Friday, February 5, 2010

A tale of two worlds

"One foot on the platform, the other foot on the train..."

That line came into my mind as I sat down to write this post -- and it is a sign of the times that while I believe it's from a Peter, Paul and Mary song, and I know I've sung it often in years past, I now cannot remember more than those words, or the tune, or the title.

The Saturn-Jupiter quincunx that is exact today is a representation of this feeling of living in two worlds at once. Exuberant Jupiter, newly arrived in Pisces, is full of himself proclaiming that we are ascending, or have ascended, or maybe will soon -- even while the clear definition of "ascension" still eludes most of us. Realistic Saturn, on the other hand, now retrograde in Libra, continues to draw our attention to the practicalities of the physical realm, making sure we do the rebalancing work needed. And yet, with the retrograde influence, we feel slightly detached from that very work, as if a part of us has stepped back into Observer mode.

A quincunx is an aspect of adjustment. The signs involved are not quite opposites, but they don't really see eye-to-eye, either. So our challenge is to find a way to exist within the paradox, without needing to alter either perception. It does take an ability to live in two worlds at once, with one foot on the platform of our reality as we've become accustomed to it.

And the other foot? We may not have a clear idea yet of what our train really looks like or where it's going -- but with the help of Jupiter in Pisces, we are gaining faith in the process.


  1. Yes! One foot in one world and the other foot in another world. Speaking of gaining faith in the process, I found (and purchased) the "the Universe knows" "trust the process" mug you mentioned in a Journal article last summer. It reminds me of my core belief that the Universe is still in charge, no matter what may be going on.

  2. Hello Pam - I am curious to know if any of the current Saturn aspects are indicative of reconnecting with friends from our youth? All of a sudden dozens of people i grew up with seem to be reconnecting via Facebook - we're all kids of the late fifties early sixties so Saturn is beginning it's square to our natal Saturn. I'm over 9000 miles from where I grew up so it's a fantastic experience for me to get back in touch with so many people from my past.

  3. That's an interesting question! Saturn is in Libra now, so bringing up themes of relationships in general. A Saturn-Saturn square doesn't automatically involve relationships, but it does involve a "check-in" point with where we are in the maturation process -- so in that way, could also bring up relationships of the past as a comparison feature of sorts.

    I also see that Uranus was in late degrees of Leo in 1961, so Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius may be opposing your natal Uranus -- perhaps corresponding with another look at where you feel you "belong" (Leo) and what groups (Aquarius) support or deny those feelings.

    Interesting to contemplate!

  4. Okay... so the word "Core" has been coming at me all day! Core beliefs and loving our own selves to the Core. Seems to be very important right now. This CORrelate with anyone? (haha)(Definition of Correlate: a phenomenon that accompanies another phenomenon, is usually parallel to it, and is related in some way to it

  5. I don't have a "core" story to share, but I did remember where that line of song came from -- "There is a House in New Orleans" -- so not a PP&M song, but from that era at least.

    Thanks everyone, for your comments!