Sunday, March 28, 2010

Helpful channeling

I usually check out the website every day, to see what's new and to find support for dealing with the "incoming" ...

Today there was a post that was reassuring, so thought I'd share it with y'all. It's called "The chrysallis is indeed becoming the butterfly," and if you're interested, click here:

Chrysalis becoming butterfly

And let me know if you found it helpful.

Have a good week, everyone!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Up and down and all around

The energy impulses continue to reach us, pushing us to release all that is of a lower vibration so that we can more fully align with the true higher nature of our Being. At one moment, we may have feelings of sadness, even grief, perhaps associated with events but sometimes not attached to anything in particular. At another moment, we sit in a state of inertia, feeling a lack of motivation to do anything concrete. And at still another, we are aware of a feeling of anxiousness, sometimes bordering on fear if we allow it to settle in, or if we try to connect it with some situation in this current reality.

Evidently, these symptoms are to be expected, as the energy waves bring to the surface the emotions within us that we have not yet processed or released. It's our usual practice, when we feel an emotion, to connect with something that has happened, so that we can make sense of it and -- in the case of an uncomfortable emotion -- protect ourselves from feeling this way again. And yet, in our present dealings with the energies, it may be helpful not to try to attach the feelings to anything that has happened or may be going to happen. Instead, see what it is like to allow the emotions to surface, to feel them fully, and then to release them, either into the Earth for Gaia to transform and utilize or into the heavens to be transmuted by the Light.

The Full Moon this coming week is in Libra, the sign of Balance and Harmony. A Full Moon brings light to what has been unconscious. With this lunation, we will have opportunities to see where we may still be out of balance, and to better understand how we can maintain our own inner stability in these changing times.

Friday, March 19, 2010

An emotional week

Feels a bit like a rollercoaster ride this week, as we dealt first with the energies of the Uranus-Sun-Mercury alignment, and now work with the Mercury-Pluto-Saturn T-square. A few people and pets chose to leave the planet in the first half of the week, no doubt both to follow their own growth path and also to help open the hearts of those of us who remain. There's also that sense of anticipation that usually accompanies some inner knowing of a major shift being underway.

If you feel alternately angry and sad and then oddly at peace, you're manifesting some common symptoms of an energy wave. We'd like to think that we could just surf the wave -- and hopefully we're getting closer to being able to do that more easily. But often, we find ourselves dunked underwater, coming to the surface sputtering and having to regain our balance.

It's important to remember at these times that we can ask for help, from whomever we feel most connected to spiritually. And remembering to ask out loud, and with strong intention, for insight or resolution, is also key.

Safe surfing, everyone!

Friday, March 12, 2010

One would think...

Since this is a Pisces wave of energy coming in, one would think our experience would be mostly "sweetness and light." But an energy shift tends to bring out anything that is unlike itself, as lower vibrations are swept to the surface and hopefully out of our energy fields.

So while Pisces represents compassion, surrender and the understanding that we are One, in the wake of a Piscean energy wave we may see examples of discord, the need to be in control, power struggles, anger and fear.

Plus, anytime Uranus is strongly involved -- as it is in the upcoming alignment of the Sun, Moon and Mercury -- we can "expect the unexpected" as chaos seems to be the dis-order of the day.

Our best recommendation in times like these is not to become attached to the emotions that arise. This doesn't mean to stuff the feelings, nor to ignore what must be attended to in their resolution. But one of the higher manifestations of Pisces energy is unattachment -- the ability to allow what is, and to trust in positive but-yet-unseen outcomes. These attitudes can help us a great deal now.

And it may also help to know that Uranus is ultimately about liberation. With Uranus finishing up his journey through Pisces this year, we are in the last stages of freeing ourselves from the lower manifestations of the 12th sign -- the roles of victim, martyr and rescuer, and the traits of avoidance and escapism.

And I was hoping that this alignment in Pisces would bring several days of meditative bliss... Ah, well.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Correction to Journal

Hi everyone!

Within a few minutes of sending out my Journal today, I started getting e-mails from people about my reference to the "Full Moon" on March 15.

Yes -- I wrote incorrectly! It's a NEW Moon on the 15th. So thanks to everyone who wrote, and my apologies for the error!



Friday, March 5, 2010

Sun in Pisces: Surrender and finesse

There's a certain flow and allowing required of us as we complete this last month of the astrological calendar. We cannot hold tight to the reins, as it does not assist us to try to be in control of everything now.

I was reminded this morning of a week-long river rafting trip I went on some 20 (!) years ago. It was a group trip, and mostly involved riding on a large six-person raft that was piloted by a river guide. But, there were also two small one-person kayaks that were available each day, that we could take turns in.

If I had been on my own, I don't know that I would have opted for it -- but my then-boyfriend was more of the risk-taking/rock-climbing sort, and we ended up taking several turns at going through whitewater in those small single kayaks.

What was most amazing is that I never once turned over, while my boyfriend was dunked at least twice. The rest of the people on the trip said it was interesting to watch our different styles -- when we went through whitewater, my boyfriend dug in and paddled like crazy, trying to out-power the waves. In comparison, I would paddle in and position myself, then hold the paddle up out of the water and finesse my way through the tight spots, shifting my weight with each wave and using the paddle as extra balance. It wasn't something I thought about or planned, but somehow came out of an understanding that there was no way I could fight the whitewater, but instead had to learn how to adjust my weight and energy to work with it.

That's the mindset that feels most appropriate for us to hold as we finish out these next three weeks while the Sun is in Pisces. It's not a time to fight our way through, or to try to control outcomes. And, truth be told, there are enough changes occurring that it wouldn't be possible keep control of every detail, even if we are used to navigating life in that way.

The word "surrender" has always been a tough one to accept. We tend to interpret it as meaning "capitulation," where we give up what we want and let someone else take over or have their way. And yet that's not what surrender is about.

Surrender is the same as finessing our way through the whitewater. Rather than trying to force outcomes against the wave, we work with the energy, adjusting our center of gravity moment by moment. That's the way we'll make it through the tough spots without getting dunked.