Friday, March 5, 2010

Sun in Pisces: Surrender and finesse

There's a certain flow and allowing required of us as we complete this last month of the astrological calendar. We cannot hold tight to the reins, as it does not assist us to try to be in control of everything now.

I was reminded this morning of a week-long river rafting trip I went on some 20 (!) years ago. It was a group trip, and mostly involved riding on a large six-person raft that was piloted by a river guide. But, there were also two small one-person kayaks that were available each day, that we could take turns in.

If I had been on my own, I don't know that I would have opted for it -- but my then-boyfriend was more of the risk-taking/rock-climbing sort, and we ended up taking several turns at going through whitewater in those small single kayaks.

What was most amazing is that I never once turned over, while my boyfriend was dunked at least twice. The rest of the people on the trip said it was interesting to watch our different styles -- when we went through whitewater, my boyfriend dug in and paddled like crazy, trying to out-power the waves. In comparison, I would paddle in and position myself, then hold the paddle up out of the water and finesse my way through the tight spots, shifting my weight with each wave and using the paddle as extra balance. It wasn't something I thought about or planned, but somehow came out of an understanding that there was no way I could fight the whitewater, but instead had to learn how to adjust my weight and energy to work with it.

That's the mindset that feels most appropriate for us to hold as we finish out these next three weeks while the Sun is in Pisces. It's not a time to fight our way through, or to try to control outcomes. And, truth be told, there are enough changes occurring that it wouldn't be possible keep control of every detail, even if we are used to navigating life in that way.

The word "surrender" has always been a tough one to accept. We tend to interpret it as meaning "capitulation," where we give up what we want and let someone else take over or have their way. And yet that's not what surrender is about.

Surrender is the same as finessing our way through the whitewater. Rather than trying to force outcomes against the wave, we work with the energy, adjusting our center of gravity moment by moment. That's the way we'll make it through the tough spots without getting dunked.


  1. This is a beautiful analogy. Thank you... ♥

  2. And... I'd like to add just a wee bit. Riding the rapids is meant to be fun! Are there some tenuous, adrenalin rushing moments? Yes! But let's remember as we are on this water, whether it be smooth, crystal clear, or foaming at the mouth rapids, it's an exhilarating ride. We chose to get in the boat; we felt it would be a thrill! Keep your energy AND your expectations... high. Have fun and carry joy as your companion(paddle)!
    Much love!

  3. Thank you Pam for the the analogy. I've always had a hard time with "surrender". This gives me a visual to use and it helps. Makes it make sense.