Sunday, February 9, 2014

Well, Mercury IS retrograde, after all

You will notice that I neglected to update the dates in the header of today's issue of the NorthPoint Journal... So, even though the subject line of the email is OK, the header still has last week's dates.

Oh, well. If that's the biggest error I encounter while Mercury is retrograde, I'll consider myself fortunate! Thanks for smiling through it with me.



  1. I recently heard that retrograde planets link us into our right brains - and having six planets retrograde I am very interested to hear your views of this - I have always felt to have HUGE right brain activity :)

  2. Hi Julia -- I think that having six planets retrograde would provide the opportunity to build a strong inner life, and the potential for great internal strength. That may very well translate into greater creativity, which would be right-brained activity. As in everything astrological, so much depends on how we choose to work with the energies, and what we focus upon. I'm very pleased to hear that you are manifesting the positive benefits of your retrograde planets!