

And now -- do you have a story to share? I'm eager to hear!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A grey Saturday with hints of blue sky

It's been an odd week. Perhaps Mars conjunct the South Node in Cancer has been behind the dreams and memories of past relationships and the wounds they left behind. And, with Mercury first conjunct Saturn and now square Pluto, we're both aware of and rooting out the negative, critical thinking directed both at ourselves and at others.

In addition, as Jupiter stations direct in Aquarius, he is only four degrees away from Chiron, which means he is amplifying the feelings of separation and alienation, all with the intention of healing that particular wound -- helping us understand and believe that we are never alone, but always united with others by the bond of love.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Clarifying comment about Virgo

I received an e-mail from a reader of this week's Journal, asking about my comments on Virgo:
One thing in this week's journal about Virgo left me with questions: "At the same time, it's hard not to fall into another dark side of Virgo, which perceives the world in terms of victims and martyrs." The phrase resonates, but I don't have a clear understanding of your meaning here. Could you say some more about this topic?
My reply:
As with every sign, the positive traits of Virgo, when taken to the extreme, turn into negative. So the service-orientation of Virgo, when taken too far, can become martyrdom. Virgo is also the healer, but needs to remember that each of us is ultimately responsible for our own healing, and are not merely victims of circumstance.
I hope this helps clarify my meaning! Thanks for asking!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

2012 and Sabian symbols

What's interesting about the 2012 predictions is that using our usual astrological reference points, while there are some interesting configurations at that time, the main component -- the alignment of the Sun with the Galactic Center -- is not that unusual. It occurs every December, when the Sun reaches 27 degrees Sagittarius.

The esoteric research that supports the 2012 shift is actually assuming that there are additional levels of alignment with the Galactic Center. Based on that information, we can use the Sabian symbol for the 28th degree of Sagittarius for some clues to the intentions of the 2012 date. It reads:

"A sculptor at his work: The ability to project one's vision upon and to give form to materials."
Dane Rudhyar's interpretation (from /An Astrological Mandala/) reads in part:

"At this stage we see the individual creatively expressing his own particular individuality. He takes the materials available in his socio-geographical environment and shapes them so they reveal to other people something of his inner life and purpose. This is a symbol of man's capacity to transform raw materials according to his personal vision -- thus a symbol of Self-Projection into a Work."
Certainly, if one step in our evolution at this time is the awareness of our creative power, it makes sense that this is part of the energy contained in the 2012 intention. It will be interesting to see how quickly things are manifesting by that time, since there already seems to be a quickening of that effect.

Also intriguing is to look at the Sabian symbol for the 25th degree of Scorpio, where the mean North Node resides in December 2012. As you may know, the North Node represents our path of highest spiritual growth in our birth charts, and in the ongoing "Now," reveals humanity's intended path of spiritual evolution.

The Sabian symbol for the mean North Node in December 2012 reads:

"An X-ray photograph: The capacity to acquire a knowledge of the structural factors in all existence."
And here is some of Rudhyar's interpretation:
"The true philosopher is able to grasp and significantly evaluate what underlies all manifestations of life. His mind's eye penetrates through the superficialities of existence and perceives the framework that gives an at least relatively permanent 'form' to all organized systems. This is Structural Knowledge in contrast to existential knowledge."
There seems to be a common theme here -- that relating to our powers of manifestation, and how we channel creative spiritual energy into form. And isn't that what ascension is about, after all: the combining of spiritual and physical, of higher self and personal ego.

So, the Sabian symbol for the North Node emphasizes our ability to shift our vision, our perceptions, to gain information formally unaccessed by the conscious mind. The symbol for the Sun-Galactic Center alignment references our creative capacity to mold our reality based on the information and insights gained. Quite a powerful combination!