Friday, February 26, 2010

A foggy brain in London town

I am looking with both anticipation and suspicion at the Neptune-Chiron-Mercury lineup, exact tomorrow. While this can be a wonderful support for spiritual and creative endeavors -- especially if there is a healing angle involved -- it's not the most conducive energy for sitting down to get practical work accomplished.

So I'm looking forward to the astrology readings I have scheduled today, and not so much to the Excel spreadsheet work that will need to be done over the weekend. Go figure the timing on that one!

The multiple numbers have been on the increase again this past week, sometimes happening in such rapid fire that the mouth drops open in amazement. The mystical energies of the Neptune-Chiron influence and of the Jupiter-Sun alignment in Pisces have certainly intensified our experiences in la la land...

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  1. i have always been into numbers but when my father died on 2.22.2002 at 3:22pm my sister, husband and i have had anytime with 22 in it recurring many many times as well as other poignant numbers for us....and pennies from heaven, along with the most profound number nine... from a best brother friend since he died on 9.9.2003 when mars was literally hanging on top of the pacific ocean like a giant red ball beaming mars energy in a way not to be seen in our lifetime again! synchronicity is always there and then we notice it?!!! thank you for your lovely insights pam