Sunday, March 7, 2010

Correction to Journal

Hi everyone!

Within a few minutes of sending out my Journal today, I started getting e-mails from people about my reference to the "Full Moon" on March 15.

Yes -- I wrote incorrectly! It's a NEW Moon on the 15th. So thanks to everyone who wrote, and my apologies for the error!




  1. Thank you for the work you are doing, it is greatly appreciated!! It has giving me strenght in times of need.
    From Florida, Jeannette Fallah

  2. Synchronicity! I was calling New Moon in Pisces (March 2010) the "Full Moon" too! ... And it might as well have been. Emotional impact was very strong. Libra Full Moon seemed to smooth me out.
    You write and organize Northpoint Journal very well--very clear. Your truth-speaking and confidence-injecting perspective help me face and tolerate hardship in life in a better way. Can feel more compassion and understanding for others.
    Thanks for coming alongside us. We are NOT alone. mirage29