Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eclipse aftermath and Solstice morning

If you've tapped in to the energies this morning, you may have felt the difference. Something has changed since yesterday. In between yesterday and today we had our Gemini Lunar Eclipse, which opened portals of communication. How we use those openings is the next step.

The Gemini theme for this Total Eclipse is also clear in the opportunity to release karmic contracts and agreements that we are done with. Now is the time to make those statements of intention, along the lines of "I release all contracts and agreements that are no longer appropriate and no longer serve me. I forgive and release all those with whom I have contracted in ways that do not serve the highest good, and I forgive and release myself from these agreements as well."

Now we enter the two-week period between eclipses, during which there is enhanced potential for shifting into new perspectives and ways of being. We will then christen this new Self at the time of the Solar Eclipse on January 4.

Let me know how you are doing out there.




  1. I will try, but I constantly shift perspectives and I am never sure whether is Neptune with the illusion or Neptune with the divine. It could be that through the illusion we can get in touch with the divine and then being able to progress from that point. Jen

  2. Wow! Pam :)

    You hit the bull-eye again with your affirmations of releasing old/unhealthy contracts.

    I am going to verbalize your affirmation above like a mantra for the next 2 weeks :)


  3. I had some scary troubles over the weekend that looked like they had no resolve. Stress, worry, not a good weekend. Then Monday evening things started sorting themselves out and I got some sleep. Tuesday, had a good day, having a very nice evening.

    It still doesn't feel much like Christmas no matter how many decorations I put up though. There's just a disconnect with my usual holiday feel.

    It seems like there is a lot of re-synching to be done. Or new synching. Weather is different, the passing of time is different, how life in general is being conducted, real different.

  4. The Lunar eclipse also brought me unexpected toxic information, how to react, handle/dispose of this problem has become a testing field.

  5. Well, I Am embarrassed to say that in the last 24 hours, I've caught myself in little white lies 5 times! And they've been totally unnecessary! Now, I Am typically very truthful... so I've noticed this and been a bit disappointed in myself. Why is this coming up? I do realize, a change from me doing this in the past (younger years) is that I Am able to take notice, feel disappointed, yet not do the total recrimination I might have done in the past... still, Am a bit confused. An opportunity to forgive, stay neutral, (trying to stay away from judging myself... easy for me to excuse others, never has been for the Self) say "oops" and move on? Yes, a determination to stay in my truth moving forward)But geez. Feels like such back-tracking and the opposite of growth Any insights?

    Thanks. Affirming the Positive! And my goodness... feel free to join in... evidently I could use your Divine eyes too. : )

  6. Thanks, everyone, for sharing!

    And Butterphly -- having had my own less-than-stellar communication moments in the past few days (buttons are being pushed like crazy!), I'm definitely not one to judge anyone else's actions! It seems that our ability to speak our truth and also be able to hear another's is under pressure in a big way. There certainly seem to be some karmic issues coming to the surface for us to consider and release...

    At least we're all in this together!

  7. Hi again! Thanks for the encouragement Pam...
    wanted to share something "interesting." One of my "little" fabrications was me telling someone my phone's sound must not've been working... (I didn't respond to a text) and guess what... next day, my phone's sound wasn't working. Just wanted to highlight the fact that I believe we are manifesting our thoughts/words, feelings and imaginings much faster than we ever have before. Felt that was important to share.

    Many Blessings and Merry Christmas! Wishing for All: Joyous Hearts, Inner Peace & True Love,


  8. I must agree with Butterphly11...thoughts do indeed seem to be manifesting at a very quick rate of speed. The power of thought is more powerful than ever. The power to manifest thought rather... I have had a great bit of difficulty with my health of late, which is getting me out of things I'd really rather not do. Interesting. This may be a really good time to practice meditation and engage in energy work to ground ourselves. ?
    L ;-)