Friday, January 8, 2010

Nervous stomach ...

Since last weekend, I've been feeling that nervousness in my stomach off and on -- you know, the one you usually feel when anticipating something unknown? I've wondered if I knew on some level that something was about to occur, so feeling anxious about it, or if I was coming down with something. But the fact that I could breathe deeply and the feeling would ease made me think it was not caused by something physical.

This morning, I read a channeling by Nancy Leilah Ward that corroborates what I've been feeling -- here's an excerpt:

We have been asked to speak about the nervousness that many are feeling at this time. This is a result of the high frequencies that are being transmitted to Earth. This is affecting all sentient beings, including the Earth. Our suggestion is that you tune into the feeling of love and find that resonance within you as often as possible. You are to be walking in love. Indeed, you are to be “in love” in all your moments. As you cast off the debilitating energy of fear and bring in the vibration of love, you send this resonance through your physical body and it radiates through your energy field and out into your world, infiltrating into all of your experiences, affecting all the people you encounter. The resonance of love draws more love to it, so you all are contributing to the spread of love throughout the earth plane. Use your breath in conjunction with your intention to tune your vibration to love. Make deep, conscious breathing a part of your reality.

For the complete channeling, click here: Soul Transitions

Good to know I'm not alone! And also good to have some tools for working with these higher frequencies.

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  1. Oh yes! I've been feeling this restless, anticipatory energy all week, as well as a vague discontent & sense of "disconnect" with the "real" world - things seem a bit muffled.
    Thank you for the Nancy Ward's channeling ....... Cynthia