Saturday, April 30, 2011


The polarities in the headlines today are striking, and a clear manifestation of both the positive and negative expressions of the Saturn-Venus opposition and the Jupiter-Mars conjunction.

On the one hand, we have news about the Royal Wedding that took place yesterday. In the positive, Jupiter and Mars in Aries contribute to hope for the future, and help us find the energy and courage needed to begin new journeys. Also in the positive, Saturn and Venus working together help us formalize commitments, and consider the serious side of relationships and partnerships.

On the other hand, we continue to read about the devastation caused by the extreme storms in the southern and eastern parts of the U.S. Here, we can see the negative manifestation of Jupiter/Mars in Aries: over-the-top, out-of-control energies that defy containment, raise fears, and require those affected to begin their lives over again once the dust has settled. We can also see the negative side of Saturn/Venus in these events, in the loss of life and possessions, and the enforced refinement and restructuring of value systems.

The vast majority of us did not get married this weekend. Likewise, most of us were not directly in the path of tornados and other cataclysmic events. But, each of us in our own way is dealing with the polarities of courage and fear, endings and beginnings, optimism and pessimism. As always, no matter what our current personal situation, we have choices in how we perceive and work with what is occurring in and around our lives.

Be gentle and loving with yourself and others now. We are all being energetically pushed and prodded, and will sometimes handle the pressure well, and other times not so well. Get sleep when you can, and soak up some sunshine if possible.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Recovery time

At long last -- as of this morning, Mercury has completed his Aries retrograde phase. This one has been particularly rough for many, including yours truly. Perhaps because there is so much about Aries that wants to Move Forward, and so much about retrograde Mercury that says Not Time Yet.

Not that issues have completely resolved in the past 13 hours -- but already, new information has come forward that supports better understanding. Much improvement over the confusion and fear that has been dredged up from the depths recently.

And, we will continue to work with the influence of the Mercury-Saturn opposition for a few days yet. They're within a degree of being exactly opposite each other, creating a serious overtone to most endeavors. But, as Mercury gradually gains forward momentum over the next week, and Saturn continues on his own retrograde path, the energy of tension will be easing.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Upgrades and downloads

I received a couple of messages this week about the adjustments we're needing to make as we work with the higher frequencies coming in now ...

Yesterday, my cell phone froze with an odd message on the screen about being ready for an download. The technician I talked with was amazed that I had gotten this message -- seeing that I have the very basic phone -- because that kind of error "usually only happens with more advanced phones."

And today, I spent three hours working on a PowerPoint presentation (I also do graphic design work), which then froze and would not accept any more edits. And none of the back-up versions I had saved would work either. It turns out the original came from someone who was working in the 2007 version, while I had opened it using the 2003 version.

So, with these two separate events occurring within two days' time, the synchronicity brought the message into focus. It helps take the anxiety down a notch to understand what's really going on when things don't seem to work as they used to.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Article on "Conscious-Cool-Chic" blogsite

Hi everyone,

A dear friend of mine has started a new blogsite with all things "Conscious-Cool-Chic" -- and has asked me to write a short article for her "Soul Growth Adventures" page. I wrote my essay in response to the question: At this place, in this moment, what are you celebrating in your life?

If you'd like to read my article (and explore this wonderful blog!), here's the link: Conscious-Cool-Chic. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In between a rock ... and another rock

We had the Pluto-Mars square two days ago (on Monday, April 11) and will have a Saturn-Mars opposition next Monday (April 18) -- talk about being between rocks!

Since Monday, I've been very aware of my mind searching for things to be upset about, to blame about. For the most part, I've been pretty successful at diverting the train, but it's taking some conscious effort. And I know others are dealing with some general feelings of irritation and frustration unexpectedly coming to the surface.

I think it's especially hard on Aries types, with Mercury now retrograde in Aries, and so many other planets (including Uranus) in Aries. And, Mars, the ruler of Aries, is both in his native sign and caught in a pressure play between Pluto and Saturn. This influence is unearthing some unfinished scripts for one last read-through before we finally toss them into the fire.

It's work that has to be done, of course. The good news is that when we've burned the old scripts, we can then tap into the Neptune-in-Pisces comfort zone, and find that place of serenity above the drama and trauma. Definitely a relief when we are able to go there and put our feet up for a while!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Question about Neptune transit

I received this question from a reader this week, and thought the answer might be of interest to others as well:

I have a quick question: With the information out about Neptune in Pisces starting this week where would I look in my chart to determine how it will affect me...The house where I have Neptune or the house where I have Pisces? I am always confused by this. Thank you!

The answer is actually -- both. Wherever Neptune is transiting in your chart right now by house (in other words, wherever you have 0 degrees Pisces) is the area of life where the planet's energy is working with you. But, as planets transit through our charts, they also carry with them the issues of the house where they are located in our birth charts, and may also bring those into our awareness, especially when they are making a transit to one of our other natal planets.

So, for instance, if you have Pisces in your 7th house of Partnerships, and natal Neptune in your 12th house of Karma, I would first explore the meaning of Neptune transiting your 7th house (in general, dissolving old relationship patterns, bringing greater compassion into partnerships, or overidealizing others or playing rescuer role) as the primary influence. Then, I would add the intention of Neptune in your natal 12th house, which might involve opportunities to resolve karmic patterns of martyrdom or avoidance...I hope that helps!