Thursday, November 5, 2009


This new month has been feeling quite different than the last, almost from the first day. October now looks to have been a plateau -- not without events to consider, but a time when many unfolding situations seemed to pause in their process.

This week, by comparison, has involved a lot of movement, and that feeling of anticipation continues. Situations that had been off radar for much of October are now building again, ready to move to the next stage.

We're going through a vibrational upgrade, and next week is evidently a time when we'll feel the energy strongly. Be sure to take care of your physical body by getting plenty of rest, eating well and taking in lots of water. And if emotions come up, feel them but don't attach to them by trying to explain them or justify them -- and then let them go.

Evidently, anger has an initial burst that lasts about 90 seconds -- and then, if we don't hold onto it, it just dissipates. Perhaps the other negative emotions have a similar process.

One way to deal with fear is to change it into excitement. They're the same feeling in the body, actually -- it's just how our mind interprets the feeling that makes the difference.

We can either feel fearful of the unknown, or excited about new possibilities. A great time to practice that shift point!

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  1. Sounds like a good time to listen to Bach and Mozart and put Stravinsky to the side.

    Sounds like I better read your next weeks column to read between these lines. I am already feeling it...I seem to have put out a few fires this week that were simmering in October...