Friday, March 19, 2010

An emotional week

Feels a bit like a rollercoaster ride this week, as we dealt first with the energies of the Uranus-Sun-Mercury alignment, and now work with the Mercury-Pluto-Saturn T-square. A few people and pets chose to leave the planet in the first half of the week, no doubt both to follow their own growth path and also to help open the hearts of those of us who remain. There's also that sense of anticipation that usually accompanies some inner knowing of a major shift being underway.

If you feel alternately angry and sad and then oddly at peace, you're manifesting some common symptoms of an energy wave. We'd like to think that we could just surf the wave -- and hopefully we're getting closer to being able to do that more easily. But often, we find ourselves dunked underwater, coming to the surface sputtering and having to regain our balance.

It's important to remember at these times that we can ask for help, from whomever we feel most connected to spiritually. And remembering to ask out loud, and with strong intention, for insight or resolution, is also key.

Safe surfing, everyone!


  1. Wow, this is it! I've felt "wierd" all week... and yes, like something is about to happen (or is happening). I've had the roller coaster ride of emotions, and so quickly... and witnessed it in many others.
    Thank you for this reminder of asking for help, guidance and in general...hand holding. It's comforting. Thank you Pam! As always, you are a gift.

  2. Hi Pam! I just read this week's journal....WOW!! This is EXACTLY where I am at in my life right now! I'm currently in the process of completely dismantling a very OLD paradigm in my life that was largely created by my parents, ancestors and childhood conditioning. I feel like FINALLY there is an energy behind allowing me to actually confront it and go beyond it. It really IS like I am at the edge of that big stair. But there is finally a courageousness, almost a "buzzing" feeling that is stirring in me, like I am really going to "do it" this time and create the life I'm meant to live, not how I'm conditioned.

    I've been having strange symptoms this week....insomnia, buzzing feeling in my chest and abdomen (almost like heart flutters/palpitations), muscle weakness/twitching and some traveling aches and pains esp. in my TMJ...yet oddly a strange sense of calm and tranquility, as you said. Very interesting juxtaposition. Definitely on the brink of something big!!!

    :o) Deanna

  3. I Am noticing a bit of apathy about, well, everything. I also seem to have an extra sensitivity to sounds, particularly voices. When someone's voice isn't pleasing to my ear, it really is almost painful to listen. If it is something I can turn off, I have to. What is this about?

  4. What I've been hearing is that with the energy shifts, our vibrations are changing, and it's hard to feel attached to our "regular" lives. What was once fulfilling is not anymore, or not in the same way. There is new fulfillment available, but we first have to fully integrate and adapt to the energetic changes, before we create the new.

    And I would guess that your hearing is becoming sensitive because this is the sense that you will be using to perceive interdimensionally. It's also a sign that you are becoming more sensitive in general, and are no longer able to be around harshness on many levels.

    I would recommend reading some of Karen Bishop's writings -- she writes a lot about the physical and emotional changes going on, and how we are moving into a new expression of ourselves. Her website is

    Let me know what you think...

  5. Specially Last Sunday the 21st,I felt as if I could not move, didn't want to. Also as if I am pregnant. But I am not. Monday it got better. I have been feeling changes for about 3 months. Started around the time I fainted in the kitchen,huge bump right side of my head.(med checked Ok)I will also ck the emerging angel web. I am trying group meditation for 1st time tonight.Taurus, AC Gemini, Virgo Moon. 5/14/62 Jeannette Fallah

  6. Dear Pam, I have a question. Today Thursday 25th Pluto squares the Sun. Where would it take place at the degree of the Sun (Aries 4degrees) or at the degree of Pluto Capricorn 5)? Thank you.

  7. Hi Jeannette,

    The answer is both! If you have a planet at 5 degrees Aries in your chart, the Sun is conjunct it today and Pluto is squaring it. If you have a planet at 5 degrees Capricorn, Pluto is conjunct it and the Sun is squaring it.

    Pluto transits, of course, are a much stronger and longer-last influence than Sun transits. So you could also look at this as a longer-term Pluto transit that is being triggered by the position of the Sun.

    So, that is looking at Pluto and the Sun in regards to how they are working with our natal planets. When we're looking at the two planets as they're working with each other (as in today's Pluto-Saturn square), we generally look at the slower-moving planet as having effect on the faster-moving (astrologically speaking). This means that the Sun at 5 degrees Aries is receiving the energy of Pluto from his location at 5 degrees Capricorn.

    Does that help? Or have I made it more confusing?


  8. All you say helps us. You are doing great work. As far as my question about the degrees of the square's in our charts I guess it would affect both planets but the reference would be to the slowere planet. For example the Sun squaring pluto at 5degrees capricorn.Thank you!! Jeannette