Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The light of the Full Moon

We seem to be in an in-between place again, energetically. Perhaps it's a reflection of both Mars and Saturn being retrograde, and both also being emphasized this week -- Mars through being conjunct the Full Moon, and Saturn through the Pluto-Saturn square.

Retrograde planets, especially when their influence is strong, take us to a different world, an inner world that is harder to define, harder to compartmentalize. Our own actions and reactions can seem distant at times, as if a part of us is observing and reviewing even as we live the moment.

At the time of Friday's Full Moon, we have Mars conjunct the Moon in Leo and Venus conjunct the Sun in Aquarius. Since Mars and the Sun typically represent masculine qualities, and the Moon and Venus represent the feminine, this is an interesting study in those polarities.

In standard astrological interpretation, Mars conjunct the Moon adds fire to our emotions, and we are likely to act out based on feelings more than intellect. And yet, this is retrograde Mars -- will we take that same intensity inward, to delve further into the source of the emotions that arise? What new awareness can we bring forward from that inner journey, that will then serve as creative inspiration once Mars begins to move direct on March 10?

Mars opposing the Sun often manifests as contentiousness, as the god of war faces off with the great star of our solar system, two forces motivated by opposing concerns, staring each other down. But in the current set-up we have Mars retrograde, looking away from the Sun. What will be highlighted as the Sun shines its light on Mars' back? If the Sun is asking Mars in Leo, What do you really want?, will we have the patience to wait for the inspiration to blossom, rather than thinking we have to have it all figured out NOW?

And then we have Venus conjunct the Sun, the two shining together in the sky, highlighting the themes of cooperation, heart-felt understanding and the building of alliances. Perhaps this Full Moon is mostly about allowing our hearts to light the way, as our egos take the back seat -- not to be ignored, but to be shown how best to make it all work.


  1. Everything you have written both in the weekly and the blog has felt accurate and soothing. Especially the part about not having to know how it will all play out. I am most grateful for being mirrored in words and feeling...

  2. dear pam, yes yes and yes. i love how well written your astrological thoughts are. yes, i think that is exactly what is going on for me and many people in my world. may all beings be free of suffering! a playful happy full moon in leo to all. thank you pam for taking the time to express your perspective in astrological language.

  3. Any one else feeling some intense energies? 2nd day with a headache, but more than that. Feeling sort of like I'm in a mirage with light headedness, spacey, my head feels like it's expanding (can't think much either!) and just other worldly. Or Am I coming down with something? lol.

  4. Thanks for your comment! I can completely relate to the lightheaded/spacey feeling. Sentences aren't finding their conclusions very well, more like drifting off midway through -- but I'm finding the other person knows what I'm saying, even without the full text. I haven't had headaches, but the other-worldlyness is becoming something of a constant of late, pretty much since the eclipses...