Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Neptune and Chiron opposing natal Pluto: For the natal Pluto-in-late-Leo crowd

I received an e-mail this morning, requesting more information on the transiting Neptune/Chiron opposition to natal Pluto, which many of us born in the last half of the 1950s decade (those with natal Pluto between 24 and 29 degrees of Leo) are experiencing throughout 2010.

Neptune's general effect is to wash away what no longer is in tune with our spiritual core. It's often a gradual process, like the rising tide that slowly washes away a sand castle on the beach. During the initial phase of this Neptunian process, we may not have much clarity on what is occurring, as Neptune tends to keep us in the fog at first. This blurred vision is actually helpful, in that it helps us let go of our attachment to what was, in preparation for a new path to unfold.

Like all planets in the natal chart, Pluto can represent a variety of themes, some internal and some external. The primary meaning of Pluto that I lean toward has to do with the claiming of our personal mission during the lifetime -- a mission that, in its most positive manifestation, is both self-empowering and offers empowerment to others. Along the way, Pluto also describes our issues around power, how we feel about claiming it, how we use it, and what dysfunctional attitudes need to be transformed so that we can use our power in positive ways.

Pluto moves so slowly that it is called a "generational planet," describing the greater purpose of a large number of souls. Because of this, on an individual basis, its natal house location and the aspects it makes to the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) are considered most important when determining what it "means" for a specific individual.

In general, Pluto in Leo represents a generation who have come to the planet to transform the ways in which society uses the Leonine energy in negative ways. When at its best, Leo is creative, generous and spontaneous, and feels very much a sense of belonging with others. Think of the positive role model of the King of the Jungle who cares for all of his jungle family like a benevolent father, encouraging each to become the best and strongest they can be, each according to their own calling.

Now think of the negative side that is also possible -- a King who leads not by example, but by roaring and keeping his subjects in fear and subjugation. This is the lower-vibrational use of power that the Pluto-in-Leo generation has come to transform.

As Neptune and Chiron now oppose the natal Pluto in the charts of that generation, each of us is looking at the themes of personal mission, significance, and power in our lives. Have we found that fulfillment we've been seeking, that sense of personal destiny? Are we expressing ourselves honestly? Have we moved beyond the "leadership by intimidation" role model, either in ourselves or through accepting it in others?

These questions may be related to the literal career (for those with Pluto in the 10th house), but it may instead be related to partnerships (Pluto in the 7th) or spiritual/religious issues (Pluto in the 9th), or the themes of one of the other nine houses.

Since Chiron is also involved in the current landscape, those of us in the Pluto-in-Leo generation no doubt will be looking at our own woundedness about personal empowerment now. Are we comfortable claiming our sense of purpose? Have we given away our power and significance to others, or allowed role models from our own childhoods to send us in disempowering directions?

We can look to the location of Chiron in our natal charts for more clues. Since Chiron was in Aquarius for the last half of the 1950s decade, our discomfort with becoming leaders is probably related to a fear of being rejected or abandoned -- and no doubt we can recall events in our lives that drove that fear deeper.

The good news is that together, Neptune and Chiron are about dissolving the wound and the false ego, so that we can finally claim that position of wise leadership in our lives -- whether that be in an external, obvious way, or more internally.

And, we have all of 2010 to move through and beyond these issues. So, even though Neptune and Chiron are aligned this week -- and for many of us, exactly opposite our natal Pluto -- it may be helpful to remember that we are in a Neptunian process, not a Uranian event.


  1. Thanks, Pam,
    Most helpful.

  2. Neptune at 28degrees Aquarius, transiting my 2nd house, is still opposing a heavily aspected Pluto in the 8th. What a ride!
    I really appreciated this post and found it helpful and insightful. Thank you!
    Cindy Morris, Priestess Entrepreneur

  3. This helped on an inner level...this year has been about inner turmoil and searching [for what I'm not sure as of yet]...soothing....thank-you...

  4. Really liked neg. /pos understanding of leo. Hit home on major learning theme, still important 2013. Thanks