Thursday, April 7, 2011

Question about Neptune transit

I received this question from a reader this week, and thought the answer might be of interest to others as well:

I have a quick question: With the information out about Neptune in Pisces starting this week where would I look in my chart to determine how it will affect me...The house where I have Neptune or the house where I have Pisces? I am always confused by this. Thank you!

The answer is actually -- both. Wherever Neptune is transiting in your chart right now by house (in other words, wherever you have 0 degrees Pisces) is the area of life where the planet's energy is working with you. But, as planets transit through our charts, they also carry with them the issues of the house where they are located in our birth charts, and may also bring those into our awareness, especially when they are making a transit to one of our other natal planets.

So, for instance, if you have Pisces in your 7th house of Partnerships, and natal Neptune in your 12th house of Karma, I would first explore the meaning of Neptune transiting your 7th house (in general, dissolving old relationship patterns, bringing greater compassion into partnerships, or overidealizing others or playing rescuer role) as the primary influence. Then, I would add the intention of Neptune in your natal 12th house, which might involve opportunities to resolve karmic patterns of martyrdom or avoidance...I hope that helps!

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