Saturday, October 31, 2009

Setting -- and stating -- our intentions

We all are aware of the importance of setting intentions -- but what may not be realized is the importance of saying them out loud.

Our minds are constantly going this way and that, perhaps thinking positively for a while, then slipping into negativity, then bouncing back again, perhaps when we've realized where our train of thought was leading our energy. So it's a good thing that thoughts themselves don't carry the same power energetically as the spoken word -- otherwise, our lives would be in (more?) chaos, trying to keep up with the conflicting thoughts.

That's one reason why our guides and higher self must wait until we clearly state our intentions before stepping in to help us manifest them. And, they must also abide by the rules of free will, which dictate that we must consciously request assistance before it can come to us. And that's where speaking our intentions aloud is vital.

A recent channeling by Marlene Swetlishoff offered some specific words to use for those who want to participate actively in the energy shifts underway. I've adapted them to fit my needs, and have been finding them a powerful way to begin each morning. If you're looking for some statements to use for your own intentions, I offer these, for you to adapt as suits your needs:

Today, I request and receive downloads of high vibrational energies, DNA upgrades and activations, the activation of my dormant DNA strands, and new ideas, solutions and creativity. I ask for this for the Highest Good of all concerned.

Today, I request that the veils of forgetfulness and the veils of separation be lifted from me, in perfect Divine timing.

Today, I intend to align with the new Earth reality of harmony, love and joy. I embody my own Light Body and see my heart chakra radiating Golden Light. This light radiates out into my higher chakras, creating a great column of Golden Light. This light assists me in aligning with the Highest vibrational frequency levels.

Today, I wish to increase my frequency level. I call to the beings of Divine Light who are assisting me to help raise and magnify my vibrational frequencies. I wish to hold and anchor these higher energies until the next time I will be working with and requesting the increase of these energies.

Today, I call to the beings of Divine Source Energy who are assisting me to help me create, embody, express and emanate the frequency of Love.

And don't forget -- speak your intentions out loud, and with a strong knowing of the power behind the requests you are making.

Blessings to all,



  1. Hi Pam... thank you for these words of wisdom... both the empowering statements you shared as well as the vital tip/reminder to use our voices so our requests are actually activated ane energized. It's quite neat to think of us all adding such powerful energy to the ethers... so our combined light shines brighter.

    I do have a question in regard to Saturn. Does a Saturn entry into our Ascendent sign affect as it does when in our Sun sign?

    Thank you and more Blessings to All

  2. In answer to your question about how Saturn entering our Ascendant sign affects us...

    The Ascendant is similar to the Sun and the Moon in this respect, in that it seems very sensitive to the entry of one of the outer planets into its sign. The most profound effect will still be when Saturn exactly conjoins the Ascendant, but there can be up to a two year period before the exact transit where we feel some of the effects.

    In the meantime, if Saturn is just entering your Ascendant sign, it is probably already in or close to entering your 12th house. This is an important time of release in preparation for the planting of new seeds when Saturn finally does enter the first house.

  3. These are beautiful affirmations. Thank you.

  4. I taped them next to my bed. I have some time of retreat these days and so before I intend to wake up I face the index cards and speak them out loud but verrrrry slowwwwly.

    I savor each word. The word 'Today' is like quicksilver when it hits the psyche...powerful and stimulating. Like a really good slap in the, 'oh's TODAY!'

    And it is surprising how some phrases pause naturally in the mind tickling some resistance into fluidity...or not.

    I spent a lot of time on the word love. In Smilla's Sense of Snow I believe there were 40 ways to describe snow...and with love, how many more there are.

    I must say I have been lifting myself out of the depressions that settled in earlier this year and since using this watching me cook a bit more healthy, wash myself more, take care...even write this.

  5. I love these affirmations! Thank you!