Saturday, April 30, 2011


The polarities in the headlines today are striking, and a clear manifestation of both the positive and negative expressions of the Saturn-Venus opposition and the Jupiter-Mars conjunction.

On the one hand, we have news about the Royal Wedding that took place yesterday. In the positive, Jupiter and Mars in Aries contribute to hope for the future, and help us find the energy and courage needed to begin new journeys. Also in the positive, Saturn and Venus working together help us formalize commitments, and consider the serious side of relationships and partnerships.

On the other hand, we continue to read about the devastation caused by the extreme storms in the southern and eastern parts of the U.S. Here, we can see the negative manifestation of Jupiter/Mars in Aries: over-the-top, out-of-control energies that defy containment, raise fears, and require those affected to begin their lives over again once the dust has settled. We can also see the negative side of Saturn/Venus in these events, in the loss of life and possessions, and the enforced refinement and restructuring of value systems.

The vast majority of us did not get married this weekend. Likewise, most of us were not directly in the path of tornados and other cataclysmic events. But, each of us in our own way is dealing with the polarities of courage and fear, endings and beginnings, optimism and pessimism. As always, no matter what our current personal situation, we have choices in how we perceive and work with what is occurring in and around our lives.

Be gentle and loving with yourself and others now. We are all being energetically pushed and prodded, and will sometimes handle the pressure well, and other times not so well. Get sleep when you can, and soak up some sunshine if possible.


  1. Thank you for this gentle reminder... if we can look with eyes of love, we can remain in the center... grounded and steady... and then be able to give and receive all that is needed. Blessings, Light, Compassion, Understanding and Love.


  2. I don't know if a positive or negative attribute might be placed on this, but... would you also consider that the Jupiter/Mars conjunction is the perfect confluence of energies for the bin Laden event ? Perhaps you might be able to also shed some light on how the Saturn/Venus opposition might illustrate something about that as well ?


  3. Thanks for your question. I am going to start a new post with my thoughts on this subject.