Friday, February 12, 2010

A cosmic New Moon

Our New Moon tomorrow night (6:53pm Pacific Time) is feeling more and more "cosmic," in keeping with the strong Aquarius/Pisces leanings in the lunation chart. Stepping outside late last night to take our girls (of the four-legged variety) out for their final excursion before bed, the air felt different somehow, as if there were a presence all around us. Almost the density of fog, but without the visual fog to go with the feeling-sense.

Uranus figures as a prominent presence at the time of this New Moon, not because of aspects to other planets, but because Uranus is the accepted "ruler" of Aquarius, where the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Chiron and Neptune are all located now. I just looked up the Sabian symbol for the current position of Uranus (at 25 degrees of Pisces), and here's what it says:

"A religious organization succeeds in overcoming the corrupting influence of perverted practices and materialized ideals: The power of the Soul to intervene in the personal life and to induce necessary catharses."

We have the potential now, with this New Moon, to take that next step in the process of becoming our Higher Selves -- or, if you prefer, the Multidimensional Beings we incarnated here to be. We are tapping more and more into the knowing of ourselves as expansive Source Energy, with the increased awareness that we do not need to seek outside the self for answers or for connection.

So, if "the power of the Soul" is now intervening to more directly guide us, it is not about handing away the reins of our lives to some deity or other deified entity -- it's about realizing even more clearly the larger entity that we are, acknowledging and experiencing the vastness that exists within us, and allowing that heightened awareness to change the limited perspectives we have held for much of our lives, and for many lifetimes.

There truly is "something big" afoot. Can you feel it?


  1. Oh yes I can Pam! I feel as though I'm wrapped in a beautiful new blanket of excitement and anticipation. The almost constant anxiety that I've felt for the past few years has been replaced with "something else"...I'm not sure what, but I feel a little nervous with anticipation and thrilled at the same time!

  2. The anticipation I feel comes in this form: every night for the past two weeks I have anticipated sitting in front of my fireplace and reading spiritual literature. Synchronicity led me into it.

    I celebrated my birthday about two weeks ago. This was a more challenging one. Some friends joined with me and one happened to pull a book off my bookshelf and then left it on my coffee table. After everyone had left, I noticed it. I wondered if I were supposed to read it. I had been mentally asking questions and wanting some guidance.

    I read it in three days, at night, in front of my fireplace. I have four books by this author and read the first two about 20 years ago, and then developed a clutural bias which motivated to not read her other two. The book left on my table was her fourth. Then I read the rest in reverse order.

    After you talked about the significance of the spiral, I read about it in her book. After you talk about introspective aspects of the last month or two, her writings were about women going within to find who they are. Many other messages of higher selves, and other realities were coming through the readings also.

    Just on a lark yesterday, again asking for some guidance and support, I drew a medicine card. It was Bear--about introspection. I've reduced meetings and social interactions over the last two week because it seems extraneous; I've worked in my yard, digging in the earth because it's felt comforting. I walk and listen to mediation tapes and how we are all connected and we are all one. I have no sound in my home--no TV, no music, no radio. It seems weird or other worldly, and it feels as if its the way it needs to be. I hope this is all in the plan. mj