Sunday, January 10, 2010

... and ringing ears and heart flutters

The physical manifestations continue, not causing alarm exactly, but perhaps a wondering -- is this energetic, or do I need to think physical cause?

Since the Lunar Eclipse on December 26, I've been hearing a ringing in my ears, sometimes so loud, it's clearly not the "same old" sound that has been with most of us all our lives. And a couple of mornings I've awakened with a lack of balance so strong, I've listed to the right while walking my first few steps of the day.

And now, for the last couple of days, I've felt heart flutters often throughout the day -- not quite strong enough that I would call them palpitations, but very noticeable.

This morning, I checked in on to see what channeled information was new for today (some of which resonates with me, some of which does not, by the way -- so if you go to this website, use your discrimination as instructed). I opened one entitled "New Earth Awareness" that spoke to ALL my physical symptoms. Here's the link to that information:

New Earth Awareness

Astrologically, it does seem that the eclipses are holding an energetic opening for us. Life has felt "different" somehow since the December Lunar Eclipse, even though things look the same outwardly. As if a part of me is observing even more than usual, and not quite connected to this reality.

I'm looking forward to this week's Solar Eclipse as the initiation of a new cycle and new manifestations based on the energy impulse we've been working with. And with Mercury going direct a day later, perhaps we'll also start being able to consciously assess what is occurring.


  1. Thank you Pam. I so enjoy your weekly forecasts. This week's photos were truly so awesome I came to your blog. I concur about the other worldly feelings since the eclipse. As a Cancer with Capricorn rising, I have definitely been feeling the affects of this powerful time, including the "listing" imbalance when I got out of bed a few mornings. These are times when even though I want everyone to feel well and happy, I am relieved to know that these physical symptoms are part of our electrical systems being rewired or something equally cosmic and wide spread. Thank you for your encouraging and insightful work. Shanta Gabriel

  2. Pam, Thank you for this week's Journal and a mention to your blog re: ears ringing... not unlike the felow who emailed you about the July eclipse...I felt that whoa sensation upon your mention of exactly what I have noticed significantly in the last week: moments of distinct ear ringing; short in duration but enough to give me pause. I will try to intune to the message I guess (

  3. Colleen O'GradyJanuary 11, 2010 at 10:34 AM

    Pam, As always I'm washed with the beauty of your writing (and smiling hugely with the whimsy in the washcloth.) I was so grateful to understand why I have been "listing to starboard" (whichever side that is) as I'm walking lately. Thanks for the insights, the connections and the information. Please continue to make it so!

  4. I am noticing in myself and my friends the issues of the Cancerian eclipse and the Capricorn affecting the same issues but with another perspective.

    It is through dreams I am noticing this difference the most. While I am experiencing many of the same internal issues, my dreams are showing me a way through into greater harmony. More inclusive Self embrace.

    I have to spend time with them though as the gravity of the old mind is hanging on,wants to erase them, and use Robert Johnson's wonderful classic- Inner Work- as a guide.

    Experiencing this influx of new integrations demands grounding and Capricorning is the best way I guess.

    my symptoms- knots in belly,burning in eyes,electric anxiety.

  5. Pam, we haven't heard from you in a bit... just checking in on you. Hoping you're feeling better and wondering if your above symptoms were premonitions & sensitivities to what was about to occur on our planet in Haiti. Blessings for all the precious souls there, who signed on for such a brave and loving assignment.

  6. Hi Butterphly -- Thanks for checking in! I'm fine, although still feeling half in this world, half in some alternate realm.
    I wondered about that -- the "listing to the side" that so many of us had been experiencing, and the nervous stomach, as well as other symptoms -- if they were tuning into the rumblings of Gaia, and an awareness on some level of the energetic shift represented by this earthquake. I do know that my symptoms have subsided since midweek -- how about others who have written? Any shift since the earthquake and the Solar Eclipse?
    And yes, there must have been a soul-level agreement for the many who have been affected personally by this earthquake. The larger purpose of bringing countries and peoples together is clear, as well as the reminder of death as a part of life -- the latter being one of the themes of the Pluto-Saturn square...

  7. I've been extreeeemly tired as of late. Getting atleast 10 hours (sometimes more)of sleep and are of very deep states... I can't seem to pull myself out of them. Also, a few times I've heard loud electrical "pops" while asleep. Last night's was part of a dream, a dark sky with a large live oak tree in the center, a huge clap of lightening behind it... I knew it was close/felt the electricity. Then, it looked as if fireworks or stars fell down all around me. Woke me up, but immediately fell back into deep sleep. I guess I was supposed to remember this occurence. I Am not digging being so tired... but I Am enjoying the depth of dreams. Guess we all just keep blessing, trusting... and tuning into the Divinity that we all are.

  8. Hi Butterphly,
    So interesting that you describe hearing "pops" -- I had an energy session with Johanna Hedge on Friday, to take advantage of the Solar Eclipse energies, and during the session, I heard a sequence of pops/clicks inside my head. I asked Johanna about it afterward, and she said it was adjustments going on to the brain/skull -- somewhat like cranial sacral work, I assume.
    Do you sense that the "pops" you've been hearing might be something along those lines?

  9. Hi Pam...
    Yes, I almost wrote that they seemed to be in my head, but thought maybe I was going into too much detail. :) After the dream visual last night, I then had an image of a light that was on(in my head) -like a flame on the top of a candle. Maybe that explains my tiredness too... energetic changes. I've been awake for 4 hours today, and just feel as if I'm finally not so groggy. Thank goodness it's the weekend and I can just allow.

  10. I went into a state of slumber and sleepiness coupled with emotional recognitions of wanting to be on this planet for me even with all these changes...or maybe because of them.

    I return again and again to appreciation of the small things and of people around me. The victim consciousness must be made conscious again and again and appreciation seems to be the ticket.

  11. I just wanted to add one piece that is so present I can hardly give voice to it. It might be part of this cloud described...I am being asked to give up on my maps of consciousness...or rather let them lead me to the edge of the forest and then I seem to be being pushed into myself...much of the emotion is getting used to the new sense of aloneness- clearing old associations about it- and trusting what I find much deeper in the woods.

  12. My heart has had several periods of pounding lately, I can't say I haven't wondered otherwise too. Plus frequent high pitched frequencies (OMG--just got that, frequency of frequencies--someone up/out there has a sense of humor!). And energy levels ranging from wanting to jump out of my skin to moving from couch to bed to couch. The cats just watch...pretty powerful stuff right now...