Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's one person to do?

In the aftermath of the earthquakes in Haiti, there are many ways to help -- financially, of course, and through whatever spiritual/energy means are at each of our disposal.

But I find myself thinking that there's another way as well, which acknowledges the higher purpose of this event and honors the souls of those who have chosen this event as their means for crossing over -- that higher purpose being to open our collective hearts and to enhance our knowing of Community.

Each of us can walk through our day with renewed attention to the love and compassion that is within us waiting to be shared, and we can take every opportunity in the Now to extend those divine qualities into the spaces and the relationships in our immediate worlds.



  1. My experience the last few days includes insomnia and increased sensitity. Could it be connected to the earthquakes in Haiti and the suffering that follows?

  2. I think it's a confusing time, energetically. On one hand, we are experiencing spiritual/high heart expansion, which feels great, and on the other hand, our minds and human hearts are drawn to the events in Haiti, which are very saddening from our human perspective. I think we're straddling realities right now, and parts of us don't quite know how to handle it.

    I've been feeling more tired the last couple of days, with an accompanying fogginess. And yes, I would say all these symptoms could be linked to the shifts underway, of which the earthquakes are a manifestation.

    Also, with Jupiter now in Pisces, that would support the "increased sensitivity" you mention. And my fogginess, come to think of it ...

  3. These last few weeks, I have had more than usual ringing in my ears. My first thought is that it is some sort of energetic change. I am feeling loved and nurtured by natue and all that surrounds me. I am very much at peace in the midst of the challenges of caring for a daughter with cancer.

    It warms my heart to see the way the world has come together for Haiti.