Sunday, February 23, 2014

Guided meditations from Orin

Two decades ago, I became aware of the work of Sanaya Roman, channel for Orin. I enrolled in and completed their "Awakening Your Light Body" meditation course, which I credit for having opened my awareness to perceiving energies.

Now, they are offering two meditations free for download from their website. I used one of them in my meditation this morning and found it very powerful.

The one I used is called "Contacting the Sacred Transmuting Flame," and is available for download at this site: The second meditation (which I have not used yet but plan to also download) is called "Starting a New Chapter in Your Life," and is available at the same link. They include written transcripts of the meditations, so that you know before sitting down what work you'll be doing.

I offer these links for those who may also be interested at this time.

Blessings and Joy,


Monday, February 10, 2014

Comments on this week's Journal

Just thought I'd share an email I received today, and start the conversation in case anyone else wants to comment on this week's Journal...
Regarding your dates for the solar flips, there was a significant shift in my life at each one of the cycles, except for the first -- I wasn't born ( though as a history teacher, I realize that '44 was near the end of WWII). 

What caught my attention about this week's post was the word "vertigo." Since about January 10, I have been experiencing a dizzy feeling, but only when I lay down, and turn my head to the left. I don't seem to be affected when I am standing and moving around. The laying down seems to activate something. There are no physical symptoms; I've had no head colds or any illnesses. I've attributed it to winter lack of physical activity, age and maybe crocked glasses frames. I so often forget that I (we) live in an environment where many things happen and I am not aware, or at least have never seen them. (Your lovely pictures of the Auroras remind me.) Thanks for the reminder that there is more than meets the eye.
A quick note about the vertigo thing -- I had a strong experience of it about three weeks ago, too, especially when I was lying down. The best description I could give of it was like I was lying on my back on an old LP as it spun on the turntable... And no other symptoms, so very similar! Mine lasted about three days, and has seemed to subside now.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Well, Mercury IS retrograde, after all

You will notice that I neglected to update the dates in the header of today's issue of the NorthPoint Journal... So, even though the subject line of the email is OK, the header still has last week's dates.

Oh, well. If that's the biggest error I encounter while Mercury is retrograde, I'll consider myself fortunate! Thanks for smiling through it with me.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Question about "Blood Moons"

I received an email today with this question:

Do you know anything about these two 'blood moons' this year, at the spring and autumn equinoxes? Supposedly the last time this occurred was 2,000 yrs ago when the Romans destroyed the Jewish temple.

I decided to post my reply here, since there may be others who are also wondering about these lunations:

Thanks for your question!

In astronomical terminology, there are lots of different "kinds" of Full Moons -- the Hunter's Moon, the Harvest Moon, etc. It looks like "Blood Moon" is another name for a Hunter's Moon.

It also looks like the two Lunar Eclipses in 2014 and the two Lunar Eclipses in 2015 are all "Blood Moons" -- but the dates of those eclipses are not on the equinoxes in either year.

There's a great article on the EarthSky website called "What Is a Blood Moon?" that gives a lot of good information about the upcoming Blood Moons, and how they coincide with Biblical prophecy -- which I'm sure is why there's some trepidation around their occurrence.

Astrologically speaking, the eclipse this April is most powerful because it occurs the same week that the Cardinal Grand Cross is exact. From my perspective, the fact that it could be called a Hunter's Moon or a Blood Moon is not as important as the planetary configurations at that time.

I hope this EarthSky article provides some of the clarification you are looking for.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Testing a theory

In researching online about the time of "solar maximum" that we're currently experiencing, I found a list of the dates of the most recent solar cycles, which begin and end during times of "solar minimum." The dates of solar maximum seem to occur about 4 years into each solar cycle. Our current solar maximum is a bit later than expected -- it was originally predicted for 2012-2013.

Based on that list of solar cycles, I now have an interesting theory to test out.

I noticed that the dates listed were significant in my life, especially in the realm of relationships/partnerships. Since the Sun in my natal chart is in the House of Partnerships, I started wondering if perhaps each time the Sun finishes one cycle and begins another, we earthlings experience an energetic shift in our personal lives based on the house location of the Sun in our natal charts.

So, if you'd like to play along and know the house location of the Sun in your natal chart, here is that list of dates marking the end of one solar cycle and the beginning of a new one:

February 1944
April 1954
October 1964
June 1976
September 1986
May 1996
January 2008

Are these dates (within a few months on either side) consistently significant for you, especially in the area of life represented by the house where your natal Sun resides? (If you need a reminder of what each of the astrological houses represents, click here to visit the "Houses" page on my website.)

This is just a theory, but I find it interesting to think about. Any comments?