Friday, December 24, 2010

The Gemini Lunar Eclipse

Several related issues have ridden in on the energetic wave of the recent Lunar Eclipse, which occurred at 29 degrees Gemini. The main themes involve how we communicate -- with others and with ourselves -- and how we use words, especially when we are under stress. No real surprises there, since Gemini rules our ability to think, speak and hear. Issues are also complicated by the fact that Mercury, the planet associated with verbal and written interactions (and planetary ruler of Gemini), is still retrograde.

The current amplification of communication difficulties can be a bit unnerving, especially if we've been successfully hiding, ignoring or sidestepping some issues. It's probably accurate to say that situations that arise now represent karmic themes that we are now ready to resolve, heal and release.

The main challenge for Gemini is in navigating the workings of the mind -- in other words, are we in control of the mind, or does the mind control us? The worry that often besets us, the ramblings that keep us from focusing our attention and our intentions, the fears that interfere with our ability to gain a higher perspective, are all indicators of the mind being in control.

We also be confronting our relationship with our Truth through current situations -- how comfortable we are with it, how easily and clearly we claim it and express it, and if we allow others to be as sure of their own as we are of ours.

And we might ask ourselves, Who are we, as separate from the mind? In Western society, especially, we tend to equate self with the mind, whereas a different perspective might reinforce the knowing that Self is much more than the sum of our thoughts.

How is this recent Lunar Eclipse, in the very last "critical" degree of Gemini, calling for you to resolve, heal or release mental patterns that no longer serve you?

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