Friday, December 17, 2010

December energies

The energy waves continue to roll in, taking us higher and then offering us a look back at where we've been. The question is asked: Do we want to return to the old ways, those driven by fear and ego? Or are we ready to be lifted up, to raise our vibrations and become the Self of greatest potential?

This month of December is powerful for our launching into 2011. Astrologically, we have the Solstice Lunar Eclipse on the 21st that calls us to complete, resolve, release and heal karmic issues of personal truth and communication. And, on the other side of the New Year, we have a Solar Eclipse on January 4 that is a springboard into our futures, along with the final Uranus-Jupiter alignment in Pisces that puts the final pieces in place for our increased spiritual alignment.

I've been using a new set of intentions/affirmations, based on a recent channeling I read on the LightWorkers website (the source of which I didn't write down, my apologies!). I will share them with you here, in case you would also like to use them as a centering guide for the rest of this powerful month. Remember that these types of statements are best said out loud, and daily, for the best effect:

Today, I ask and intend for my channels of energy to be clear and purified so that greater volumes of light may flow into my being.

Today, I ask and intend for my connection to Divine Source Energy to be strengthened by one hundred percent to increase my unity with Divine Source and to allow me to receive higher vibrations of light.

Today, I ask and intend that my body, energy bodies, mind and emotions remain connected to the love of Divine Source throughout my day.

Today, I ask and intend that new positive connections to the inner planes and guides be built and stabilized in me, to aid my discovery of new enlightenment and comprehension.

Today, I ask and intend that the connection and anchoring of my soul into my being and physical body be magnified and reinforced to aid my complete embodiment of my Soul Essence and Truth.

Today, I ask and intend that my heart always be open to new connections and the expression of love to others.

Blessings to all! May the increased Presence of Archangels be closely at your side throughout the coming weeks.


  1. Thank you Pam! Perfect timing as this rubber band I Am riding is exhausting! And it seems to keep stretching at a whims notice... further and further in either direction. Love and Positive Feelings to Fear and Negativity. Practicing the approach of "Oh, look at that," (detachment)... just haven't perfected it yet. lol :/ I Am ready to anchor in these good intentions and affirmations for seeing my Divinity at All times (regardless of what this hologram shows me) Thank you again!

    Blessings, Light and Warm Love for All,


  2. Hi Butterphly,

    I've been on the rollercoaster myself this morning! And the high winds outside right now seem to correspond exactly with the feelings of anxiety in my stomach... The Uranus-Mercury square is exact today, so that's probably increasing our mental/emotional reactivity.

    I like your image of a rubberband. That's very much what it feels like, getting stretched in very different directions, into both the positive and the negative polarities.

    Thanks for your comment, and take good care!