Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Question from a reader

I received an email in response to this week's Journal, regarding my comment about it being important to move out of our comfort zones. The reader wanted clarification on that comment.

And I know there are some shades of gray to that advice -- certainly, we want to be in touch with our intuition about any new directions we take, so shouldn't we actually feel comfortable if we're moving forward in a way that is in alignment with our highest self?

In case anyone else was thinking along those lines too, I thought it might be good to share my reply here:

Thank you for your note.

It is not true that it is ALWAYS the right thing to do, this moving out of a comfort zone -- for instance, if you are comfortable because you are living according to your truth, then stepping outside that truth would not only be uncomfortable, it would also be inadvisable for you.

For example: Since I am, by choice, a vegan, it would be uncomfortable for me to eat meat. That doesn't mean I SHOULD eat meat merely because it would be stepping outside of my comfort zone to do so. In this case, eating meat would be going against my truth, and so is not advised.

But, we humans get into habits. And our habits become our comfort zones, whether or not they are healthy for us, and whether or not they are aligned with our truth. If we stay only where it is comfortable, we may never grow or change.

If we're looking to change some aspect of our lives, but stop moving in the new, healthier direction just because it doesn't feel comfortable (in other words, familiar), we'll just go back to sitting on the figurative couch and never make the progress we believe we want.

I hope that makes sense!

And I hope this added conversation clears things up a bit. Thanks for your feedback!

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Gemini Lunar Eclipse

Several related issues have ridden in on the energetic wave of the recent Lunar Eclipse, which occurred at 29 degrees Gemini. The main themes involve how we communicate -- with others and with ourselves -- and how we use words, especially when we are under stress. No real surprises there, since Gemini rules our ability to think, speak and hear. Issues are also complicated by the fact that Mercury, the planet associated with verbal and written interactions (and planetary ruler of Gemini), is still retrograde.

The current amplification of communication difficulties can be a bit unnerving, especially if we've been successfully hiding, ignoring or sidestepping some issues. It's probably accurate to say that situations that arise now represent karmic themes that we are now ready to resolve, heal and release.

The main challenge for Gemini is in navigating the workings of the mind -- in other words, are we in control of the mind, or does the mind control us? The worry that often besets us, the ramblings that keep us from focusing our attention and our intentions, the fears that interfere with our ability to gain a higher perspective, are all indicators of the mind being in control.

We also be confronting our relationship with our Truth through current situations -- how comfortable we are with it, how easily and clearly we claim it and express it, and if we allow others to be as sure of their own as we are of ours.

And we might ask ourselves, Who are we, as separate from the mind? In Western society, especially, we tend to equate self with the mind, whereas a different perspective might reinforce the knowing that Self is much more than the sum of our thoughts.

How is this recent Lunar Eclipse, in the very last "critical" degree of Gemini, calling for you to resolve, heal or release mental patterns that no longer serve you?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eclipse aftermath and Solstice morning

If you've tapped in to the energies this morning, you may have felt the difference. Something has changed since yesterday. In between yesterday and today we had our Gemini Lunar Eclipse, which opened portals of communication. How we use those openings is the next step.

The Gemini theme for this Total Eclipse is also clear in the opportunity to release karmic contracts and agreements that we are done with. Now is the time to make those statements of intention, along the lines of "I release all contracts and agreements that are no longer appropriate and no longer serve me. I forgive and release all those with whom I have contracted in ways that do not serve the highest good, and I forgive and release myself from these agreements as well."

Now we enter the two-week period between eclipses, during which there is enhanced potential for shifting into new perspectives and ways of being. We will then christen this new Self at the time of the Solar Eclipse on January 4.

Let me know how you are doing out there.



Friday, December 17, 2010

December energies

The energy waves continue to roll in, taking us higher and then offering us a look back at where we've been. The question is asked: Do we want to return to the old ways, those driven by fear and ego? Or are we ready to be lifted up, to raise our vibrations and become the Self of greatest potential?

This month of December is powerful for our launching into 2011. Astrologically, we have the Solstice Lunar Eclipse on the 21st that calls us to complete, resolve, release and heal karmic issues of personal truth and communication. And, on the other side of the New Year, we have a Solar Eclipse on January 4 that is a springboard into our futures, along with the final Uranus-Jupiter alignment in Pisces that puts the final pieces in place for our increased spiritual alignment.

I've been using a new set of intentions/affirmations, based on a recent channeling I read on the LightWorkers website (the source of which I didn't write down, my apologies!). I will share them with you here, in case you would also like to use them as a centering guide for the rest of this powerful month. Remember that these types of statements are best said out loud, and daily, for the best effect:

Today, I ask and intend for my channels of energy to be clear and purified so that greater volumes of light may flow into my being.

Today, I ask and intend for my connection to Divine Source Energy to be strengthened by one hundred percent to increase my unity with Divine Source and to allow me to receive higher vibrations of light.

Today, I ask and intend that my body, energy bodies, mind and emotions remain connected to the love of Divine Source throughout my day.

Today, I ask and intend that new positive connections to the inner planes and guides be built and stabilized in me, to aid my discovery of new enlightenment and comprehension.

Today, I ask and intend that the connection and anchoring of my soul into my being and physical body be magnified and reinforced to aid my complete embodiment of my Soul Essence and Truth.

Today, I ask and intend that my heart always be open to new connections and the expression of love to others.

Blessings to all! May the increased Presence of Archangels be closely at your side throughout the coming weeks.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Riding the wave

The latest energy infusion has been a big one, and seems to be ongoing. Astrologically, the heightened energy corresponds with the influence of Uranus being stationary and with the effects of the Eclipse Zone, which began with the New Moon last Sunday.

Of all the planets used in astrology, Uranus is probably the one most associated with high-vibrational energies. Uranus represents higher consciousness, and the speeding up of our brain function to enable us to receive higher-level information. Uranus also accelerates our evolutionary progress and opens our minds and energy bodies to needed change.

And, what makes change "needed"? Most often, it is when there are things we have intended to do in this lifetime, or growth steps we intended to take, that will not occur if we keep going along in the current direction.

Like all planets when they are changing direction, Uranus is now gifting us with an extra helping of Accelerated Energy. And, we are not far from the Total Lunar Eclipse on the Solstice, which is adding its own Energy Enhancement to our menu.

So if you've been extra tired, but perhaps unable to sleep, eating like there's no tomorrow (our bodies aren't exactly sure how to handle this lack of groundedness) but never feeling full, join the party!

My sense is that we'll feel the energy of this wave through the end of the year, and likely continue our surfboard ride a little past the Solar Eclipse on January 4. By then, significant changes will be manifesting as the physical world adjusts to the new energies, and we'll be ready to launch the New Year -- with a strong emphasis on NEW.