Friday, December 10, 2010

Riding the wave

The latest energy infusion has been a big one, and seems to be ongoing. Astrologically, the heightened energy corresponds with the influence of Uranus being stationary and with the effects of the Eclipse Zone, which began with the New Moon last Sunday.

Of all the planets used in astrology, Uranus is probably the one most associated with high-vibrational energies. Uranus represents higher consciousness, and the speeding up of our brain function to enable us to receive higher-level information. Uranus also accelerates our evolutionary progress and opens our minds and energy bodies to needed change.

And, what makes change "needed"? Most often, it is when there are things we have intended to do in this lifetime, or growth steps we intended to take, that will not occur if we keep going along in the current direction.

Like all planets when they are changing direction, Uranus is now gifting us with an extra helping of Accelerated Energy. And, we are not far from the Total Lunar Eclipse on the Solstice, which is adding its own Energy Enhancement to our menu.

So if you've been extra tired, but perhaps unable to sleep, eating like there's no tomorrow (our bodies aren't exactly sure how to handle this lack of groundedness) but never feeling full, join the party!

My sense is that we'll feel the energy of this wave through the end of the year, and likely continue our surfboard ride a little past the Solar Eclipse on January 4. By then, significant changes will be manifesting as the physical world adjusts to the new energies, and we'll be ready to launch the New Year -- with a strong emphasis on NEW.

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  1. Thank You Pam for this much needed explanation of the energies I've been feeling for the past two weeks. I have not been able to sleep much and when I do? Very vivid and enlightening dreams...I even woke up after a particular one I had talking with the Ancient Grandmother where she was telling me I was becoming more enlighted and when I woke up I started laughing as I felt I was being enlightened...enlightened over the enlightening if you will, does that make sense? Well, it was pivotal for me, and I've been running on high for the past three if I can get through till the first of the!
    Here's wishing for you a Happy Holiday Season filled with all things joyous, peaceful and Love-filled!
    Many, Many Blessings!